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Winston Churchill said “a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on” – except in our interconnected world, the lie circles a million times!

That’s why Congressman Salazar’s television ad attacking Scott Tipton as a “fat-cat banker” who has benefited from bank bailout funds is so reprehensible. In fact, newspapers have editorialized against Salazar’s intentionally propagating patently false or misleading claims about Tipton.

The Grand Junction Sentinel’s Sept. 28 editorial titled “Salazar’s Unfair Slam” details the deception:

The new ad claims, “Tipton served on the board of a bank that took bailout funds.”

The only thing accurate about the statement is that Tipton did serve on the board of directors of Vectra Bank for six years. But he ended that service in 2005, three years before Congress approved bank bailout money through the Troubled Asset Relief Program. Also, Vectra didn’t directly receive TARP funds. Its holding company, Zions Bancorporation, did.

Furthermore, TARP went to cover troubled loans, not to bank directors personally.

The editorial also takes on Salazar for his class warfare tactics. Salazar’s ad criticizes Tipton for “investments in banks taking $125 billion in bailout funds.” But most well-diversified stock market investors own bank stocks, including those that took TARP money. Are small investors in Citigroup or Bank of America greedy Wall Street fat cats too? Furthermore, Salazar’s repeated reference to Tipton as a “multimillionaire banker” is false – Tipton was the first in his family to graduate college and is a small businessman in Cortez where he founded an Indian pottery business 26 years ago. He has never been a banker.

Finally, Salazar’s attempt to take credit for voting against TARP in 2008 belies his vote to join the Democratic majority to extend TARP in 2009, which he conveniently omits in his TV ad.

Why isn’t Salazar campaigning on his “accomplishments”? He voted in favor of the $862 billion stimulus, the last budget that sharply boosted domestic spending, and Obamacare (which 63 percent in his district oppose). He voted last week to adjourn Congress without passing a budget or making a decision regarding the largest tax increases in U.S. history scheduled to happen on Jan. 1. Perhaps he isn’t proud of his votes and knows he can neither defend them nor his refusal to hold an in-person town hall meeting at which he’d have to answer his constituents’ discontent with his policies.

Salazar’s intentional distortion of the facts and his willingness to assassinate the character of his opponent are borne of desperation and the absence of a positive agenda or set of accomplishments on which to campaign. This is the very nonsense that fuels voter cynicism and anger. It is the mark of an insecure and unfair man to elevate himself, not through his own accomplishments, but by slandering others.

Thankfully, as Abraham Lincoln said, “truth is generally the best vindication against slander,” right up there with Salazar’s defeat in November.

Melanie Sturm


I have written John Salazar since he has become a Congressmen. He never once wrote back. Udall and Bennet have written stating what their position is on various items. Why is John Salazar in the news now? He wants to be re-elected in the worst way. Has anybody looked at his voting record?

If you have you know that he has voted along party lines forever. He is there for the ride. Now, all of a sudden he wants to be re-elected, so he is now taking up the position on the Hidden Gems, acting like “Well, I have been in on this from the beginning”. Hogwash! I am sure Hidden Gems activists have been right on his coat tails telling him, “Salazar you just get with us on the Thompson Creek area and in Garfield and Pitkin Counties and we will get the vote out.”

Today, there’s a letter in the paper that says “remember in the voting booth that Salazar is our best friend and he is going to take care of us as Hidden Gems people.” Since when? He is just like the rest of the politicians: They promise you the moon until they get elected and then you will not hear from them again, unless of course you are sending them money, which Hidden Gems people probably are.

I think he is also one of the bums that needs to be voted out. We need to start over again with new people. Just something to think about before you get to the polls and vote for someone that has never voted for the citizens of Colorado. He has an F in immigration issues, too.

Jane Spaulding


I’m highly amused that a helicopter landing at the Glenwood Springs airport would make the front page of your newspaper. Apparently the residents of Glenwood Springs made the shocking discovery that airplanes and helicopters land at airports this week.

Even more incredible, airplanes and helicopters are capable of performing this act at night and in the dark. I cannot wait for next week’s front page story over the shocking discovery that both hot and cold water can come from the same faucet. I’m sure the residents will also “want to know what’s up with that”, just like they want to know about helicopters that land at the airport!

Jim Henderson


I am writing this letter in response to the recent stabbing in front of the Loyal Brothers Lounge as reported by the Post Independent. As the Owner/Manager of Loyal Brothers, I wanted to clarify a few points about what happened last Sunday morning.

While all parties involved had in fact been inside the bar prior to the initial assault and subsequent stabbing, nothing took place inside the establishment. Following the initial confrontation that resulted in a person being knocked unconscious, it was bar security staff that called 911 and assisted the injured party. Immediately after the stabbing, which took place in the adjacent parking lot and not in front of the bar as reported, it was the same bar security staff member that used his shirt to apply immediate first aid to the injured party.

The actions of my staff saved the man’s life, first by calling 911, which had the police on site much sooner than they would have been otherwise and then by slowing the excessive bloodflow. I opened Loyal Brothers as a safe, fun and competitive alternate to Aspen nightlife.

For three years we have been incident free and very successful in that endeavor. Loyal Brothers Lounge was in no way either culpable or negligent in its actions or handling of the situation. Personal responsibility for one’s own actions are the only way to ensure this sort of thing doesn’t happen at any bar or lounge. I thank our many patrons that have continually made the right decisions to be smart, safe and to frequent Glenwood Springs’ premier night spot, the Loyal Brothers Lounge!

Ricky Rodriguez

Owner of Loyal Brothers Lounge

I’m 5 years old and have walked alongside Tom Jankovsky, candidate for County Commissioner, in every local parade (Strawberry Days, Silt Hey Days, Burning Mountain, Garfield County Fair and Carbondale Potato Days).

At one of these events I was bitten by a mean dog and Tom was there to rescue me. I like Tom and believe that you should vote for him so he can be there for you when you need him. My Grandma helped me write this letter.

Cameron Small


Please, stop with the road signs OK? Enough already? It’s gotten as bad as texting? Please just let me focus on my driving? Driving now is like bouncing around in a pinball machine of too much information? Thanks!

John Paul Riger


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