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There are certain things I don’t understand. Why was the stimulus bill increased from $787 billion to $862 billion, or 10 percent? That’s a lot of money. Why are we as hard working taxpayers supposed to pay for other people’s mortgages? Doesn’t 10-17-plus percent unemployment mean anything to the current Democratic administration? Do they think we’re rich? $4.8 billion is added to our national debt every day. Just referring to the Obama health care entitlement plan, bankruptcy is on the horizon.

In reality, most Americans are conservative independents. But the way our system works forces us to choose sides and join a political party to elect our candidate. That’s one of the reasons the “tea party,” a strictly American grass roots movement, took hold. One in five Americans support the tea party movement. Fifty percent are socially conservative, 50 percent are libertarian.

Conservative people are in agreement wanting the debt reduced, wanting unconstitutional government growth stopped, and are not happy being forced to purchase government health care against our will.

Tea Party people are older more educated, more conservative, and more in step with American values and economic problems facing our great country. They are “NOT” Democrats.

Americans are dissatisfied with the Obama Marxist/socialist direction our free republic is heading. We are sick of Obama criticizing our country, apologizing and bowing to Muslim foreign dictators, and dismissing American exceptionalism. Obama does not exhibit American values.Why should he – much of his youth was spent in Indonesia attending a Muslim school.

Let’s face it, as Americans we just don’t agree with Obama’s elitist priorities. We want limited government. We the people want freedom (when our government fears us), not tyranny (where we fear our government). In plain English, we don’t want our country changed. Why would we? It’s the greatest best country in the whole wide world. I liked it the way it was. Didn’t you?

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

All trustees in Silt at their first meeting are sworn in. Part of the oath says they swear to uphold the charter and ordinances of the town of Silt.

Imagine my surprise, when during our Sept. 13 board meeting the following dialogue took place. Trustee Aluise: “The board of trustees is the authority over its municipal code and can waive as it deems fit … I believe … If I’m not incorrect.” Attorney Brown: “Yes, you have that authority.” Trustee Aluise: “We have that authority to do so, and I think we’re doing nothing inappropriate here.”

If we can waive the code whenever the majority sees fit, how does that reconcile with the oath to uphold the charter and ordinances? Where in the code does it say the board can waive it whenever it feels like it? If we can waive the code whenever we want, why when the board passed a motion to cut the board’s wages in half were we told we couldn’t override the ordinances?

Two years ago while discussing an annexation, the board got into a discussion about “may” vs “shall.” Our lawyer at the time, Attorney Duran, explained when an ordinance says “shall” it is considered mandatory; when it says “may” there is board discretion as to how to interpret the direction and it allows for flexibility. Geez, if Attorney Brown were our attorney at that time, I guess we just would of done whatever we felt like since we would have found out we could waive the code so why worry about if it said “may” or “shall.”

I wonder if this idea of flexibility is why there were pending lawsuits when I joined the board two years ago, but under the direction of Attorney Duran we had no new suits.

I do not believe any board of anything has the power to waive its code. We are presumably a country, state, county and town of law. And no one and no thing is above the law, or can simply waive the law.

Nicky Leigh


Basalt Recreation Department is excited to announce our upcoming fall and winter classes. As the weather begins to turn sports indoors check out what we can offer for your child. Learn to juggle, or jump rope with style. Our athleticism camp lets your young athlete work with professional trainers to take fitness to a new level. We are taking summer indoors with our kid fit tennis camp to keep your child active and indoor soccer camp to keep those skills sharp. Don’t miss our many art classes offered throughout the year. Learn to macrame, paint, sculpt, and let your imagination go wild with our beading classes. These classes are after school and on campus so check out our brochure online at or stop by the town hall to pick one up today. Let your children discover their next passion.

Thank you,

Dorothy Howard

Basalt Recreation Department

On Aug. 26, we had finally made it to our campsite in Unit 34 of the White River National Forest. An entire year’s worth of dieting, exercising, weight lifting, planning, anticipation, etc., had finally led up to the most exciting time of the year – Colorado archery elk season.

Not a day goes by through the off season that we are not in some way preparing for the next season, practicing shooting our archery equipment, exercising, scouring maps, applying for licenses, developing game plans, making hotel reservations for the trip out, searching catalogs for the latest “must have” gear … the list is endless.

While setting up camp we heard the sound of a helicopter approaching the ridge we would call home for the next two weeks. As the helicopter came into sight we could see it was a military medic aircraft flying very low over the mountain tops. Our first thoughts were they were performing a search and rescue mission and feelings of concern were felt by all. After a considerable amount of time the helicopter had covered all the ridge tops in the area several times and left.

