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My story has been front page news in the past, and some of the recent events that have occurred to me in this valley are prompting me to finally be heard.

First and foremost I would like to thank my friends and supporters who have been in my corner through these trying times, and I will keep you posted on my immigration status as soon as I get the word.

To the Aspen Daily News reporter, thank you for not doing some research before publishing an article about me while I was on hold (Chilling in I.C.E). That was real unprofessional of you, ma’am, and don’t ever bother trying to apologize to me, and as a matter of fact, ma’am, I would very much appreciate it if you never do a story on me ever again.

This part of my letter is being addressed to our very own finest, the Glenwood Springs Police Department. I have been and still am friends with a lot of people who are in local law enforcement, rank not irrelevant, and the past few weeks haven’t been so good to me. To the one officer, sir, I was not impressed with the way you approached me on the night of Wednesday when you addressed me and my only other black friend who happened to be just stopping by in town for the night.

My black friend even advised me to move to a new town because he was appalled with your unprofessionalism, and he swore he would never drive through town. To the three officers who manhandled me on the night I spent in the lock up, and last but not least to all the fabulous fake people out there, please mind your business. Keep my name out of your mouths, and I will definitely keep it the same.

God bless.

H. A. Gama

I just finished reading Mr. Sundin’s column, and he raises a valid point about the Pakistan flooding and aid assistance. However, he stopped short of asking some really pertinent questions. Since charitable giving is one of the 5 Pillars of Islam, I wonder how much Saudi Arabia has donated? How about donations from Iran, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Libya, Egypt, etc? I think this information would be interesting.

Sharon Brenner


A fellow parent at my daughter’s school wrote a letter to the editors of local papers supporting a ballot issue that we all have the opportunity to Vote NO on in November. I would like to respond to Bronwyn Anglin and state that the information that she derived is simply wrong. Here is why:

Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101 will create a $4.2 billion state deficit, with no plan to deal with it. They cut school taxes in half, and eliminate any practical means for communities to build basic infrastructure, and will eliminate 73,000 private sector jobs in transportation, health care and construction.

The bottom line on 60, 61 and 101 is that if you’re a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, you want to vote no. If you care about jobs in Colorado or are looking for one yourself, you want to vote no. If you drive a car on highways, use the telephone, sometimes need a hospital, think prisons are useful when necessary, or appreciate sanitation and flood control projects, you want to vote no. Otherwise, vote yes, but your neighbors will not be very happy.

Thank you,

Doug Leibinger


Residents of Silt, over the past week, you should have received a brief visit from a concerned neighbor asking you to help LIFT-UP replenish its food pantries. If we missed you, then we humbly apologize. Silt seems like a small town until you attempt to knock on every single door. The point of the visit was to let everyone know that LIFT-UP is working hard to help our unemployed friends and neighbors make it through these difficult economic times and to present you with an opportunity to lend a hand.

This Wednesday evening (Sept. 22) at 6 p.m., we will be walking through the streets of Silt to collect any nonperishable food (canned, cereals, pastas, sugar, flour, rice, etc.) that you can spare. If you would like to donate, please simply put your donated food in a bag and leave it on your doorstep or near the street curb (not near your trash/recycling containers, though). If you have a fence and a dog, please leave it outside the gate. We will pick it up and deliver it to LIFT-UP for you.

We would like to thank you in advance for your generosity and compassion for those who really need a helping hand right now. May you all be blessed.

Deric Walter

fellow concerned resident of Silt

I’ve closely watched the processes leading to the proposed 2010 Garfield County Comprehensive Plan. Much of the public comment at meetings and in surveys supported more of a focus on preservation of open space, separation between towns, public access to recreational and historical sites, and recreation opportunities. There is very little in the draft plan that supports these land use objectives, even less than in the present comp plan.

I think that it makes sense to form a commission charged with evaluation of open space, trails, historic preservation, and agricultural heritage preservation. This commission could first evaluate the economic and social impacts of such programs in other counties of Colorado and then advise the county commissioners on a best plan for Garfield County. It is clear that land values are increased for properties surrounding the features just mentioned. I believe that it is important to provide these potential amenities for the citizens of Garfield County, not only for enhancing property values, but also for giving citizens easy access to beautiful places and providing a framework to recognize where our past and present identities lie.

Such a commission could assist the county commissioners in evaluating the worth of such propositions as the Sutey Ranch-Two Shoes swap, finding open space along GarCo’s section of the Roaring Fork River, and development of a trail downstream along the entire GarCo portion of the Colorado River.

Such a commission could help identify funding sources such as GOCO grants, historic preservation funding grants, etc. Also, Garfield County is blessed with the unusual richness of oil and gas reserves. Recognizing the inevitability of negative environmental impacts by these extractive industries, we should give these industries the opportunity for positive PR by their contributing significantly to the developments of open space, agricultural heritage preservation, trails, and historic preservation. This win-win approach could be through a pad tax, use tax, a small levy on volume of extracted hydrocarbon, or some other agreeable means.

I believe that such a commission should be identified and endorsed in the 2010 Comprehensive Plan and ask you to require this to be done in the plan now under consideration. Ten years more is a terribly long time to wait for the next such opportunity.

Bill Spence


Reading the letters to the editor now seems like keeping tabs on who slanders who for what political viewpoint expressed. I have in my opinion been slandered in the Post by people who either did not understand simple statements contained in letters, or they just got so mad by the misleading titles placed on letters by the paper’s staff, they were completely unable to read and understand the basic content. That was then, now you have people distorting facts and writing letters as if they are the First Lady. All first families are protected at great expense to the U.S. taxpayers. All first families travel at the cost of government, funded by tax dollars.

You have another writing letters of threat, asking all supporters of the current president to write letters to the editor so “we can know who you are.” I can only guess at the motives of this person. But it is clearly a threat of retaliation … even if it’s only a discussion of ideas, this person intimates that all who support this president are no better than idiots (my word, not his).

We have revisionist writers who can’t remember reality for any reasonable period of time.

The Post Independent itself has distorted fact to fuel these letters and discussions (the poll question that stated President Obama supported a mosque at ground zero vs. the fact of him supporting the constitutional right of Muslims to build a church anywhere they can afford).

I have to question how much of this is fueled by an unspoken fear of a person’s skin color. Some seem so angry and confused that you have to look at the letters and decide if it is really ignorance that runs so deep in these educated people or some other fear, deep within themselves, that they cannot even recognize.

Tea party followers walk around with signs depicting our president with monkey ears. A discussion of facts, eh?

I question the Post Independent’s policy on printing letters that slander or threaten others for their ideals.

Please explain your civic duty as a newspaper.

Brad Gates

New Castle

Can anyone explain to me why I always pay less per gallon of gas in remote areas?

Toponas, Yampa and Steamboat Springs are always 30 to 40 cents less per gallon of gas than here in Glenwood and the valley.

I would expect to pay more for a gallon of gas when traveling farther away from the I-70 corridor. Odd that it is reversed.

I admire the folks in those remote little towns that are making an honest living.

Ronda Dennie

Glenwood Springs

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