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It’s been a month since the primary election. I’ve had time to reflect on our accomplishments. I first want to thank everyone who helped me and supported me, whether it was calling people, walking door to door, monetary supporters and walkers in the parades. Thank you so much, your help was much appreciated.

Next, I would like to set the record straight. As far as a rumor that Tom and I have been in communication prior to the primary, I can assure you this is absolutely false. Never once did Tom and I talk at all during my run in the primary election. It was only after the primary was over that communication was ever established. When I learned Tom wanted to sit down with me and discuss his campaign, I thought this was a good opportunity to get to know Tom. The first and only time I ever met with Tom prior to the primary was during the Coal Seam Fire in 2002 when our office (Eagle County Sheriff’s Office) dropped off information to Tom. Well, when we met we hit it off. We both believe in the same philosophies and are listening to the community.

I ask the citizens of Garfield County to not see this as a Republican or Democrat race. This race should be based on doing what’s right for Garfield County. You do that by listening to the people and providing the best public service possible.

I truly would like everyone to have an open mind and listen to what Tom is going to do as your next sheriff. I believe we owe it to him. I know he is expecting some tough questions. I believe when those questions are asked, you will see Tom has the community’s best interests in mind. This is a wonderful opportunity for Garfield County to be heard because he and I are listening.

Once again, I want to thank everyone who supported me. If anyone should have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. My phone number is (970) 274-1788 or e-mail at


Doug Winters


We must commend Commander Bill Middleton for speaking out to support Sheriff Vallario. As everyone needs to know, Commander Middleton worked for both the ex-sheriff and Sheriff Vallario.

It is also important that we know the employees of the Sheriff’s Office work at the behest of the sheriff; to clarify, that means an employee can be fired by the sheriff without provocation or explanation. Since the budget is to be slashed drastically (if Mr. Dalessandri is elected), who are the deputies, staff and administrative personnel Tom D. intends to “RIF” (Reduction In Force)?

Commander Bill Middleton is an exemplary employee of our Sheriff’s Office; this is not judgmental on our part, but a fact based on his performance. Commander Middleton’s loyalty to duty and to our current Sheriff is an explicit example of what Lou Vallario has instilled and encouraged in his staff. They believe in him and his leadership.

Another brief example for supporting the current sheriff, if we may: Our son was a first-year deputy (working under the ex-sheriff) when he issued 12 traffic violations on Highway 82 during a 10-hour shift. For any of you who drive on 82, does that sound excessive? As a reward for doing his job, he was issued a letter of reprimand for being “badge-heavy.” (Hmm … Highway 82, road to the rich and famous who hire Tom D’s private security services) Does the term “absentee sheriff” ring a bell?

Another issue: Ask Commander Middleton (then Det. Middleton) about being told by his ex-boss to request a state grant for a 35mm camera to film crime scenes here in Garfield County. Yes, you are correct in assuming – we didn’t have one. (Now, there’s a real budget buster.)

One final question, do you want a politically connected, upvalley “dandy,” or do you want a man who cares about the average Western Slope full-time working person trying to survive? The vote is yours; we encourage you to do what is best for the citizens of Garfield County.

So why was Tom Dalessandri voted out of office eight years ago? If we may be so bold as to speculate: The citizens of Garfield County wanted a full-time sheriff and law enforcement services that reflect our current times and needs.

Thank you,

Tom and Jane Ashworth


Islam is a theocracy. It has religious, legal, political, economic, social and military components. Islamization begins when there are sufficient Muslims in a country to agitate for their religious privileges. It works like this:

When the Muslim population is less than 2 percent in a country, they’re generally regarded as a peace-loving minority.

At 2 percent to 5 percent, they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups, with major recruiting from jails and street gangs. This is now happening in America. (From 1970 to 2009, America’s Muslim population increased from 0.8 percent to 4 percent, a 500 percent increase).

At 5 percent, they exercise influence disproportionate to their population percentage and begin pushing for special rights, for example, self-governance under Islamic Sharia Law within their ghettos, prayer rooms at airports, allowances for fasting at work and schools during Ramadan. Since these “special rights” are also being granted in America, perhaps Muslims already exceed 5 percent today.

As the Muslim percentage of populations increase to 10 percent, 20 percent, 40 percent, 60 percent and 80 percent they become less tolerant, more heavy-handed and increasingly violent, for example, lawlessness as a means of complaint, burning churches of other faiths, unfettered persecution of nonbelievers of all other religions, widespread massacres of non-Muslims, and ethnic cleansing (genocide).

100 percent supposedly ushers in the peace of “Dar-es-Salaam” because everyone is Muslim. Unfortunately, peace is never achieved because the most radical Muslims intimidate and kill less radical Muslims.

A fertility rate of 2.11 percent is required to maintain the population of a country and its culture. No culture has ever survived with a fertility rate of 1.9 percent. With a fertility rate of 1.3 percent it becomes impossible for a culture to survive. The fertility rates of European countries range from 1.8 percent to 1.1 percent. However, European populations are not decreasing due to immigration (Muslim immigration). The fertility rate of Muslim immigrants in France is 8.1 percent. If this trend continues, Europe will be an Islamic continent within a few short decades.

In Canada and America the fertility rate is 1.6 percent.

If the Muslim population in America continues to increase at its current pace, could the greatest threat to our Republic be Islamization?

Leon Garot

Glenwood Springs

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