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I don’t know what cave Mr. Heck (Sunday Letter to the Editor) has been in for the last eight years, but I remember 4.9 percent unemployment during the “disaster.” I also know that Congress was warned in 2005 about the housing bubble, but the Democrats took control of Congress in 2006 by talking down the economy. This depressing conversation finally took root in 2008 with the housing bubble bursting. If the money wasted by “Porkulus” was given to each individual taxpayer we would probably have been on the way to recovery now.

The current administration gives lip service to helping small business, then they talk about how the Bush “Tax Cuts for the Rich” won’t be continued into 2011. This is an error and goes a long way to explaining why there is no recovery. Probably 90 percent of small business is organized as either an S-Corp or an LLC. What this means is that any corporate profits appear directly on the owner’s 1040 (Individual Tax Return) as an income item. Is it fair to punish those who work long and hard to make their companies profitable while rewarding those who write the regulations that make life difficult for a small businessman? This includes the potential employees of the 151 boards and agencies that are created as a result of Obamacare.

Earlier this month USA Today reported on a survey that found the average public sector (government) employee had benefits and wages totaling approximately $123,000, while the private sector was at approximately $62,000. This is wrong. Why are public sector employees getting raises when the private sector is taking pay cuts to stay employed?

As I said in the beginning, I don’t know what disaster Mr. Heck is writing about, but I do know the current disaster, and it is worse than the double-digit inflation and interest rates we had under Mr. Carter. I hoped to never see as bad a president as Mr. Carter was, but I fear the moment is now.

Sharon Brenner


A recent article highlighted the concern by some regarding the negative image to Carbondale by perpetual panhandlers and also the frustration that nothing could be done by Carbondale (outside city limits), Garfield County (no ordinance), nor CDOT (they are standing on a public safety island).

I see where a local Glenwood Springs business is advertising its closing by using people holding billboards along Highway 82. So why not apply this idea as a solution to the panhandler issue at the Highway 133 and Highway 82 intersection. The Carbondale Chamber members could pool their resources to create billboards with business advertising (e.g. restaurant specials, big sales, upcoming events, etc.) and hire the panhandlers as day labor. The panhandlers already hold up signs that ask for work (and money). Give them both and embrace them as Carbondale contributors rather than detractors.

Gary Pax


Have you all noticed the roof is off and we are having a barn raising in Basalt’s Arbaney Park? The foundation is getting shored up to last another 100 years as the historic barn is being restored as a museum for the students, community and visitors. This is our final effort to raise funds to complete the restoration this fall.

The Basalt Regional Heritage Society and the Basalt Chamber are this year’s recipients of the Roaring Fork Charity Classic golf tournament. We still need teams to compete on Monday, Sept. 13, at the Roaring Fork Club. All golfers are invited to get a foursome together and join us for a fun-filled afternoon. The cost is $175 per golfer and includes contests, awards and dinner after play. Contact the chamber staff at 927-4031 to register.

The Heritage Society will be postponing our Saloon Days this fall but want to invite our patrons to join us on Sept. 13 at 5:30 p.m. at the Roaring Fork Club for a Fiesta buffet following the golf tournament for all of you nongolfers, with a donation of $50. Contact 927-4693 for reservations. Our registration deadline for golf and the awards party afterwards is Friday, Sept. 10.

This summer has blazed by, but as a historical society we are excited about the coke ovens restoration and the restoration of Arbaney Barn. Stay in touch, we will have a community pot luck this fall to celebrate the completion of the barn. Thank you for your continued support of all our activities.

Janice Duroux


Basalt Regional Heritage Society

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