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The title you have to my letter on Aug. 23 – “More cost/benefit analysis needed” – indicates you got my message in spite of the word underestimating being typed where I had written understanding at the bottom of the first paragraph.

The overlooked typo error needs to be called to your attention because everyone probably knows the discredited precautionary principle and its derivative the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) consistently exaggerates risks no matter how trivial. The EPA still requires eliminating certain environmental risks no matter how expensive or pointless the effort.

For example, the Bayhorse Mining Ghost Town, approximately 10 miles southwest of Challis, Idaho, with its nearby mines, cliffs, forests and lakes, was sold by the now liquidated Umont Mining Inc. to Idaho Parks and Recreation to become Bayhorse State Park.

The EPA requires lost access roads to mines and related facilities to be resurfaced with metal-free nonmine material, trucked considerable distances uphill to resurface the roads. Such resurfacing is very expensive and unnecessary. Well-shod short-term visitors who might leave any roads to see mineralized mine workings would not be metal-poisoned, even unshod.

Mining at Bayhorse has been more or less continuous between late 1870s to 1975, and there is no documented record of anyone there dying of metal poisoning that I know of. From 1940 to 1998 I have mined, geologically mapped mines and mining districts as well as mineralized areas some inferior, some equal to, and others richer than Bayhorse, as known to date.

In late June 2010, my friend the Bayhorse Park manager and I revisited as much of Bayhorse Park as we could. He showed me much of the work he has done and gave much information. I gave him information and mine maps.

At age 96, I hope to live long enough to see quantified cost/benefit research result broadly applied to all national lands and seas retroactively, now, and in the future. Most private corporations and families need to use good quantified cost/benefit research to survive and thrive.

“Quantifiably correct” is based on facts; “politically correct” is a nationally degenerative term that caters to hyperbole.

Dooley P. Wheeler


The movement toward socialism/communism in America began in the early 1900s. Two books, both extremely well-researched, using mostly original source material, do an excellent job of tracing this progression. “Blacklisted By History: The Untold Story of Senator Joseph McCarthy” by M. Stanton Evans, covers up to about 1960. “The Manchurian President: Barack Obama’s Ties to Communists, Socialists and other Anti-American Extremists,” by Aaron Klein, covers the 1960s to the present.

Both books expose a vast number of radical leftist/communist organizations and groups along with the leaders associated with them. The names of the organizations and groups change often, to make it difficult or impossible to track their activities and funding, but the people associated with them stay the same. The tentacles of these groups have pervasively permeated our institutions – government agencies, unions, schools, churches – to an alarming extent.

The goal of these organizations, groups and individuals is the same: overthrowing our free-market republic and replacing it with socialism/communism. In the pre-1960 era there were a substantial number of radical leftists/communists in high governmental positions of influence over policy makers. Today radical leftists/communists are the policy makers. Thus, today their agenda can be advanced at an accelerated pace.

Obama, tied to many radical leftist/communist organizations/groups and individuals, has adopted the Cloward/Pivens strategy of forcing political change through orchestrated crises thereby overwhelming government bureaucracies with massive and impossible demands, pushing society into crisis and economic collapse. Then socialism/communism rushes in to fill the void.

To carry out the above strategy, Obama employs the tactics of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” by combining confrontation and infiltration while working within the system until accumulating enough power to destroy it from within.

Recently Alan Keyes stated that socialism promises the same thing that slave masters provided for their slaves – food, shelter, clothing and a job. Under socialism, those in charge of the government become the “slave masters” redistributing to their “slaves” as they so choose.

While it may take several election cycles, or even a generation or two, the restoration of America’s founding principles begins Nov. 2, 2010.

Leon Garot

Glenwood Springs

Thanks to Jolene Varley for her succinct letter on Sept. 2 exposing the ignorance of Mr. C.H. of Aspen in claiming that Glenn Beck was promoting hate and a racism at his Aug. 28 rally. She cleaned C.H.’s clock. I don’t want to embarrass him by using his name; hopefully he will write again, he is so apt to again embarrass himself.

Jolene Varley also expertly landed another bottom-feeding Bushdidit near Rifle, Mr. K.T., who also claims Glenn Beck is a racist and that his Aug. 28 rally was not “for the people” but for himself. Good job, Ms. Varley, Mr. K.T. displayed as much ignorance, embarrassed and exposed himself as much as Mr. C.H. of Aspen.

I’m hoping that all who think Glenn Beck is a racist and a hater, or that Obama and his administration are the answer to America’s problems, will speak up and expose themselves. Please, please, puff up your chest, get up on your soapbox, write your letters to the papers and include your name and city so that family and friends can be proud of your brilliance and intellect. And more importantly, so that everyone understands your values and where you stand as an American.

Art Hougland

Glenwood Springs

John Campbell, a former longtime valley resident now living in Truckee, Calif., went for a mountain bike ride last Thursday, Sept. 2, and was found unconscious on the trail. He was flown to the hospital in Reno where the diagnosis was that he had suffered a stroke. He remains unconscious but in stable condition. Those wanting to wish him well and keep current on his progress can go to this link: .


James Breasted


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