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How convenient for Sheriff Lou.

He won’t have to face sexual harassment or wrongful termination accusations in court until months after the election.

I’d like to know the name of the judge who gave Lou such a sweetheart deal.

But hey, when you pull only 51 percent of your own party’s vote in the primary, you call in all the favors.

And put up lots of signs.

And hope for voter amnesia.

Fat chance!

Bruno Kirchenwitz


This year’s election for Sheriff is here. In less than a month, voters will have the choice to re-elect Sheriff Lou Vallario. I want to take this opportunity to let every reader know that as an employee and as a resident, Sheriff Vallario has my support and vote. Over the past eight years, Sheriff Vallario has provided the Sheriff’s Office employees with leadership, honesty, opportunity and overall good moral.

Most importantly, for our residents, Sheriff Vallario has provided round the clock patrols in Garfield County, increased the amount of deputies on the street, and has repeatedly told deputies, “Don’t tell citizens there is nothing you can do! There is always something you can do!” Sheriff Vallario implores the sheriff’s office deputies to find a solution to the problem, no matter how small it is.

As for the Jail: Sheriff Vallario has made changes, promoted leaders and has encouraged detention deputies to do their best. I started working for the Sheriff’s Office eight years ago last month. I started in the jail. I have seen the changes and can testify that they have gone from some of the most horrific employee conditions to excellent. I was recently interviewing an inmate and he even said to me, “This is a great jail, the guards our so nice to me.” The jail is now under great leadership. Highly motivated, trained, and honest deputies watch over our most troubled citizens.

With that said I simply want to urge all registered voters to vote this election. Regardless if you are a democrat, republican, or you simply vote for the candidate depending on the issues. If you want a Sheriff who has and will continue to provide some of the best law enforcement services around, vote Lou Vallario.

Robert Glassmire

Detective, Garfield County Sheriff’s Office

Battlement Mesa

I wonder how many of your readers realize the massive negative fallout from the actions of the five U. S. Supreme Court Republicans last January. These five guys gave corporations the right to “buy” our elections; especially egregious is that even foreign corporations were given that ability through the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, or through Karl Rove’s secretive American Crossroads GPS, both of which are spending millions in this year’s elections.

Do we the American public really want foreign leaders like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, Hu Jintao of China, and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia using their enormous wealth to steal millions of American jobs, keep us dependent on foreign oil and even make us fight their wars?

If you share my anger at this “giveaway,” please watch the ad at, then urge your Representatives to co-sponsor the disclose Act which requires full disclosure of all campaign spending and bans foreign corporate spending.

And, as you vote in the upcoming election, keep in mind that it was five Republicans who committed this act of violence to our voting rights.

Jan Girardot

Glenwood Springs

It continues to amaze me that our political leaders are so insensitive and materially focused to allow the destruction of our mountains, harming our water, air, land and our own health for money.

It is time for us to get rid of politicians who support the destruction of our environment for the profits of a few people who obviously do not care about the havoc they cause to others in the world around them.

I ask that we all make a more careful assessment of who we are electing to office and make sure they stand for the health and well-being of all of us and not for the corporations whose only motive is profit.

Donald Theiss


Garfield County taxpayers share several reasons to beware of re-electing Ms. Houpt: Blatantly disregarding the “no” votes of unincorporated Garfield County by funding a $650,000 bus route; further stressing the local economy by hiring out-of-county contractors for county building projects; recent fundraising in Pitkin County, obviously seeking financial support from primarily non-county residents, who apparently, and at her invitation, would like to direct things here.

That’s balanced representation?

More compelling reasons to avoid this polished but disingenuous candidate: Ms. Houpt’s political science and sociology degrees obtained 30 years ago apparently did not prepare her for workforce life.

Instead, this career board member utilizes budgets comprised of money that is not her own, just that of various taxpayers. She relishes directing others, touting membership on a plethora of committees and agencies. Ms. Houpt, member (past Chair) of the Executive Committee, I-70 Mountain Corridor Coalition, knows full well that their Environmental Impact Study is only for “the area being studied, which in this case is Golden to Glenwood Springs.”

Ms. Houpt caters to the Aspen environmentalist ski-set; if I-70 improvements end at congested Grand Avenue, that’s just fine; who needs anything West of Exit 116? It explains the Pitkin County fundraisers. That’s balanced representation?

The occasional backer suggests she works with all interests, yet this is usually an “anti-drilling” proponent, feeling well spoken for. Representation of elite segments of the populace and the favoring of clearly personal agendas is rampant at both state and federal levels of government. It’s a slap in the face of regular, harried working families struggling in our local economy to endure it locally as well.

How telling that in a bio she provided she listed her occupation as “Chair pro-tem, GarCo BOCC, since 2003”. Can you say career politician?

It is time for a fresh, candid, hard working, proven business leader to take the reigns. Vote for long time local, family man and successful businessman Tom Jankovsky for County Commissioner.

His website ( clearly states his qualifications, background and his intentions to guide this community toward health and prosperity, not to establish a career. He already has one.

Nancie Shauger

New Castle

Balance and experience is what Garfield County and Colorado need this election. The upcoming election is not just another chance for voters to vote for their friends, or their friends’ friend. The days of the “good old boys (and girls) don’t fit anymore.

There are some serious issues at stake for those of us who love Colorado and especially Garfield County. We can’t take a chance on the major industries who have projects here (but still bring their own workers to our backyard) to run our county and state.

I’m voting for those who have fought for the health and well being of Coloradoans for the last two plus years or so. I’m voting for Kathleen Curry, Tresi Houpt, John Gorman, John Salazar and Michael Bennet. Newcomers are just not up to par enough to fight for the people. We do need balance.

Bernadette Julich

Glenwood Springs

The state increase in taxes for 2010 was more than $500 million. If nothing is done, will that be a yearly goal or will it increase? If one is not working will the state give a pass on property and other taxes? Six million has been donated by special interest groups to defeat 60, 61 and 101, why?

It would appear donors have a vested interest, perhaps follow the money trail. If the economy decline continues will more people become jobless? Will those still working be taxed more? If you are registered to vote consider your choice and vote, for more or less taxes. Thanks to all for their time and the Post.

Bert Sargent


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