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The Obama administration has created yet another form of “political correctness” – it’s pure and simple and obvious dishonesty, consisting of blatant lies, which Obama would likely describe as “mis-truths.” To prove my point on popularity and acceptance, there is now a “Lie to Me” TV show on FOX.

The president and his congressional leadership have not only proven to be the most unpopular administration in history, but also the most deceitful and untrustworthy.

For documentation, look back on some of Obama’s campaign speeches:

“I’m going to make our government open and transparent.”

“As president, I’m going to make it impossible for congressmen or lobbyists to slip pork barrel projects or corporate welfare into law.”

“Meetings will be more open to the public. … No more secrecy. … No more secrecy.” (twice!)

“And when there’s a bill on my desk to sign, the public will have five days to look online to find out what’s in it.”

“I will cut tens of millions of dollars in spending. … There will be no new taxes.”

Next is Nancy Pelosi regarding prisoner interrogation: “We were not, I repeat, we were not told that water boarding was used..” Then on the beginning of life and abortion: “As an ardent, practicing Catholic, this is an issue I have been studying for a long time. … We want abortion to be safe and rare.” (What??)

Naturally, Harry Reid is “off base” and “off the wall”: “The war in Iraq is lost,” and “One reason we have fires in California is global warning.”

I almost forget Joe (what’s-his name) Biden at his best: “That is simply not true about Barack Obama. He did not say he’d be willing to sit down with Ahmadinejad.”

During every president’s term in office there’s always media attention on his legacy. In this case, Obama’s “Audacity of Hope” has “blossomed” into “audacity of hypocrisy and dishonesty.”

I suggest that the Obama legacy should be “An Era of Duplicity.”

God bless America.

Richard Doran


Recent media coverage of suicide statistics in Colorado for 2009 paints a grim picture for our state, with 940 deaths, more than in any previous year. Suicide is a preventable death, but last year it claimed the lives of more victims than motor vehicle crashes and homicides combined. Rather than dwelling on this negative data and wondering what we’re doing wrong, we need to take this information and use it to enhance our prevention efforts.

As Coloradans continue to feel pressure from job loss, economic stress, feelings of isolation and more, we need to continue to learn the signs of suicide, learn how to find help for family members and friends in need, and find viable ways to increase access to mental health resources in our state, which ranks 50th in hospital beds for those in immediate mental health crises.

It is not enough simply to report the statistics. As a state, we need to ensure that funding for mental health care and suicide prevention stays at the forefront of the policymakers’ minds. And we need to ensure that everyone knows how to find care if they need it or help others find the help they need. Now is not the time to make suicide someone else’s problem. Suicide affects everyone.

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day ( Let’s use this day to make sure we are taking the right steps in the right direction to stop suicide and its impact in Colorado.

Deborah VanCott

suicide survivor

board of directors, Suicide Prevention Coalition of Colorado

The elected president made two promises. They were “change” and “hope.” We got “change,” yep, yep, yep. Do we still have “hope”? Nope, nope, nope.

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

Kyle Timmer, Hitler was a bad guy and so is Obama. There are many major associations between Hitler’s views and the views of Obama. Let me give you some.

After taking office as chancellor, Hitler quickly outmaneuvered the conservative nationalists. Many of the approaches used by Hitler then, Obama is using now. For instance, Hitler hated Jews; he portrayed them as responsible for all of the problems and evils of the world. Now, take that message and change the word from Jew to Republicans, tea partiers, or conservatives, it becomes the same message.

The Nazis won the Reichstag (the upper house of the parliament) by a landslide. Shortly after, Germany underwent nationwide socialism, and government takeover began. Hitler and his government took total control of all politics, economy and social relationships. All America is missing is the social relationships part, and that is changing fast due to “the race card” always being played by the left seriating people.

Hitler claimed to understand how to cope with all aspects of human existence, aka “leveling the playing field.” Hitler also led the people in the way he saw fit, even if it was against the people’s will, aka “health care reform.” The Nazis also elevated harassment towards their political opponents, and an atmosphere of fear and intimidation began, aka “the New Black Panther Party, La Raza and ACORN.”

Hitler consolidated his command by demonizing all other political parties, and coordinating all aspects of German life, aka “community organizing.” What did Obama do before he was a U.S. senator? Oh, that’s right, I remember now, he was a “community organizer.” No similarities there.

Hitler’s new government abolished self-government in Germany, aka “attacking and attempting to remove Arizona laws in which the people voted for.” Hitler began appointing governors responsible to the central government in Berlin, aka “czars.” The states lost even more power in January 1934 to Hitler and the Nazis when the Reichsrat was abolished, aka “ignoring America’s Constitution.”

Hope that’s enough similarities for you. Intelligent information for an actual debate is offered at:

Jolene Varley


It is possible to create jobs for local people, issue drilling permits, and protect the health and safety of our environment. We do not have to choose one over the other. Tom Jankovsky is running on a “pro-drilling” platform that does not consider the health and safety of our environment. His campaign shows he’s choosing outside business profits over local job security and the environment. He has used his position as GM of Sunlight Mountain Resort to oppose the Thompson Divide Coalition’s initiative to protect our watershed. Sunlight leases public lands for a profit, and I’m not comfortable with the fact that if that recreation doesn’t boost his bottom line then the need to protect it isn’t important. Economy, equity and ecology is the new bottom line of sustainable business.

What Jankovsky and other citizens who support his campaign don’t seem to realize is that Tresi Houpt is looking out for the local economy by supporting a variety of local and international renewable and nonrenewable energy businesses, while considering their environmental impacts. This is a balance of economy, equity and ecology. She sees this balance as the heart of all the decisions made by our county commissioners. Without her voice, we will have three county commissioners who only have a view of economics. What happens when the resources – land, air and water – are depleted? How will our economy thrive?

Tresi Houpt has played a key role on the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. Her role has benefited Garfield County through the development and enforcement of stricter environmental policies, which put the health and safety of land owners and workers on the same level as company profits. The new protections are doing a good job of protecting drinking water, air quality and wildlife habitat. Colorado is on pace to issue 7,000 drilling permits in 2010, which would be the second most productive year for the industry in Colorado’s history. Thanks to Tresi’s leadership, we are creating jobs in Garfield County while also protecting our livelihood and heritage, which has always been dependent on viable land, air and water.

Mary Russell

Glenwood Springs

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