The next morning we met a group of hunters from California. They informed us that this particular aircraft has been flying low and slow over the ridges for the last few years just before the season starts and many times during the season. They have witnessed the aircraft hover over an area when game is spotted and proceed to chase them out of the area.

I cannot confirm what the motive of this individual may be, but I do know that this type of behavior is intended to move the elk out of the area for whatever reason. The thoughts of an individual using a military helicopter, that is paid for with our tax dollars, using this extremely valuable equipment for personal use, which is disrupting the hunt I waited all year for, was enough to make my blood boil.

Dan Patterson

Northwood, Iowa

When I was 15, I went to a wrestling match with friends. Wrestling was very popular in the ’60s on TV and at arenas. While watching the match, we saw the “villain” pull out a small metal bar from his tights. He hit the “hero” with his fist, which held the bar. The referee didn’t “see” it. My friends went crazy. I told them it was going to happen, and the ref would find the bar and disqualify the “villain.” That’s what happened. My friends were very angry with me, because I told them I had seen the same match on TV, and that’s how I knew what was coming. I had shattered their illusion with reality.

The reason I am reminiscing is because we are living the same scenario this election season. The GOP wants us to believe hot button issues like deficit spending, health care, immigration, war, energy, education, unemployment, housing crashes, and the financial meltdown all began with the election of President Obama, and the 2006 elections, that put the Dems in control in 2007. They claim they can lead us out of the morass. The “villains” are the “heroes” and the “hero” the “villain.”

Funny thing is, I saw this on TV before. So have you. For the thinkers out there, just take a few moments to remember the good old days of 2001-2008. Enron, World Com ring a bell? How about Lehman Brothers? $4/gallon gasoline? TARP predates Obama. However, his decision to use funds for GM and Chrysler saved a million jobs. They are on schedule to pay off the debt. Meanwhile, the deficit doubled under Bush and the Republicans. Defense spending skyrocketed, to the largest percentage of federal spending. Ask a teacher about “No child left behind” and CSAPs. Health insurance quadrupled, while we fell to 25th in the world in health care. Still No. 1 in cost, though. Perhaps not allowing the feds to negotiate prices with drug companies was not such a good idea.

They want us to believe we weren’t watching. We were. Illusion vs. reality. Not again. Vote!

Craig S. Chisesi


Dear 20-somethings of Garfield County,

Time to wake up. We drift through the valley thinking life is pretty uneventful, the powers that be have made our decisions more or less insignificant, and the injustices that take place in our hometown must have something to do with either A) the president, or B) the police.

There is a constant battle taking place over the preservation of our valley. D.C. might have more action, but we have two major rivers and natural hot pots. New York might have more interesting jobs for a fresh college grad, but we have the mountains, the trails, the fresh air, and population that will smile at one another as we pass on the street. These things make us unique, and they are worth fighting for.

There is a county commissioner race that threatens everything that makes our valley what it is. With three middle-aged, white, male Republicans on the Board of County Commissioners, there will be no more balance or voice of caution in the over development of our beautiful home.

Against all odds, we have somehow made it this far with abundant natural resources. Tresi Houpt, as our commissioner for eight years, has known that and rightfully works with the industries that use them to create jobs, but she knows that with the overdevelopment of our valley or the overexploitation of our resources, we stand to lose everything.

Don’t be fooled. When the oil is dry, the mountains are hollow, and the wildlife is reduced to rodents, what will happen to tourism industry? Will we become just another suburb with pine beetle?

Time to do your research, time to care about the issues. I think Tom Jankovsky, the father of one of my best friends, is a great man, and knows a lot about running a business. However, that voice is already on the board of commissioners. For this race, Tresi Houpt is what we need. She knows how the industries work, and knows how to make it work for all of us.

Jaime Moore

Glenwood Springs

I would just like to alert the residents of Glenwood Springs that enjoy the beautiful trail that runs below Park West and Hager Lane, below the Cardiff Glen bridge, that the concrete is coming.

On Sunday I spoke to an employee of the Parks and Recreation department for Glenwood that was on the trail. He informed me that he was instructed to cut back the trees along the trail to make enough room for a concrete truck.

The trail was recently enough “upgraded” to a great path that is much more user-friendly. Mind you there is still this nasty green netting that was left all over the sides of the path that now is balled up with dead and overgrown weeds and such. I can only imagine the mess that will be left behind after this concrete job.

In financial times like we are seeing, is this really the best appropriation of funds for our city? It breaks my heart that they are really going ahead with this project. I cannot imagine that there is one resident who lives along this trail that is happy about this.

I realize that I am beating a dead horse with this letter, but isn’t there anything we can to do to stop the city from concreting over Glenwood Springs?

Stacie Butow

Glenwood Springs

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