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Garfield County residents are facing a critical vote this November in the race for County Commissioner. I urge you to re-elect Tresi Houpt, who has an excellent track record as our commissioner. I have been acquainted with Tresi for more than 10 years, and I can say that she is known for her honesty, integrity, and willingness to listen, qualities that are rare in politics these days. Tresi brings a balance to the commission, speaking out to make points that would otherwise remain unspoken. If we go back to the days of the “good-old-boy” commission, we will lose that public debate and discussion, and many issues will be decided and rubber-stamped without due consideration.

Unfortunately, gas-drilling companies too often have blatantly disregarded the legal rights of Garfield County land owners and taxpayers. Tresi has shown that she wants everyone involved to receive fair treatment. We can expect a lot of gas money flowing in support of Tresi’s opponent, and there will no doubt be deceptive mass mailings and phone spamming from third-party groups who raise large amounts of corporate money without revealing the companies that fund them. This corporate take-over of elections is dangerous to our democracy. The gas companies will not always be here, and Tresi understands the need to keep our economy strong, balanced, and viable now and in the future.

We have only three Garfield County Commissioners, who are entrusted with the stewardship of our beautiful and diverse area. These three commissioners wield a lot of power, and hold the key to conserving and respecting our valuable resources for the future generations who will live and work here. Tresi is a commissioner who listens to the people she represents and considers all sides of an issue before making decisions.

We can count on Tresi to find cooperative solutions for community problems, and her record shows that she is willing to work hard to preserve our quality of life. Please cast your vote for Tresi Houpt!

Trina Haines

Glenwood Springs

There has been much written about the Colorado Constitutional Amendments 60, 61 and 101 that will appear on the Nov. 2 ballot. But there are a couple of other amendments on the ballot that are not being discussed in the public forum.

I am speaking of amendments 62 and 63. Amendment 63 in particular could potentially be more important to Colorado residents than some of the others. It makes health care choice a constitutional right and prohibits the state from mandating a person participate in any health coverage plan against their will. In other words, it makes a statement against government controlling our health care.

It supports the 20 or so states who are challenging the federal governments Obamacare law in court and is similar to the 6 other states which have adopted similar measures. It assures Colorado residents have freedom of choice in their health care options. It basically says to the government, stay out of our lives and leave us alone. We know what is right for us better than you do.

Amendment 62 is the “person” amendment. I amends the constitution to apply the term “person” in the Colorado bill of rights to a human being from the beginning of their biological development. Currently a human is not considered a person until birth. This of course could establish a legal foundation to end abortion in Colorado.

A vote for 63 saves a little more of your freedom. A vote for 62 may save a life.

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

I am writing to express my support for Tresi Houpt for Garfield County Commissioner. Tresi brings experience, expertise and balance to the Commission. She has worked tirelessly over the last eight years to improve the local economy and increase jobs while also protecting the environment from rampant energy development. I find it curious that her Republican opponent believes that there should be no county oversight over the oil and gas industry, and instead that all decisions should be made at the state and federal level.

Be sure to act on the whole ballot, so your vote counts at the federal, state and local level. Local elections are often decided by just a few votes, so your vote really matters. Please join me in voting for Tresi Houpt.

Anne Goldberg


Sept. 29, 2010: The Garfield County All Hazards Response Team (AHRT) responded to a Carbondale neighborhood and arrested a man wanted for attempted murder. The man surrendered without incident after AHRT surrounded the home and talked him out the front door.

Most don’t know about this AHRT operation, but it’s just one of the many calls our team responds to every year in our county. As Commander of AHRT, I lead a diverse group of deputies, officers, and medics who are specifically trained to handle situations ranging from hazardous material spills to hostage rescues. Since 2005, AHRT members have trained thousands of hours in their respective specialties. They volunteer their duty knowing the potential danger of each call-out.

At a previous Sheriff debate, Tom Dalessandri stated he would dissolve AHRT and shop those services out to Eagle and Mesa Counties. Tom spoke of adjacent county’s response times and said he’d sell the Bearcat. First, AHRT was conceived out of a multi-agency agreement. The 30 member team is supported and staffed by our municipalities as well as the Sheriff’s Office, so Mr. Dalessandri alone cannot disband AHRT.

Secondly, response times from other counties would be at least double that of our own. I have the highest regard for the Mesa and Eagle tactical groups and spoke to several of them who discounted Dalessandri’s prediction on their “rapid” response. Third, the Bearcat is owned by the county, not the Sheriff’s Office. It’s a rescue and response vehicle designed to protect everyone. The Bearcat offers us cover on dangerous approaches and safe evacuation of a downed officer or citizen. I’ll agree with those who think the Bearcat looks intimidating. Maybe that contributed to the success of our Carbondale incident when the suspect peered out the window and saw what was idling in the street.

Dalessandri might want to rid the county of AHRT, sell the Bearcat, and take away the remainder of our equipment. But I can assure you that I, along with every member of law enforcement in Garfield County, will be the first to confront danger and help you whether we’re protected or not. I’m not willing to put a price on anyone’s life, but apparently Tom Dalessandri will.

Should we really pay other agencies that are unfamiliar with our schools and businesses to respond to Garfield County? We have a well equipped team in place ready to respond anywhere in the northwest region of Colorado. Let’s keep it that way. Vote for Lou Vallario this Nov. 2.

Colt Cornelius

Garfield County Undersheriff

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