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Is the Post Independent providing honest reporting and forwarding of information to the Citizens of Garfield County?

Did you know that even if you put a title on your Letter to the Editor, Dale Shrull, the Editor of the Glenwood Springs Post Independent, can change or manipulate that title before he prints your letter? This practice could be considered dishonest; it is certainly misleading to say the least. How do readers really know what my perspective is if the editor changes any of the letter or the title then puts my name on it as if they were my words.

On Dec. 29, 2009, the Post Independent ran a Letter to the Editor titled, “Sheriff Ignored Goose Shooting.”

The basis for the letter was that on Dec. 24, 2009, Dispatch received a call of a man shooting a gun at birds. Dispatch was advised to notify the Colorado Division of Wildlife, and sent a tele-type message to notify CSP Dispatch to advise appropriate officials of the incident. A Garfield County Sheriff’s Office sergeant and deputy, along with a corporal from the Colorado State Patrol, all responded to the area.

The officers contacted two men carrying a shotgun. After further investigation, it was determined no crime had been committed; father and son hunting their traditional holiday dinner. It was waterfowl hunting season; the land involved is a public right of way with adjoining BLM land. Deputies stressed to the hunters potential conflict their actions may cause in terms of safety to others and local citizens’ perspectives of hunters.

The Sheriff’s Office did respond to the citizen’s call, did conduct the appropriate investigation. It appears the Post Independent published the letter from the concerned citizen, but the editor changed the letter’s title to reflect his own opinion. Why?

What was the actual title of the letter sent to the editor that referenced the December 2009 goose call on the bike path? The reporting party told me it should have been titled, “Enjoy your Christmas Goose” not “Sheriff Ignored Goose Shooting.” Is that the truth?

Dale Shrull told me he would print a correction, but never did.

Tanny McGinnis

GarCo Sheriff’s PIO

Editor’s note: With all letters we can elect to write our own headline. With this letter, we decided to pen a different one. The final sentence of the letter was this: “Why didn’t the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office just send somebody out to investigate?” We didn’t think the submitted headline best captured the meaning of the letter as it related to our readers.

Looks like the buckets will be flying on The Battlement. No scientific control involved. No grid for planned coverage, no time variation, etc.

My first question is: Why do a test on the Mesa now when what they are testing is the many normal activities that affect air quality, such as traffic emissions, wind blown dust, daily road use, the tar laid by a machine patching roads and the methane from cattle grazing in pastures off Stone Quarry? The smoke from a forest or grass fire will influence readings. Need I go on?

If samples are taken near wells outside the PUD or manure areas, the swinging bucket will show thousands of parts of gas per thousand before it is dissipated to unmeasurable parts per thousand. What will this prove about the emissions from wells to be drilled in the PUD?

As a resident dues, fees and tax payer, I hope I am not financing any part of this study by a prejudiced group that it seems will do anything to instill fear of dire consequences in residents. Politically, this type of group may have influenced the President to put thousands of people out of work in the Gulf because of failed equipment on one well, even though no such event had occurred at similar drilling locations.

During the last air quality study by a group, a monitor was placed at the construction site of the destruction and rebuilding of the former Parachute High School. How was that abnormal and unscientific data used?

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

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