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I’ve been reading the letters section for the last week with a mix of disgust and amusement for the Kabuki theater of talking points expressed by people who supposedly uphold the Bill of Rights, some of whom are probably Christians. Rights, Shmights! With so much comedic vitriol in the air, it’s no wonder logic has disappeared.I have some questions for the authors. If having a mosque so near to a site of one of the 9/11 attacks is such a horrible thing, why isn’t anybody screaming about the one inside the Pentagon, merely 80 feet from the stricken portion of the building? It wasn’t established until 2002, so how come you were (and still are) so silent about it? Where’s the outrage about the mosque already in place in NYC, 2,000 feet from the WTC? The Cordoba House would only be 686 feet closer than the one that already exists. Why the selective protest? And, if ground zero is made sacred by the blood of Americans spilled that day, why is everybody so nonchalant about the two strip clubs there – one right across the street? You wouldn’t want a strip club operating across the street from Arlington, would you? Some are still angry about 9/11, and want more punishment meted out. To them I offer Matthew 5:7,9 & 38-39. According to Matthew 5:11, your revulsion of these peaceful citizens has assured them a place in heaven. Others say that the Bill of Rights is over-ruled by etiquette. Emily Post trumps Thomas Jefferson. From personal bias, they’d strip selected Americans of the fundamental right to worship free from persecution. But if it’s lost to one, it’s lost to all. Nothing would stop another group from using their biases to deny religious freedom to you next, or to make worship compulsory regardless of one’s beliefs.This would be funny if it weren’t so sad. Don’t be fooled or led around by the nose. This whole controversy is a non-issue, drummed up by fear/ hate-mongers during an election cycle. So is the 14th Amendment kerfuffle. Don’t fall for any of it.Becky PennGlenwood Springs

Coming soon to a poll booth near you is a nasty triplet of bad ideas you should know about. They’re called Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101. Their goal, quite simply, is to put an end to your local government. Do you like your roads paved and plowed? Your schools open? Your fire and police departments ready to go? You’ll hate 60, 61 and 101. This trio of disasters attempts to cut at the heart of our democracy, taking away the ability of towns and school districts to deliver the services we count on. Whoever wrote these ballot initiatives won’t identify themselves. But these ghost writers have some mysterious ideas. Foreigners (that’s right, people from other countries) would be able to vote in our elections, if Amendment 60 passes. Our towns wouldn’t be able to refinance their debt at a lower rate if Amendment 61 passes. Imagine if you were prohibited from refinancing your house.Proposition 101 would shut down Colorado’s jails, take away our highway maintenance, and even close our schools. All three would shut down economic development and bring the public construction industry to its knees. No matter where you come from politically, we can all agree that highways should be paved, parks should be open, and schools should teach kids. Criminals should be put away, airports should land planes, and firefighters should have reliable trucks. Your vote makes a difference. Amendments 60, 61, and Prop 101 deserve a strong “no.”Greg RussiNew Castle

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