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I wrote this letter to the Garfield County Fair Board members a few weeks ago and never received a response. I hope next year’s Fair will include humor that is neither racist nor unpatriotic.

Dear Garfield County Fair Board Members,

I want to commend you all on another wonderful Garfield County Fair. I went to the Friday night rodeo event and was impressed by the talent and execution of the event. You and your volunteers and staff clearly put a lot of hard work into the Fair and it’s an asset to our community.

I need to share with you, however, some concerns I have about a joke that was told at the event. About half-way through the rodeo, I was shocked to hear the rodeo announcer tell what I consider to be a racist joke to the crowd. He said, “Now that Barack Obama is President, do we still call it the White House?” Granted, I’m sure there are worse jokes he could have told, but there’s no way around it: The joke was racially charged, unpatriotic and completely inappropriate for the Garfield County Fair.

I consider myself to have a good sense of humor, but do not like jokes like this one that would make many people, including myself, feel unwelcome and uncomfortable. No matter what political party people belong to; disrespecting anyone, let alone the president of our country, because of race, promotes disunity and small-minded bigotry. I call Garfield County home and I love its history, small town feel and cultural richness, which is why I found this incident so unacceptable. The Garfield County I love is made up of welcoming, hard working, honest people. I would hate for anyone to think that this kind of humor is fitting for such a wonderful event.

I’m hoping this was just an incident of poor judgment on the announcer’s part and that you all will do what you can to ensure that next year’s event includes humor that is family-appropriate and something everyone can enjoy.


Lauren McDonell

New Castle

Today, everyone is affected by our economic woes. Sales are down for a lot of businesses due to many people having little or no money to spend because they are unemployed. We blame our government for all these downturns. President JFK has said: Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

We, the people, hold the power to CREATE JOBS in this country if we buy products produced in this county by our own people, Americans. Doing so will put our family members, neighbors and friends back to work. The domino effect will spread like wildfire if we, as a nation, pledge to provide job opportunities to our own people by buying American-made goods. This way, not only will we create jobs for our people, we will also reduce/stop the astronomical drain of U.S. dollars overseas to Japan (cars and electronics), China, and so many other places.

Let’s start this movement of buying American. Spread the word through your network of friends, families and associates. Let’s help our own people get jobs by buying products made by our people, Americans!

If all 350 millions of us get together to help each others by buying product made by each others, we CAN dig ourselves out of this economic mess! So spread the word, buy American and create jobs for Americans.

Charlie Jacobson


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