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In regards to Randy Smith’s letter to the editor, I think this is a good idea! I am an avid cyclist and have no problem pitching in my part to help maintain our bike paths. I enjoy the bike paths we have in this valley very much. Let’s not tax the elderly and the non cyclists for something they will never use. At some point, there should be a cap on tax increases and start targeting the users -the best idea yet! I wouldn’t want to pay taxes for things I choose not to use, so let’s get proactive people and do our part!I don’t ride the RFTA bus, never have, yet I pay taxes into this service. RFTA is maintaining the Rio Grande bike path, but, has control over the contractors for this bike path. It would be nice to subcontract out and stimulate the economy a bit. It would be nice for folks to adopt a bike path.Ride on!Jenell Hilderbrand Glenwood Springs

The race for Garfield County Commissioner is important to all of us. The health of the environment of our public lands, the residents of Garfield County, and the long-range economics of the Roaring Fork and Colorado River valleys depend on it. Trsi Houpt is a strong voice of reason, strength, protection and smart growth. She is involved locally, regionally and nationally to insure intelligent economic growth and energy industry development balanced with protection of the environment. I wholeheartedly support her bid to continue as a Garfield County Commissioner. Please vote. Thank you. Peg O’BrienWoody Creek

It’s time to send John Salazar and Michael Bennet packing. We need to vote these two out of office; they are part of the trouble we are in right now. Just look at their voting records and it tells the whole story. Salazar and Bennet are part of the Obama, Pelosi and Reid agenda. The blame-Bush attitude is old and childish; this funk that the U.S. is in is the cause of the Democrat’s policies. The Democrats have been in control of Congress since 2007 and the whole financial mess started with Fannie and Freddie that they control and run – it’s been a giant Democrat slush fund. A vote for either Salazar or Bennet is a vote for more of the same and neither one is helping Colorado or the country. It’s time to vote in some fiscal conservatives and get this budget under control and get people working again. The liberal media will spin the agenda in favor of the Obama regime so you can’t believe what they say. Vote for the most conservative candidate because these are the people who will get this country going again. The left and their policies are ruining this country. If you look into these laws that have passed, there are pieces in them that take away more of our freedoms and privacy. Government has gotten to big and we need to downsize it we don’t need a nanny state. We’re Americans not Europeans. We need to return to what the Constitution says smaller, limited government. Remember they work for us, the people. It’s time the Congress has term limits. Why has American been so great? Because we give people a chance to succeed. I don’t know anyone who gets a paycheck from a poor person, so why does the left always demonize the people with money?Curt HansonRifle

On Oct. 1, I read letter composed by Craig Chisesi pointing the finger at Republicans and asking others to vote for Democrats. Now as for the Contract with America in 1994, 13 of the 14 promises passed, and term limits did not! The result was a drop in taxes, a 4.9 percent unemployment rate, and a dramatic drop in welfare ratings, a balanced budget, as well as a rise in GDP. Being a “thinking person,” I therefore must pay attention to the fact that there has been a single party line super-majority in both houses for almost 3 and a half years! I also, being a “thinking person,” must pay equal attention to the results of that majority: a $4 trillion deficit in two years, $130 trillion from $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities, essentially indentured slavery owed to China for our children, the highest rise of poverty recorded by a president, 36.5 million families that equals a poverty rate of 12.3 percent! One in every 6 people receive government welfare of some form.As a thinker I must examine “redistribution of wealth.” You will find that history tells me Hitler, Stalin, and Mao made the very same statement! Look how that turned out. This thinker will vote. Find out for yourself, and vote your principals. Please do not take my words for it or anyone else’s. Do the homework for yourself and your children and grandchildren our country and its founding depend on it.Jerry TafoyaRifle

Like most county residents, I have been following the Sheriff’s race closely. What has become quite clear is that the sheriff is putting out misinformation. He lays claim to Tom Dalessandri’s accomplishments, such as starting 24-hour patrols and budgeting for animal control. The unfortunate ramifications of this behavior include deception of the voter.The truth: Vallario’s budget is $19 million dollars, second only to Mesa County, a county nearly three times the size of Garfield County.Vallario’s organization is top heavy with more than 40 positions being administrative or supervisory meaning one supervisor for every two employees.Vallario’s spending sprees included a quarter million dollar urban assault vehicle and a $3.5 million dollar building that was unnecessary and does little to serve us as citizens.Tom Dalessandri is committed to the highest level of public safety from law enforcement to emergency services. He was there for us during critical incidents and disasters in the past and he will be there for us in the future. He is committed to reinforcing Search & Rescue – previously damaged to near collapse by Vallario’s actions. He is committed to encouraging volunteerism to bolster patrols, animal control and fire suppression. He is committed to serve us, not himself, and he will require the same of his deputies.The choice is clear. Let’s put integrity and fiscal responsibility back into our Sheriff’s office. Elect Tom Dalessandri as our sheriff.Janette KaufmanGlenwood Springs

Meeting with members of the Thompson Divide Coalition (TDC) on Sunday, Congressman John Salazar committed to introduce legislation protecting the Thompson Divide from oil and gas development. The Congressman lauded the hard work of this broad-based coalition, the huge amount of local support TDC has generated, and the values that make the Thompson Divide so unique.Salazar and TDC are a perfect fit. TDC is cowboys and conservationists, recreationalists and developers, conservatives and liberals. Like the leadership Salazar shows time and time again, TDC supersedes partisan divides. Salazar seeks reasonable consensus-based solutions to divisive issues, and that is exactly what TDC intends to do.The Congressman committed to draft a bill protecting the land and water of Thompson Divide while allowing existing leases to expire without renewal. Any bill will protect historical uses, mid-elevation wildlife habitat and important migration corridors, clean air and water, and ensure the area’s scenic and recreational values remain intact into the future.When you head to the ballot box in November, remember Salazar’s commitment to protect the Thompson Divide. He’s listening to local people. He’s working hard for solutions to difficult problems. And he’s committed to protecting the values that make Colorado so great. You have the power to help him help us.Peter HartCarbondale

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