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When deciding who to vote for in the county commissioners race, please consider two issues that Tresi Houpt has consistently voted to support:


The voters on the west end of the district have voted down financial support of RFTA, yet she continues to give our tax money to them. This is costing us more than $650,000 a year or $1,800 a day for approximately 80 riders per day between New Castle and Rifle.

In the minutes of the commissioners meeting after the failed ballot issue, former Commissioner McCown said it best, “There was no credibility given to this election because the ink was hardly dry on the election and you folks were coming back to circumvent the process and donate money and Commissioner Houpt supports that and the people in unincorporated Garfield County said NO.”

2. Exclusion of local contractors

Tresi Houpt has voted repeatedly to exclude Garfield County resident contractors from county building projects. All of these projects have been negotiated design build, not bid, with Front Range contractors who take our tax money and spend it on the Front Range. There are approximately 20 very qualified contractors in this county who can build any project that is funded with our tax money. They just need the commissioners to give them the same opportunity that they give the Front Range people.

In this economy why are we, the taxpayers, tolerating this?

We need commissioners that support the will of the taxpayers and the voters.

Fred Kuersten

New Castle

With the negative climate of the “Letters to the Editor” recently, I decided to take the opportunity to share some positive experiences reflecting the “true spirit” of Glenwood.

First thank you to all the firefighters who (once again) came to our rescue with their protection. Monday afternoon lightning struck the mountainside near our house in West Glenwood. Within 30 minutes, we saw a plane assessing the area, then the incredible smoke jumpers and their gear gliding over us towards the mountain. I was in awe and overcome with appreciation. The helicopter showed up soon after, and their combined efforts saved the day. That night I checked the mountainside and was comforted to see a few of their lamps twinkling in the dark, keeping vigilance over our safety. I cannot express my gratitude enough. Thank you.

Another example of the spirit of Glenwood was at the GSHS homecoming parade last week. I was so impressed by the students’ school spirit. At one point when the parade was coming towards us, the whole street was overflowing with kids dressed in red and white. I held onto my daughter as they approached because it was quite overwhelming, but then relaxed when the kids were so respectful. Many kids stopped and gave my daughter candy; we got waves and “thank yous for coming out,” and even got a few kisses blown from the football players. We didn’t hear any cursing or see any problems. I think it’s so important for the high school’s students and faculty to hear positive feedback and receive recognition when due, instead of just pointing out the negative. So, thank you GSHS and Go Demons.

One more experience I want to share: After spending a weekend on the Front Range, we were rounding the bend coming into Glenwood when I heard my 3-year-old take a deep breath and say, “MMMMmmmmmm … it smells so good.” Only a Glenwood native with true Glenwood spirit would say that about our sulphur-infused town welcome. Classic.

Please continue to live and share the true spirit of Glenwood.

Sarah Williams

Glenwood Springs

The Hidden Gems campaign is dangerous to our national security and endangers the lives of our nation’s finest men and women in uniform. One of the impacts of the Hidden Gems will be closing the doors to the US Army’s High Altitude Aviation Training Site (HAATS) in Eagle, since their training areas are targeted by Hidden Gems. This training center is where our nation’s finest helicopter pilots learn how to fly in the mountains prior to deploying to treacherous countries like Afghanistan. More than 2⁄3 of our helicopter losses are due to pilot error in the mountains. Passing the Hidden Gems agenda will result in more American soldier deaths.

Also, the loss of the HAATS facility will put lives at risk right here in Colorado, since most of the helicopter rescues in the mountains are performed by the HAATS helicopters.

Passing the Hidden Gems initiative is going to cost the lives of our soldiers and mountaineers. I find the Hidden Gems to be short-sighted and dangerous. This campaign has been dishonest and disingenuous in its supposed outreach to the community. I encourage the community not to support the Hidden Gems campaign.

Jim Henderson


Editor’s note: Hidden Gems organizers have said further discussions are needed about the High Altitude Aviation Training Site. In addition, U.S. Rep. Jared Polis has said he will not introduce a wilderness bill that interferes with the training.

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