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I’m writing this letter in support of Tom Jankovsky, candidate for Garfield County commissioner. I’ve known Tom J. for more than 25 years and firmly believe that his business and leadership skills would be a positive addition to the board. As general manager of Sunlight Mountain Resort, he has been instrumental in keeping a small resort business going in a world dominated by larger destination resorts. At the same time, he has donated considerable time and effort in keeping the resort affordable for local residents and using it to generate funds for numerous local nonprofits.

With the current budget for Garfield County operations, Tom’s business experience would prove invaluable in controlling costs and overseeing the use of our hard-earned tax dollars. I believe that it’s time for a change in leadership and know that Tom J. is the man who can make it a positive one for Garfield County.

Respectfully submitted,

Phil Long

Glenwood Springs

I have heard from Jared Polis regarding the Hidden Gems proposal.

He has proposed it before Washington. It went from 440,000 acres to 170,000 acres. Quite a difference. I guess someone ran into Sloan Shoemaker while riding their bike and he wouldn’t identify himself. He questioned them about this proposal and wanted to know what they thought of it? They were not happy with it and told him so. He rode on without telling them that he was the main guru of the proposal. He is so proud of it. According to Jared Polis his proposal is just that, a proposal – absolutely nothing set in stone.

That is good to hear. With all the upheaval in Washington, may not be anybody wanting to commit to this. It does sound promising that Mark Udall is gaining financing for the removal of pine beetle killed trees. Now there is something that makes sense.

Jane Spaulding


I most always read your articles, and I do think that they are very educational. On the one of Monday, I think that you kind of skirted around on it. What I think you should have said was job security. Not on the part of the elected people but what their employees have to do with it. They go along with what they say and do not use a little common sense on what this does to the citizens. Let’s call it how it is and not just stir the pot. Just a thought and something to think about.

Thank you.

John B. Scalzo


The problem is not that Obama is not a native born American. Nor is the problem he is a Muslim plant.

The problem is we are one hostage crisis and a sweater away from Jimmy Carter.

Michael Weinstein

Glenwood Springs

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