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I was dismayed to see on a local bulletin board a poster for a “Festival of Diversity” hosted by St. Stephen’s on Sept. 11. I would think that 9/11 would be a day to stress unity not diversity.

The term diversity became popular in American culture during the 70s when the grandchildren of immigrants wanted to learn about their ethnic heritage.

First-generation immigrants had wanted their children to become completely American. Consequently, the second generation were so assimilated that they had little interest in heritage preservation. It was the third generation that wanted to learn about their background. For African-Americans, who only in the previous decade had won full civil rights, the book and TV drama “Roots” movingly traced a familial history thought to have been forever obliterated.

That was the 70’s, this is now. Inviting first-generation immigrants with their offspring to celebrate “diversity,” is to diminish their motivation to assimilate into this country. Of course a substantial majority of the Latino population in this area to which St. Stephen’s caters are not legal immigrants, but that’s another issue. Let’s just take the “Diversity Festival” at face value and look at the harm it does.

Giving the “diversity” concept to new immigrants, legal or otherwise, results in the kind of situation which occurred a few years ago in the mobile home park where I live in which a Hispanic extended family was slaughtering a goat for a festival in their yard. When an American man told them this was illegal, he was jeeringly called “a racist.”

St. Stephen’s unseemly invitation to a celebration of “diversity” on 9/11 fosters a disturbing sense of entitlement and serves to perpetuate the belief among some Mexicans that this region rightfully belongs to Mexico. These trends could in another generation spawn a separatist movement in the American Southwest.

Enjoy your Diversity Festival on Sept. 11, St. Stephen’s. Most of us will be mourning our fellow citizens who died on that day nine years ago.

Judith King

Glenwood Springs

Oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. Signs are posted well north of the border warning citizens of armed and dangerous criminals. The federal government has posted signs warning citizens that it’s unsafe to travel a major interstate highway in Arizona because of drug and alien smugglers. Mexican drug cartels now control some parts of Arizona.

How much land will our nation cede to drug dealers and terrorists? American citizens should not have to be fearful for their lives on U.S. soil. Where are the protests from illegal aliens that come to this country for a better way of life? Any intentional damage or disrespect to the Quran is deeply offensive and may incite violence.

I think it is deeply offensive to disrespect my flag and the Bible. Where are the protests from peaceful Muslims against those of their faith that do jihad? When will moderate Muslims speak out? Iran’s paying bonuses of $1,000 for killing American Soldiers and $6,000 for destroying a U.S. military vehicle. Money often comes in the form of aid from foreign donors (our tax dollars are being used).

We are slowly and secretly being infiltrated. Everything is not fine. Everything is not OK. Our country is being invaded. Bring our troops home and get ready for a war within our borders. We are going to need them.

Nell Conklin


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