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The residents of the Roaring Fork Valley who are at all familiar with the active role that Kathleen Curry has played in introducing legislation in the Colorado House of Representatives should recognize her dedication to the concept of balance between conflicting interests within the state and District 61. For example, in the issue of gas development on private and public lands, balancing the property rights of land owners with those of owners of mineral rights, balancing environmental protection with the needs of consumers for natural gas at affordable prices, and the need of the regional economy for stable jobs in that and other segments of the energy industry.

Representative Curry’s support of constructive, balanced legislation is in sharp contrast to the destructive knee-jerk partisanship that is becoming increasingly essential for anyone to be nominated by either of the two major political parties. That is why, to her credit, Ms. Curry took the politically courageous step of disassociating herself from the Democratic Party and becoming an independent.

Many of her satisfied constituents have questioned the tactical wisdom of this move. First, it makes re-election more difficult because of the bias in Colorado’s election laws favoring major party candidates, both in campaign financing and in ballot access.

Secondly, it raises the question of her ability to influence legislation. Considering that there are 65 members of the House, the ability of any centrist to influence legislation will depend on the numbers of liberal Democrats of the Denver/Boulder variety, and conservative Republicans of the radically anti-government “Tea Party” variety, that are elected this year. That will be determined by voters in other House Districts. But if re-elected, Representative Curry stands to play a pivotal role as a moderate “swing voter” in brokering intelligent compromises to legislation that too heavily favors the extremist base constituencies of either major party.

I encourage other citizens of the Roaring Fork Valley in joining me in demonstrating our support for rational centrist policies by writing-in Kathleen Curry for State Representative. Let’s lead Colorado in making this election day Independent’s Day as a rejection of political extremism and partisan gridlock!

Carl Ted Stude


I’m not a very outspoken person. But I am sick and tired of hearing about the “bullying” tactics that Vallario is using in his campaign. I am proud of the way my husband ran his campaign. I am proud of the person my husband is and that he didn’t need to “bully” anyone to get a vote. I have heard of a couple of upsetting situations that I feel I need to speak out about.

I am tired of hearing how Vallario treats other people. Without naming any businesses, I have heard that Vallario, or someone close to Vallario, threatened two business owners that if they (the business) didn’t take his opponents (Tom Dalessandri’s) signs down they would “make sure” no one would ever come into those businesses again.

It doesn’t really matter who it was. What matters is that this is America and its wrong. We were given the right to vote for anyone we choose. This goes for business owners, too. It is their right to put political signs at their businesses if they choose.

If people don’t agree with the business owner, it is their individual right to not do business there. It’s wrong and uncalled for to call and threaten people who don’t believe what you believe.

It’s time to elect someone as Sheriff who has good morals, family values and ethics. And can provide the safety and security to the county. I am pleased with my husband’s choice to join and support Tom Dalessandri in Tom’s run for Sheriff.

Chrissy Winters


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