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Tom Dalessandri has stated he wants to get rid of the AHRT team. I think that is very dangerous thinking. He wants to pay Mesa, Eagle and other counties that are hours away to keep us safe. Because of their budgets they are forced to cut positions and services and may need our assistance rather than being expected to take care of our issues. We already have these services available – why eliminate them? Does that make any sense whatsoever?

He states that if your loved one is being held hostage we have all the time in the world. What if your loved one is being sexually assaulted or worse? Do you want to wait for hours for another agency or do you want a perfectly trained professional team who could save them from that in a fraction of the time?

If that is his line of thinking is he going to disband SAR and have other agencies respond? How about investigating crimes, Patrol, Civil and Drug Enforcement? Is he going to cut those as well?

Normal, everyday people make decisions based on probability. Cops make decisions based on possibility. They spend their whole lives thinking of the worst-case scenarios. Our lives as well as their own depend on that thinking. Tom is a businessman and has the luxury of making decisions based on probability and profit margins. Sheriff Lou Vallario is a cop and thinks in terms of possibility, and that type of decision making is what keeps all of us safe.

I don’t always understand the complexities of the Sheriff’s Office, but I trust and have confidence that Sheriff Vallario is making these decisions with the safety and best interests of all of us in mind.

Before we elected Lou Vallario as sheriff I lacked that confidence, and based on Tom’s statements I remember why.

Thank you

Amanda Diaz


This letter is asking you to support Tresi Houpt in the upcoming Garfield County commissioners election. I would like to explain why I am supporting Tresi for four more years as our county commissioner.

I was born and raised in Alaska and was working for Atlantic-Richfield Oil Co. (ARCO) in Fairbanks, Alaska. This was the time that ARCO found tremendous oil reserves at Prudhoe Bay. As an expeditor I was responsible for having supplies reach Prudhoe Bay as quickly as possible. ARCO’s attitude was that we must move as quickly as possible before any form of regulations was placed upon ARCO concerning the environment. And ARCO did exactly that.

If you look at the Alaskan pipeline’s history, oil exploration on the North Slope and the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the oil companies have failed miserably. British Petroleum (BP), ARCO and other oil companies do not have a good track record on looking out for the environment unless they are regulated. Just look at how long it took Exxon to settle the Exxon Valdez oil spill. It took 22 years, and then the Supreme Court reduced the settlement tremendously to a pittance. Exxon never took responsibility for the disaster.

I am bringing this up because I feel that some people believe Tresi voted against the local gas industry and consequently they have moved some of their operations elsewhere. Not true, the gas companies made those moves due to the drop in gas prices and their profit margins were then lowered. They have always been driven by their profit margins and still are today.

Tresi has worked hard and long to have a positive relationship with the gas industry in this area and she is able to hold them to a high standard in reference to our community and our environment. I believe that if you spoke to anyone who lives in the Divide Creek area that was heavily drilled, they would want high community and environmental standards.

Vote for Tresi because she is working to keep our community and environment safe and clean.

Michael P Blair

New Castle

With the election coming up soon, I thought it would be helpful for the voters to hear from me regarding my campaign for the Colorado State House. I am running for House District 61 as an independent write-in candidate. I have served as your representative for the last six years and want to go back to Denver to continue advocating for your interests.

Balancing the state’s budget is the most important work that the General Assembly will do next year, and the decisions that are made will have a direct impact on all of us. Because revenues are down at least $1 billion, we will need to reduce expenditures for education, human services, corrections and many other programs. This district needs proven effective representation throughout the budget balancing process to ensure that our interests are taken into consideration. Funding for tourism, economic development, local governments and higher education are all on the table this year. I don’t believe that raising revenues is an option.

If amendments 60 and 61 and proposition 101 pass, the situation will be much worse. While I believe that these measures are before the voters because there is frustration with the current system, their passage would actually cause much more harm than good. If adopted by the voters, funding for K-12 education will consume the entire state budget, and there will be no money available for higher education, corrections, the judicial department, and human services. I strongly oppose these measures.

The voters have a choice this year for state representative. I am fiscally conservative, not afraid to take on the tough issues, and am focused on the district, not partisan politics. If you want to learn more about me, my website address is and my cell number is (970) 209-5537. My name will not be on the ballot this year, so write in Curry for state representative, District 61, and don’t forget to fill in the box next to my name to make certain that your ballot counts. Thank you for your consideration.

Kathleen Curry


Thank you Mr. BG for your letter to the Post Independent on Tuesday, Sept. 21, and thank you Post Independent for printing it. Mr. BG, you indicate in your letter that I have written a threatening, intimidating letter to be printed in the Post Independent. You have incorrectly quoted what I said in that letter as follows: “We can know who you are.”

Mr. BG, here is actually what I said in that letter: “I’m hoping that all who think Glenn Beck is a racist and a hater, or that Obama and his administration are the answer to America’s problems, will speak up and expose themselves. Please …. please, puff up your chest, get up on your soapbox, write your letters to the papers and include your name and city so that family and friends can be proud of your brilliance and intellect. And, more importantly, so that everyone understands your values and where you stand as an American!”

Are you threatened and intimidated by that? Please don’t be, continue to speak out, the only risk in speaking out is that people understand your values and where you stand as an American.

Mr. BG, here is another quote from your letter: “I have to question how much of this is fueled by an unspoken fear of a person’s skin color.” So, in your view I may be a racist. Let me put you at ease on this last. Why is it that in the Marine Corps my closest friends included a Hispanic man from Colorado, a white man from Illinois, a black man from Minneapolis and a Pacific Islander from Guam? Be assured that I am not a racist, Obama’s ideology gives me every reason to see him voted out of office, so stop the race-baiting rhetoric; every thinking person can see through it.

Lastly, you “question the Post Independent’s policy on printing letters that slander or threaten others for their ideals” and asked them to “Please explain your civic duty as a newspaper.”(?) Mr. BG, in my opinion, the Post Independent has explained its civic duty by printing both of our letters, as we requested of them.

Art Hougland

Glenwood Springs

Thank you to Tina Holtz for her letter regarding the Pledge of Allegiance being recited in Spanish. And kudos to your daughter for realizing what a privilege it is to stand before our flag, with our hands on our hearts, honoring our country and those who have and are fighting for our freedom.

And yes, her rights were blatantly violated in our own public schools. And I agree, Tina, we are not racist; we are just sick and tired of our freedoms slowly slipping away, all in the name of political correctness.

If our non-English-speaking students cannot recite the pledge in English, who is not doing their job in the public schools to teach them? I will gladly volunteer my time to tutor these students, so that we can all stand side by side reciting the Pledge with one voice.

Andrea Duplesys


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