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I am employed with the Sheriff’s Office and have been for 18 years. I am not trying to save my job, I am writing this letter because I truly believe in Sheriff Vallario’s vision and leadership. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t support him.

During the debate, Tom stated several times that there is no need for three commanders, two HR employees and 11 administrative assistants. He is out of touch. Questions I have are: What do you intend to do? Are those individuals headed for the unemployment line? Are you going to cut services such as SRO, Animal Control, Victims Response Team, All Hazard Response/Crisis Negotiations Team, K-9? I suspect there are people in the organization that would like to know if they will be employed if Tom is elected.

It is commonplace to throw out that there is overspending in a time of financial crisis. There is a lot of talk about the increase in budget. There has been an increase in the budget but there has also been an increase in population and demand for services, and these services cost money. This county has become much safer the past eight years because of Sheriff Vallario’s vision and willingness to listen to the citizens of Garfield County and provide services that are needed in order to maintain public safety.

The programs that have been implemented in the past eight years have been of great benefit to the citizens. They were implemented and developed because citizens asked for them. If you have never experienced any of these programs, be thankful because that means that you were not a victim. Keep this in mind; if you ever need them, the dedicated professionals of the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office are there for you if, God forbid, you should need them.

Bill Middleton


I have a problem in regard to ground zero where 3,000 Americans were killed by a group of Muslims. There are two groups of Muslims that wish to build a mosque as a symbol of Islamic victory … the Cordoba Initiative and the American Society of Muslim Advancement. Muslims pretend to be good citizens in public but are not good citizens in private. It’s part of their inbred dual-Muslim nature. In the Quran 3:28, Muslims will take disbelievers for their friends but only pretend to be friendly. They show friendship outwardly but never inwardly. They are two-faced and speak with a forked tongue. They’ll smile to your face but their hearts curse us. They long for the day they will dominate us.

For example, the planned mosque in NYC they say is to honor us. Do you believe them? Or is it for Islamic supremacy?

What did Muslims do when they conquered Mecca? They went to the center of Pagan worship and built a mosque. When they conquered Jerusalem they built a mosque on the Temple Mount. When they conquered Damascus they demolished the church of St. John the Baptist and built a mosque. Why? Well, when you Islamize the most important places of your enemy you destabilize them to make them weaker and show them that Muslims are taking control. In the U.S.A. we don’t have a religious center, but we do have an economic center, and its heart was the World Trade Center where they want to construct a massive mosque. Smiling to our faces while cursing us in their hearts. Wake up America.

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

With the logic of Jolene Varley’s comparing Obama to Hitler, anyone can be compared to Hitler. Glenn Beck also. After all, Beck does breathe and needs food and water to live: so did Hitler.

Republicans and Democrats have been blaming each other for years. One side blaming the other is nothing new. Disagreeing with someone does not mean that you hate.

All people should take offense in the trivial comparison of Hitler to Obama. Patriotic Americans, Jews, Jehovah’s Witness’s, people with disabilities, homosexuals and even people with different political views. Yes, even those that disagree with Obama and his administration should take offense to the comparison.

Under Hitler’s regime disagreement would mean certain death. Hitler was the architect for the extermination of an estimated 6 million Jews. Not only Jews but millions of people in other groups including Jehovah’s Witnesses, political and religious opponents and many others. Millions of allied troops and thousands of United States troops gave their lives to stop Hitler’s ethnic cleansing. One should know the difference between Obama and Hitler the way that one knows the difference between wrong and right.

Is it wrong that our elected president disagrees with others in political office and voices his opinion? If it is wrong then this country has been doing it wrong since our founding fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence. If you think it is wrong that Obama was a community organizer, then you should take another look at Glenn Beck.

Kyle Timmer


The letter by Russ Arensman implies the three tax relief ballot issues – Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101 – will end all taxes and governments will starve. They only slow the future growth of government revenue about 2 percent. Only governments say growing 3 percent instead of 5 percent is a “2 percent cut.” We know it is a 3 percent increase.

Ever notice that opponents of tax relief always threaten to cut the basics first? They never warn they will cut wasteful spending; we would all say “Good!” and vote for these three measures that make them re-examine their budget priorities with our money.

How are measures “short-sighted” which phase down taxes over 10 or 20 years? When politicians want higher taxes, they take full effect immediately. Our side is the moderate one.

State replacement (as per Amendment 23 – already state law) of some school property tax relief undoes the 2007 act of state politicians in raising school taxes by hundreds of millions without voter approval. The cost to the state, starting in 2012, is only 0.6 percent of state spending, which is now $19.6 billion, up 476 percent since 1984.

Amendment 60 allows governments to keep future excess property tax revenue by voter approval every four years, and does not allow out-of-state residents to vote on property taxes. An “elector” is defined by the Election Code as “a person who is legally qualified to vote in this state.” Texans don’t count.

Limiting future local debt to 10 years will save billions of dollars in interest payments. Those savings can go for more projects paid in cash and costing taxpayers no interest.

Arensman also falsely says Proposition 101 “would eliminate taxes and fees on vehicle registration.” Registration is specifically set at $10. Since the state pays county clerks only $4 for that process, we are being generous. Last year’s doubling of registration costs without voter approval was illegal gouging. Cars are basic needs.

Nothing “prevents citizens across the state from taxing themselves.” We can vote to raise taxes any November. The point is, citizens are entitled to vote. YES on 60, 61, and 101.

Debbie Schum


As I ride my bike from Glenwood to Carbondale on this beautiful, late summer day I am reminded of balance in my life in so many different ways.

The bike trails in our area are so amazing, and there are many kinds of riders sharing these trails. Biking up this beautiful county I see people passing by from Illinois in their Amish attire, families with trailers carrying young children and speedy racers like Bobby Julich – well, maybe it was him.

There are many places for balance in our lives. As I was riding, I thought of my friend Tresi Houpt, and I am thankful for work she and others do to help keep these trails open. We need to keep a balance on our Board of County Commissioners. She promotes trails and open space. She is serving us by wisely conserving and managing our natural resources that make this county an incredible place to live. We need to keep her perspective as an experienced county commissioner who looks at all sides of issues and educates herself before making tough decisions. Thank you, Tresi, for the great work you do. Check her out at I invite you to help me support Tresi and help us keep the balance in our valley.


Joni McGavock

Glenwood Springs

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