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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Why should a small group of unknowns decide what is good for an entire nation of people who are the owners of the National Forests and all of the land known as BLM? Not just us locals who are the greatest users. In my opinion we now have more then enough Wilderness.

The proposal that the Workshop is now giving us is theft. Yes theft, in that is steals away the access to a great portion of our society – meaning the old and those of us who cannot walk or afford to hire horses (and probably wouldn’t anyway) to enter into the wilderness.

Almost the entire proposal that the Workshop is asking for really isn’t suitable for Wilderness. Most of it is now being entered by vehicles and used by hunters, snowmobiles, hikers, bird waters and countless others. We have been happy with those uses and do not need a small group of people who probably have not walked on most of it to try to force their wishes upon us.

I have lived here since August of 1970 and have walked most of what has been described as this new wilderness proposal. If you bring yourself away from all of the machines, you can do this without the designation of Wilderness, which puts more limits on the use of the land and more government into our lives.

I read the articles from the lady who assisted in the so-called study of the Wilderness proposal. Was she qualified, in any way, to make such a study or was she just one of those followers thinking that they are doing good?

The “do gooders” who want to protect our forests and BLM lands have infested our West from urban areas and have not the foggiest idea of what the designation of “wilderness” really means. I laugh when I see someone who in Aspen thinks clearly? Pampered, nearsighted, spoiled, would be more along the line of who they are. I would challenge any one of them to go take a walk into the forest for a good distance (five or ten miles) and see if they can contemplate their belly button without being disturbed.

Oh, and yes, don’t follow any trail, just bushwhack so that you can really find solitude – it’s there and in most places not more then a mile from your house. I would ask those that want to push this new Wilderness onto us to please just leave us alone. Ms. DeGette would be well advised to do just that as well.

She doesn’t live here. I am surprised that some of the ranchers have sided with this group, unless of course they are among the millionaires who like rubbing elbows with each other and only talk about, rather then use, the forest that belongs to all of us.

Don Sillivan


I recently attended a small city park dedication. This ceremony was a culmination of about 15 years of planning, finding funds to pay for the work needed, and the labor to finish this project.

It took co-operation between government and the private sector to accomplish this small but significant addition to the town. Through several changes in the Town’s officials and personnel, the project continued, showing that government moves at a slow pace, but does move.

Why then should we expect anything different from Federal legislation enacted during the past two years? Impatience, not learning what is in the legislation, and deliberate, misleading statements by opponents can cause the loss of laws that would benefit a large percentage of our population as time passes.

I realize that there are probable parts of these laws that could be improved, but starting over would lead to more time lost and more useless debate. Independents and Democrats wake up! You voted for change in 2008, now stand up and vote and accept these changes you wanted. They do not come overnight.

Virginia Erickson

New Castle

I want to thank Steve Bershenyi for telling the truth about the reasons the gas industry downsized their operations in Garfield County. Plummeting gas prices, limited pipeline capacity to transport the gas to market, and expiring leases elsewhere were indeed the major contributors.

Minimal regulations on the industry are there to protect us, the citizens of Garfield County, and have had little or no effect on the industry’s bottom line.

It seems in this contentious election year you can say anything, no matter how ludicrous, and it sticks. Shame on Dave Moore for perpetuating another falsehood. People need to see thorough this nonsense.

We need to work with industry and industry needs to work with the people of Garfield County to protect our water, air and way of life. Tresi Houpt has done a stellar job in the “fair and balanced” area.

Please vote for Tresi Houpt so we can continue to have balanced representation in Garfield County.

Beth Pearce


Just a few weeks ago, a buried natural gas pipeline in California ruptured and exploded, killing four people and destroying 55 homes. Investigators believe that the cause was weak welds in the pipeline, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Now, according to the Post Independent, the installation of a new gas pipeline in Garfield County has been halted because the installation was “sloppy and hazardous.”

Thank goodness a nearby rancher was watching the potentially hazardous installation. He notified the authorities (namely Garfield County). They listened and had the authority to stop the work and insist it be installed properly, according to standards designed to make the pipeline safe.

Yet, just the night before, at the Rifle 2010 Election Forum, Garfield County Commission Candidate Tom Jankovsky repeated his position that state and federal regulation of the oil and gas industry is adequate and that additional regulation at the county level is unnecessary.

Tom’s proposed “hands off” approach to the oil and gas industry is dangerous and reflects either a lack of understanding of the issues or a willingness to put the interests of the industry over the health and safety of the people of Garfield County.

I’m glad that Tresi Houpt understands these issues and believes that Garfield County has a role to play in regulating the oil and gas industry.

Marge Chandleer

New Castle

Residents of State Representative District 61:

To say that these are challenging times does not really put things into perspective. We are all facing these difficulties individually. Let’s take it up a couple of notches and consider the difficulties being addressed at the State House where our representatives work for our collective interests.

We have working hard for us now the Incumbent in the upcoming election for State Representative, Ms. Kathleen Curry. Representative Curry has been successfully working on our behalf for the past six years on issues including, but not limited to, water, public safety, energy, education and state finances. Her accomplishments are many. Kathleen brings an intelligent and balanced approach to the issues.

In my tenure as Mayor and Statewide Executive Board Representative for municipal interests as well as the interests of resort communities, my dealings with Kathleen could not be more productive.

In these difficult times, as always, we need a mindful and experienced Representative who can get things done at the State House without being distracted by partisan politics. Representative Curry is in the best position to take care of the needs of our district and I hope you will agree by voting for her on Nov. 2.

Find State Representative, District 61 on the ballot. Write in “Curry” and fill in the box or oval next to the write-in line and you are done.

Mayor William Buck

Mt. Crested Butte

When you step into the voting booth this November, please remember, those that are wanting to become lifetime politicians are the same ones who have allowed themselves $3,000 raises and all the perks, while senior citizens are stuck with the same amount of money in their pockets this year and next year. Our country is out of work.

People are losing their homes and yet these same politicians feel they are more deserving of a raise considering the job they are doing and have done in the past.

Please vote everyone of them out of office. They are no more deserving than we are!

Jane Spaulding


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