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All of the Congressmen and women running for re-election are running TV ads telling us what they have done for Colorado and the American Public since they have been in office. Strange, it’s hard to remember any of the things they tell us as being a Law or a Bill that was passed? Could it be that most of what they are saying is a half truth? True they probably helped sponsor a Bill or they could have even discussed it. Most of what they claim to have voted on never got out of Committee. The only things they are not telling us is that they Voted for the New Health Care Bill, never read its contents. They voted for Cap and Trade – that didn’t help us either. Or they voted for the Stimulus Package, that didn’t make jobs like it was suppose to. The newest one is: “I voted to stop giving Congress their raises each year.” Now there is one that your thinking might have been a great idea. Of course that person was probably the only one out of the entire Congress. Didn’t help, did it. Sounds good saying it. Just thinking about all these ridiculous ads that are running. Jane SpauldingCarbondale

County Assessor has to be the most obscure and thankless position of all the elected seats this election cycle. How many of us enjoy getting our property tax bill? When we open the bill, our first reaction is to shoot the messenger – our County Assessor!Ironically, the better the Assessor is at their job, the more likely we are to want to vote the seated Assessor out in protest. Frankly “shooting the messenger” makes us feel good. We’re in charge! In the end common sense tells us reaction is not very proactive. When we have a better understanding of what an Assessor does and why, we understand that an experienced County Assessor is an effective link toward a fiscally solvent County. Thanks to John Gorman our County received an additional $6 million in generated revenues from property valuations – mostly on hard-to-valuate commercial equipment. John Gorman is co-chair of the Colorado Assessors Association Oil and Gas Committee, working in cooperation with the Oil and Gas Industry, The State of Colorado, and other County Assessors, to streamline and simplify the valuing of O&G property. Gorman’s experience, knowledge, and commitment have created relationships built on trust and sound valuations for quality audits. Further, John Gorman has increased funds in the County for our roads, schools, services for our citizens, as well as improving our County’s coffers; keeping Garfield fiscally solvent. John Gorman’s experience has insured that all valuations for audit are done to the letter of the law with no delays or costly re-audits. I appreciate John Gorman’s experience valuating all property resources, and building strong relationships with our residents, and the business community at large. The fact is, when we’re all paying our fair share, no one is picking up the tab for someone else. I am standing up for experience and promises kept this election cycle, and supporting John Gorman for County Assessor.Anita ShermanGlenwood Springs

In response to the RE-1 school boards article on ballot measures 60, 61, 101, I am not here to say that these tax cuts are appropriate or not, I do not know the figures for state and school budgets. But what I do know, is that this recession that we are in, has lasted longer and gone deeper than most of us thought was possible. People are out of work, some with no income and others with greatly reduced income. So how can you expect them to continue to pay the same amount in taxes? The money is not there, this isn’t an option, people are struggling. Everyone else’s budgets are reduced, so why shouldn’t the school district and public services may cuts as well. No one likes it, no one wants this to happen, but it is reality. People aren’t choosing between paying taxes and buying toys, they are choosing between paying taxes and buying food and keeping their homes. Maybe if RE-1 wasn’t so quick to spend so much money in past years on new buildings, they would be better off now. New pretty buildings don’t educate kids, teachers do. They should put more money into paying their teachers, so they can keep more of their experienced teachers, and less into architecturally attractive buildings. I remember when the property was purchased for Sopris Elementary School and the public complaints that they way over paid for that land. Needless to say they could of been more conservative in spending over the years, but times were good then. Well times are bad now, and it is going to take sacrificing from everyone, which means were are going to have to do without a lot of what we were accustom to. Time to face reality.John KorrieGlenwood Springs

Last month Colorado Congressman Jared Polis introduced the Eagle and Summit County Wilderness Preservation Act, which would preserve and protect in perpetuity 169,000 acres of pristine wildlands – right here in our own backyard. Growing up here, experiencing the wild nature and beauty of these places has been an important and inspirational part of my life. It inspires me to know that we can protect these places – leaving them in their wild state and allowing future generations to experience them in the same condition that we have been able to.I applaud Polis not only for his vision to protect these lands, but for his willingness to listen to the community and act on input from stakeholders. He and his staff worked tirelessly, holding public meetings, taking comments, and addressing and accommodating the concerns of caring citizens. I would also like to thank all the people who took the time to ask questions, get informed and send in expressions of support to our representatives, you made a difference! It’s not everyday you get to see true democracy in action. The people have spoken and Polis listened.Michael GormanGlenwood Springs

Do you want California and the East Coast to get another senator? If so, vote for Michael Bennet. According to, those who had contributed more than $2,400 to Michael Bennet’s campaign, five of the top six came from California and New York. Twenty-five came from the people’s republic of Boulder. Notable politicians that support him include Barack Obama, John Kerry, Ralph Nader and Hillary Clinton. Other strong supporters include super-socialist George Soros and Enron hero Ken Lay. Fifty-two percent of the personal contributions to his campaign came from out of state.Follow the money, and vote for Ken Buck for Colorado’s U.S. Senator.Wes BurkeGlenwood Springs

It’s been my privilege to know Lou Vallario over the years. I have read all the nice things that have been said about him. How he has returned over $2 million back to the county’s general fund. The masterful way he has executed his office in a variety of services that has rendered protection and safety to the GarCo citizens. The GarCo Sheriff’s department is more than a group of men and women who make drug busts and respond to domestic violence. They also protect us from the child and sex offenders, execute emergency management and a host of other services. Lou has a gentle way in driving home a strong point. Yes, Lou is all the above and more. Lou is an enforcer, a man who doesn’t back down from the intimidations of the world of crime, but will climb a tree to remove a cat. He sort of reminds me of Sheriff Joe Arpio of Maricopa County, Ariz. He can be hard and tough providing us with protection at the same time being gentle and showing consideration for others. Lou needs to be judged on his track record and not from any heresy. I am supporting Lou Vallario because as a citizen of Garfield County I feel safe when I shut off the lights and go to bed. I am thankful for a Sheriff like Lou Vallario. Mayor David MooreSilt

Wake up folks. Outside interests are trying to buy our votes.Colorado Secretary of State (CSOS) filings show that The Neighborhood Project – a Denver-based 527 political organization supported by electrical worker, pipe trade and teachers’ unions – spent nearly $11,000 last month on door-to-door canvassing for Democratic candidate Roger Wilson.One canvasser came to my door and told me – incorrectly – that I might as well vote for Wilson because there is no way independent candidate Kathleen Curry, who is running for re-election as our House District 61 state representative, can win as a write-in candidate. In fact, as a widely respected legislator and the only candidate in the race with actual elected experience, Kathleen is clearly the leading contender.CSOS filings also show that The Neighborhood Project received $9,000 in July from Accountability for Colorado, another Denver-based 527 group that has spent untold thousands of dollars more this fall bombarding voters with at least a half-dozen glossy mailers containing lies and half-truths about Rep. Curry. One recent mailing accused Kathleen of siding with “big insurance,” when she actually sponsored a bill last year to cap the escalating costs of small group health insurance.I’m fed up with these tax-exempt 527 and 501(c)4 groups meddling in our local elections. Whether it’s liberal, union-backed groups like The Neighborhood Project, or the gas-industry funded groups that try to sway voters during our county commission races, these outsiders ought to just butt out and let us make up our own minds.When I cast my vote this fall, I’ll be sure to fill in the write-in box for State Representative District 61, followed by the name “Kathleen Curry.”Russ ArensmanGlenwood Springs

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