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Have you heard the good news?

At the end of President Obama’s first year in office the national deficit (that is the shortfall of receipts from expenditures) is down 8 percent. I know this is a hard concept for most of you to grasp. You have heard all the rhetoric from the Mama Griz bunch that we are in trouble, we can’t possibly recover. Now it is shown that we are in less trouble than we were in before this (communist, fascist, racist, elitist, black Kenyan) was elected president of the United States.

You don’t know me. I am a native of Rifle, my parents worked hard all their lives to provide for their seven children, and were defacto parents for many of our friends. They taught all of us to champion the causes of children like us and parents like them. I managed to earn a bachelor of science degree in agricultural economics from a university, Colorado State, which ranks among the top 2.5 percent of all universities in the country in terms of academics. I am not telling you this so you will bow down to me in reverence, but perhaps you will listen to my opinion.

According to opposition advertising and their constant ranting, the current administration has conscripted us to servitude from government tyranny. This assertion is not true. Since the Reagan administration, now is the least that this has been true. The problem is that giant corporations (oil and gas, health care, insurance, banking) have an unlimited siphon into our pocketbooks. We would be better off if all the Republicans and a lot of the Democrats would not be re-elected. What all of you need to realize is that politicians are not always on your side.

If there are any of you out there who have listened to me, I thank you.

David Mead


A lot of people are unhappy these days about the shortcomings of our country’s two main political parties. But one thing that I hope most of us can agree upon, regardless of political affiliation, is the danger of one-party rule.

That’s one of the key reasons why I’m supporting Tresi Houpt for Garfield County Commissioner this November. I’m simply not comfortable turning over the reins of county government to three Republican men of similar age and outlook.

You’ll recall that the last time we had three Republicans on the County Commission, they largely ignored county residents’ concerns about oil and gas development while providing special-interest favors such as handing over a county road to the private developers of Prehm Ranch.

Since her election in 2002, Tresi has provided an essential balance to commission debates – asking the difficult questions that needed to be asked and bringing a different perspective to many issues. Thanks to Tresi, the county has become more receptive to regional planning and partnerships with county municipalities and has even begun to contribute to trails and to our excellent RFTA public transportation system. Our founding fathers worked hard to design checks and balances into the U.S. Constitution. And like it or not, one of the best ways to ensure a balance of power in today’s two-party system is to elect a healthy mix of both Republicans and Democrats.

This fall, a vote for Tresi is a vote for balance.

Russ Arensman

Glenwood Springs

This letter is in response to a letter from Bronwyn Anglin.

Bronwyn Anglin is incorrect about state amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101. She says that schools will lose no funds. But if Proposition 101 passes, the per pupil share of the vehicle ownership tax in Eagle County goes from $479 to $5.02. The analysis is here:

Anglin says the state will cover the gap in school funding created by Amendment 60. But 60 would cut state revenue by 25 percent, meaning the state is being asked to backfill lost school funding with nonexistent revenue. These ballot measures are a scam: they’re craftily and confusingly written, and they sound great: Let’s pay less in taxes. But not all taxes are bad – my wife and two kids like safe roads, our police and firefighters, our schools, and food inspectors. No parent in their right mind would cut the legs out of their kid’s education by supporting these initiatives. That’s why neither Hickenlooper nor McInnis support them, and Maes opposes two of three. Vote no on 60, 61 and 101.

Auden Schendler


I was pleased to see the the photo and accompanying story of Sheriff Vallario receiving the High Caliber Award from a large cross-section of his employees. Hopefully it will put to rest the recent allegations that the sheriff is not supported by his staff. You rock, Lou!

Susan Mountjoy

Glenwood Springs

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