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Carl Heck, I’m responding to your Aug. 29 letter. One question: Did you watch Beck’s rally? I’m guessing not. There was no hatred there, no yelling, screaming, foul language or racist comments, and there was no need for police authorities to keep the crowd under control. You really should look up left activist rallies. No one carried offensive signs. People did bring American flags – was that OK? Or are you against American flags, too?

The rally speakers spoke of MLK’s speech and when quoted people cheered and clapped in approval; did CNN and MSNBC go on commercial break during this time or just simply didn’t report on it as usual?

If the rally is your definition of what racism and hate is, you are indeed a ridiculously unintelligent individual. There are so many YouTube videos showing what happened, and what was said.

So what, the rally was on the anniversary of MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech? Didn’t MLK make the “I Have a Dream” speech because of oppression? MLK’s was about: pursuit of happiness, standing up for right and wrong, telling people to protest in nonviolent ways, and that every person should have opportunities. That was the message of the rally. How can you be insulted by that? There’s no commonsense in your reasonings.

Was this rally offensive because MLK was black and Beck’s white? Is this the issue? White people can’t have the same belief system or agree with the values of a black leader who changed America, simply because they are white? Wow, that’s not racist at all. People showed support for this rally, just as people did when MLK (a Christian Reverend) spoke. You foolish liberal, open your eyes. Beck’s rally was not and did not promote hate, racism or violence. It promoted love of country, charity and religion. All are bad things, apparently.

P.S. FYI there were black people supporting this rally and its message. Did CNN and MSNBC miss that part, too? So if you have computers I suggest you use it. Everything in your letter was sheer propaganda and never even slightly took place.

Jolene Varley


To the residents of Apple Tree Park,

Here is a question I’ll bet some of you do not know the answer to: How long is the lease you signed with Apple Tree Park for, in a given time year?

Well, I just found out that it is for one month at a time. I am not sure whether any of us read the lease when we signed it. If you did not I hope you do not have anything wrong with your house or your yard, or have a dog that barks or feral cats.

I was under the impression that The Talbotts wanted us to stay and have great things to say about this place, so that every space would be filled and have happy people living here. I will probably be evicted any day now for daring to use my right to free speech.

I guess thinking is what got me into this place in the beginning. Apple Tree was painted as the best place in the valley to live. When I moved here, I had two cats, both spayed and neutered. By the end of the first week, the feral who lived under the house I bought had seven kittens. So I went from the two I was allowed to a grand total of 10. Now I guess it is my fault that both of my personal cats were outside animals, and as such had to be fed. Now the descendants of those cats have been here 22 years, as long as I have, and are to be dispatched “by any means, at the discretion of the management of Apple Tree Community.”

Well, folks, where do we go now? Any of you have the money to move in 30 days? If so, can I borrow it? As usual any feedback is accepted so fire away.

Becky Drop

New Castle, Apple Tree Park

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