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If you were in another country illegally, would you be racially profiled? Would you receive free health care? Would you be given food stamps? Would you be given a job? Would you be given a loan for a new car or home? Would you face the consequences of your actions, more than you want to know. If you are an illegal in Mexico you would be raped, robbed and jailed. No wonder we have an overwhelming problem with illegals, I would want to come here too if I lived in a country with poverty, corruption, and devastation!

Unfortunately our country is broke and the people who have paid their taxes, served our country and worked hard all their lives are not going to receive the benefits of their hard work. You may not be thinking of that now, but, when your health is failing and you need health care, your country will be turning their back on you. When you are out of a job a little extra help, even though you paid into Medicaid, isn’t available to you. So our reward system is exactly opposite of your parenting style, of your morals and of your way of life. You can thank the politicians you voted for and trusted in a position of power to spend money they don’t have. It’s time for change and I have yet to see it.

I know a lot of caring, hard working, passionate people who make a difference every day in our community and they do it sometimes for nothing. I know that is why our community is so special. I want to end this on a positive note, I am not against people coming to America to make a better life, I encourage it, our country is a melting pot of culture! If you receive help, pass it on and give back to the community. Give eye contact, smile, say “hello” in passing. Volunteer in some way, get involved, and respect your neighbors. It’s a good way of life. Peace!

Jenell Hilderbrand

Glenwood Springs

It’s amazing how all these politicians promise to fix all our problems before the vote and then after the election they lose their memory. Our government is controlled by large corporations and not the American people, the way it should be. How do we get our country back is the real question?

The passage of medical marijuana is another example how the government does what they want and not what the people want. The people voted this in and then the government steps in and takes away what was voted for. Now three people sitting on a council can override what the majority voted for. Three people – how does that make sense. Why is there so much controversy over marijuana when we face bigger problems with all the harmful drugs that are legalized.

Think about how the followings drugs are so much more harmful and then decide what our priorities should be. Prescription pain killers (legal), alcohol (legal), cigarettes (legal). These three items are a major cause of deaths and the destruction of families. Look how easily accessible these are to our children. Ask local law enforcement how many times they get calls for alcohol related problems and then compare to how many calls they get because someone smoked to much marijuana.

Marijuana has a lot of health benefits. It’s perfectly legal for doctors to prescribe drugs that are extremely harmful to people’s health. Why is that? As a parent the last thing I would want is for my child to smoke marijuana before they are of the legal age, but we have a lot bigger problems with these legal drugs. Getting into the problems of the harm that crystal meth causes is for another day.

Joe Theisen


The editorial cartoon printed in today’s paper (Monday, Aug. 16) is absolutely despicable! This is not about freedom of religion, as there is nothing preventing Moslems from worshipping in New York or anywhere else in the country. As a matter of fact, there are over 100 mosques in NYC alone, and the imam of this mosque is the imam of another mosque within 20 blocks of the site.

Islam builds mosques such as this to commemorate victories. The destruction of the World Trade Center is a victory in many quarters of the Islamic world. If this construction is for “tolerance”, the government of NYC should say, “sure, you can build a mosque in NYC when a synagogue can be built in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia or a Christian church built in Afghanistan or Pakistan.”

Sharon Brenner


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