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It’s unfortunate that we citizens tend to align with political parties out of habit or family tradition. This does not take into account the fact that parties can change over a period of time. Where Harry Truman once stood is where the Republicans are today, and the Democrats have shifted so far left that they need to be re-named Socialist Reformers.

It is absolutely essential in this election cycle to think out in depth what your core values and beliefs are as a human being. Interesting that we picture China or Russia as our largest potential enemies not realizing that the enemy sits in our seats of Congress and teaches in our universities. They also head our major newspapers and television networks. This new “illuminati” believe that they are of a superior nature and know best how to lead the ignorant masses.

They use personal attacks on opposition because they cannot refute the truth with reason. Most are atheists who would like to eliminate Christianity from our public life. They deliberately use the race card and pit economic classes against each other. Notice the wailing about racial profiling regarding the Mexican border. It isn’t just Hispanics who cross that border.

Is it so terribly wrong to uphold immigration laws? Are we being unfair if we want to stop arms and drugs from crossing into our country? Is it really racial profiling for the state of Arizona to protect private citizens and their property? Are we a bunch of “fanatics” because we think we are taxed enough, already or do we simply believe – and correctly so – that the government is taking too large an amount out of our wallets?

Listen to our Colorado reps who are seeking another term – those who followed Obama 100 percent in their voting. Now they are singing an opposite tune for your votes.

Last question: Do you want to lose your freedom and personal incentive or is the dangled carrot just too much to resist? I don’t vote party; I vote for America and our Constitution.

Carol Abbott


I would like to express my thanks to CDOT, Pitkin County Roads and the Forest Service for the professional job they did in coping with the mudslides that engulfed Highway 133, Highway 82 and the north entrance to Redstone. As long as I’ve been around, I’ve not seen slides that extensive. One entire section of guard rail had been washed into the Crystal River along with a major wall of mud. The crews worked all of Thursday night, all day Friday and most of Friday night to get the road cleared and the mud removed. The traffic control was excellent and, after Thursday night, traffic flowed smoothly. Congratulations to you all, and thanks for keeping our roads clean and safe.

Skip Bell


I’ve always thought that rodeos were held to see who was smarter: the two-legged or the four-legged. Based on the letter in the GSPI retelling some very ignorant comments by a rodeo announcer, this particular event must go to the four-legged. (Not to repeat, but the remarks were racist and concerned the president of the United States.) But what can you say about any contest that features dragging scared-to-death animals through the dirt with ropes around their necks? You can’t expect much sensitivity.

In a more just world, you would have put that announcer out in the ring and roped him.

Patrick Hunter


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