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Are high energy costs eating up your monthly budget? Are you worried about climate change? The perfect antidote is solar energy! Did you ever think about installing solar panels on your home for your hot water heating, or for providing most of your home’s electricity? Wouldn’t it be great to become independent of the grid?

Now is the time to think about this. Numerous rebates, incentive pricing and tax credits are now available through your energy provider or your county and federal government (which is currently offering a 30 percent tax credit on total solar project costs).

To learn more, come on Saturday, Oct. 2 to the Garfield County Tour of Solar Homes, part of the American Solar Energy Society’s (ASES) National Solar Tour. Nine solar homes and sites in Glenwood, Carbondale and Rifle will be open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. These homes and businesses include remodels and new construction and will showcase solar electric, solar hot water, radiant heat systems and passive solar designs. A wide variety of green construction techniques will be featured, and experts will be present on site to answer your questions.

To find these 9 sites, look at the tour map at, and follow the Solar Tour yard signs on the day of the event. For further information, please call Bob at 947-9613. This 2009 ASES National Solar Tour is hosted by the Roaring Fork Sierra Club Group, CLEER, Garfield Clean Energy and Solar Energy International.

Bob Millette

Glenwood Springs

This is just a layman’s analysis of the current recession and unemployment problems in the United States. Government entities starting in Washington, D.C. through various levels to the municipalities all require mandatory contributions to their coffers. This is done by levying taxes on income, gasoline and liquor – to name a few of the many confiscatory tax laws. The Internal Revenue provisions are the biggest drain on the economy. In Colorado, Governor Ritter raised auto fees and other areas he deemed necessary to continue his programs. Is that taxation?

Money pried out of the hands of consumers reduces their spending on merchandise, thus reducing the number of employees needed from manufacture to point of purchase. It limits funds for house payments, rent, utility bills, etc. Reduction of consumer spending results in less taxes and fees collected. That’s when politicians find it is their duty to raise taxes to continue the profligate spending habits to which they have become accustomed. It is a fact that pork barrel projects and spending aren’t limited to the federal level. They are the politicians’ favorite method of buying votes.

When considering proposals for tax increases in the November election, all we voters can do is read the blue book, assess our priority for expenditures and vote accordingly. I do wonder how the people that don’t speak the American language can be aware of what they are voting on and the consequences of their decisions.

Finally, I propose a six month moratorium on spending to countries and programs outside the United States. For the same period, the President and Congress must reduce by one half their salaries, pay one half of their medical expenses and forgo all travel and other expenses for the same period. Money saved is used to repay the money borrowed from Social Security funds. They told us that sacrifice is the patriotic thing to do. My advice for them is to lead by example, not mandate.

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

I just finished reading Thomas L. Friedman’s column in the Tuesday paper. Considering that the “literati” view him as a “Great Writer/Pundit” I was taken aback by the second sentence where he writes that this year “is on track to be the planet’s hottest on record!” We only have approximately 300 years of written temperature records, how can someone make such a foolish claim?! Obviously, the planet was hotter when the latest episode of continental glaciation melted 10,000 years ago. This was only the most recent of the 4 glacial episodes of the Pleistocene Era. Clearly there has been global warming and cooling without mankind supposedly interfering.

One reason why there is so much emphasis on green technology in China is because they don’t have a government that actively wants to punish those who work long hours to innovate new technology. Nor are there organizations and a legal system that mandates that birds and tortoises take precedence over generating green energy (windmills shut down during bird migrations and solar farms prevented because of desert tortoises).

Sharon Brenner


I am a deeply offended American. My daughter who attends Rifle Middle School came home to me yesterday explaining she was upset because the Pledge of Allegiance was recited in Spanish and not in English.

Our family carries a great sense of American Pride as many of our family members have served to protect this country, our freedom and our flag. To have our Pledge to our Country be recited in another language is an outrage. For those of you who will immediately view me as a racist, I am not.

I am a proud American! My great-great grandfather came to America in 1892 from Germany and learned to speak English. I would not expect the Pledge of Allegiance to be recited in German or any other language and you can bet the public school system wouldn’t even dream of reciting it in German anyway.

I would be equally upset if The Pledge of Allegiance was spoken in any language other than English. How upset would you be if it were recited in Arabic? What has happened to America, what has happened to people standing up for our country? My daughter as an American who has been taught to stand at the sight of the American Flag and hold her hand over her heart and to tell American Soldiers when we see them, “Thank you for your service,” was not even given the chance yesterday to show her gratitude to her country by reciting The Pledge of Allegiance in English.

It is Colorado State Law that every student in the public school system in Colorado be given the right to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. My daughter’s right was taken away.

Why are her rights as an American less important? How does this country hope to raise a new generation of proud Americans? Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak, and I am speaking.

I know there are others out there who agree, so do something about it. Stand up for our rights and the rights of our children.

Tina Holtz


A couple of days ago I visited the Cayton Guard Station up West Divide creek. The Cayton Guard Station is located on the White River National Forest. It is one of the oldest guard stations in the forest Service. Two years ago this guard station was not livable. A great nephew of the Forest Ranger who built this Station in 2009 by the name of David Cayton decided he would like to restore this building. Of course he had to get permission to do this. It took a while to form a committee or society with a board of directors to do this, but in the mean time they had to decide what whey where going to do. Forty some years ago I took my two oldest sons to Cayton Guard Station and we stayed overnight. My son Tom a couple of years ago, had a carpet cleaning and fire/water damage repair service, which David Cayton called. My son suggested that they power wash the inside of the building where mice had lived for a number of years. They still remembered that time they stayed at the station, so as a volunteer using his equipment, Tom cleaned up the station.

From that time on several people were involved in refurbishing this station with new foundation, new roof, repair of logs, etc. This station is now as good as new. Very good job everyone.

More information is available from the District Rangers Office in Rifle.

I thought it would be good to read something positive once in a while in the letters to editor.

Tom Williams, Glenwood Springs

Retired U.S. Forest Service

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