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This letters section increasingly reads like a battle of sputtering “inksterbaters” feverishly quoting their party’s cable stars. I’ve been at a loss to figure out what the point is – it’s doubtful any minds are being changed, and the image of a Roaring Fork militia is way too funny. So I’d like to propose a discussion among those who still conjure up their own thoughts, to consider the following scenario:

Let’s stipulate that the Republican Party wins back all the marbles next time around, and then the Democrats the time after that – or whatever, ad infinitum. According to House and Senate rules it will still take only a single legislator to stop any governing initiative that comes up, without any debate or chance to seek common ground (as it was in the olden days when we built the highways and shot monkeys at the moon). How many tit-for-tat election cycles will it take for our highways, schools and towns to deteriorate beyond repair because of the resulting perpetual stalemate?

Back when the UNITED States was more effective in the world, elections mattered, and the losing party made efforts to join in and get down to the work of making sausage as specified in our Constitution. If the object of the game from now on is to bring down the elected administration by whatever means necessary, how will it be different for us here on the ground no matter who wears the big hats? I personally wouldn’t want to bet on any trickle-down!

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Hilleary

Glenwood Springs

Thank you for publishing Scott Condon’s coverage of the armchair commentary of Thomas L. Friedman and Amory Lovins on America’s energy and environmental future at the Aspen Renewable Energy Day Conference in Saturday’s edition. Condon captured several key thoughts that Friedman elaborates on in his recent book, “Hot, Flat, and Crowded” (2008). This book is a must read for President Obama, members of the U.S. Congress, governors, state legislators and county commissioners. One area of the book illuminates how the fast-paced economies of China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, and others are now competing for the same oil and valuable resources that America is now using. This book shows how these countries have the potential to catch and possibly surpass America’s economy. Friedman’s book discusses the issues and solutions to the “Energy-Climate Era” that we are living in now. One solution discussed a lot is investing heavily in a U.S. green economy. Condon saved the best for last when he paraphrases Amory Lovins’ comments about how our government will be of no help due to all of the politicians bought and sold by big money. Condon mentions that Lovins is working on a road map of solutions that will be an end-around Washington. It sounds like private enterprise may be providing these hopeful solutions. At least Lovins, Friedman and other experts like them are taking this bull by the horns when our elected officials are afraid to touch it.

Anyway, if you are an American citizen that is concerned about the future of our energy and our environment, this book will make you lobby even harder for climate change legislation. Friedman’s book is the wake-up call for every American. It is available at our local libraries and book stores now.

Randy Fricke

New Castle

I read your letter to the editor in Friday’s Post Independent and my heart went out to you. I, too, moved into an area that had a feral cat population that my next-door neighbors fed some of the time. I was fortunate to be able to capture all 10 ferals and spay and neuter them at CARE. That was nine years ago, and no more kittens have been added to this group, which is now down to two (one of which is still from the original group and one that found me). I have fed them and given them medication for nine years. To me they are not “ferals”, but semi-ferals. I cannot imagine being told I could no longer care for these two beautiful cats. Stopping the food is really animal cruelty.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you continue to take care of these cats!


Deb Knott

Glenwood Springs

People of America have freedoms, but, in agreement with the rest of the population, it doesn’t mean it’s politically OK to follow through. Religious groups have been at war since the dawn of time. The blood was shed from innocent victims and now the Muslims want to parade in it. Money, politics, and religion … need I say more?

Jenell Hilderbrand

Glenwood Springs

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