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Kathleen Curry, our Colorado House Representative for District 61 and a Gunnison rancher, has experience and balance despite what the attack ads state.

Curry is a water expert. She understands agriculture and its importance to the state. She has a good grasp of property rights issues, understands the need to balance the state budget, and knows the importance of higher education.

Curry is known and respected for her knowledge and ability to listen to all her constituents. She will draw reasonable republicans and democrats to the center as she is interested in solving problems, not playing politics. Curry will not “split the vote.” Rather she will receive votes from both parties from individuals wanting to avoid partisan politics.

You won’t see Curry’s name on the ballot, but you’ll see State Representative District 61. A Republican will be listed and a Democrat. Underneath there will be a blank line and a box.

Write in “Kathleen Curry” and fill in the box. The box has to be filled in for the optical scanner to read.

Kathleen Curry is knowledgeable and experienced. Re-elect Kathleen Curry, an independent voice for Colorado.

Marj Perry


First of all, I wanted to say thank you Post Independent for sharing the news story about busting an alleged predator on charges of child pornography. It is very important that parents are aware of all aspects of threats against children within our community.

I also wanted to point out how relieved I am that we have within our law enforcement capabilities to process evidence in such cases with the use of a tool called the Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device or FRED.

Kudos to Lou Vallario for having the foresight to have this tool in place and being able to put it to good use protecting our children.

It is not a stretch to say that this tool will also aid the District Attorney’s office in processing evidence to pursue justice in a more timely fashion, rather than sending out evidence for processing at another agencies’ facilities and having to wait for a backlogged timeline.

I have used tools provided by the Sheriff’s Office in the past to obtain information to keep my children safe when an instance hit too close to home. I give Lou Vallario credit for the Student Resource programs within our schools.

When I asked my teenager if she knew what the various terms and resources were she knew the answers to every one. I know my child is being reached. I feel that my children are in a much safer environment having Lou Vallario as Sheriff. Please find a reason to vote, if that reason is to keep your children safe you will definitely want to vote for Lou Vallario.

Carrie Couey


I’m writing to express my support for Tresi Houpt. As a native of this valley and now a bona fide resident of Satank (unincorporated Garfield County), I can assure you that I am very familiar with the local good-ole-boy network.

Hell, I’m related to some of those good ole boys, and sometimes I think I’ve gone so far left that I’m now back around to the right, and swing your partner, do-si-do.

Anyway, Tresi is necessary to keep the scales balanced. She is fair minded and calm, and her hard work to represent the people of this county is proven. Please a) take the time to vote on Nov. 2, and b) vote for Tresi Houpt for Garfield County Commissioner.

Jeannie Perry


In reference to the upcoming midterm election, the “terrible three,” 60, 6l, and 101 have been the subjects of numerous letters-to-the-editor and ads.

Additionally, Amendment 62, a far reaching assault on women’s freedom that threatens to outlaw all abortions, the pill, and even fertility treatments, merits a no vote. Make it the terrible four!

Vote no on 60, 61, 62, and 101!

Dale Reed

Glenwood Springs

Very seldom do I hear veterans speak up in our local media. I don’t mean combat veterans like Colonel Merritt and others who speak at and conduct memorial services and other community events here in the valley.

God knows and we know that our men and women combat veterans have paid the price through their actions and their pain. I am talking about us non-combat veterans. I don’t, nor should you consider our mission accomplished. Remember, we took an oath to defend the Constitution.

However, no longer should arms be considered, but leadership, communication and actions to get this country back to the Constitution as intended by our founders. We are being pushed, not led, because there is nothing resembling leadership in this administration.

We are being pushed into socialism and the loss of our liberty and freedom and that of our children and grandchildren.

Speak out too if you think that the Obama administration is right for the United States! If you watched the One Nation rally on Oct. 2 attended by organized Communists, Unions, Socialists, you must realize that this great country is rapidly bleeding to death and it’s time to start leading and empowering others before the November election. It is no longer enough to march in the Fourth of July parades oblivious to the Marxist system being forced down our throats by this administration so disdainful of the pleas of our citizens.

Communicate through e-mail, facemail, letters to the editors or anyway you can think of to lead people out of the socialist muck being shoved at us!

Help more Americans to understand that ignorance and apathy have been rampant in this Country and alas, in our own valley for at least four decades and that on other than local issues, 95 percent of the media is biased and leaning left. There is recent evidence to suggest that this is turning around, pray it so, time is short!

Art Hougland

Glenwood Springs

Mr. Dalessandri and Mr. Winters have both stated numerous times that the new Annex should be closed. Two incidents from the past five days are perfect examples of what an uninformed, dangerous idea it would be to do so.

Incident No. 1: Computer Crimes receive a tip that a child pornographer/distributor is operating in Glenwood Springs (F.R.E.D. is housed in the new Annex because the computer equipment requires very specific accommodations available nowhere else on the Western Slope).

Within three days, this person is arrested, based on evidence gleaned from his own computers and hard drives, cell phones, and cameras. Three days instead of three to six months, which had been the norm before. How many more children could have “passed through” this pervert’s system in those three to six months?

Incident No. 2: A person impales themselves on the handlebar of an ATV at the top of J.Q.S. Trail. Deputies were immediately dispatched from the Annex to assist in the rescue. They assisted emergency services and secured a landing zone for “Flight for Life”. The person with the handlebar still in him was flown safely to St Mary’s in Grand Junction.

He is expected to survive. So how much longer would it have taken deputies to arrive if they had to come from Glenwood? Would an additional half hour have negatively impacted his chances for survival?

These are two questions the injured person is glad he doesn’t have to answer.

Close the annex?

Foolish, uninformed and callous to the citizens of Garfield County.

Tom and Jane Ashworth


As we experience the dilemmas associated with the downturn in the economy, we become even more cognizant of the importance of Western State College as a key economic driver in Gunnison County and the Western Slope of Colorado. It is no secret that the health of Western Slope goes hand in hand with the strength, stability and sustainability of our communities. Representative Kathleen Curry has defended equitable funding for our region.

Having recently served two terms as Trustee and as Vice Chair of the Board, Western State College, I can assure you that Kathleen has “watched our back.” She routinely works with college administrators, the Board, lobbyists and legislators to support Western and educate others regarding our stellar outcomes, our ability and willingness to help ourselves, the devotion of alumni, and the quality of our partnerships. The importance of Western lies not only in economic terms; we produce leaders – prominent business men and women, renowned educators, distinguished scholars and scientists, star athletes and role models. Kathleen has done her part to make it all happen.

Representative Curry understands the detailed and complicated state budgeting process. She has a comprehensive, four-point plan to address the estimated $1 billion budget shortfall in 2011 and she supports a revision of TABOR, Amendment 63 and the Gallagher Amendment – the so-called “perfect storm” of budget contradictions.

Kathleen is a “go-to expert” in the legislature on budget and water issues. In this critical time she requires no on-the-job training.

I admire that Kathleen has demonstrated the courage of her conviction. Please join me in voting by: 1) locating “State Representative District 61” on the ballot; 2) on the Write-In line enter Curry; and 3) fill in the box or oval next to the write-In line. These steps are imperative in order to make your vote count and re-elect Kathleen Curry as our State Representative.

Valerie Schmalz


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