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Tresi Houpt deserves your vote for Garfield County Commissioner. Here’s three reasons why:

One, Tresi is the kind of commissioner who makes it safe, even welcoming, for people to participate in local government. That’s a big deal in these divisive times. If you have business before the commissioners, it doesn’t matter to Tresi whether you’re a Republican, Democrat or Unaffiliated. She has proven again and again that she will listen carefully to your point of view and factor it into her decision making.

Two, Tresi is a strong supporter of the entire business community. Garfield County has an incredibly diverse economy, one that is built on tourism, professional services, agriculture, energy development, real estate development, construction and retail. Tresi has demonstrated that she is capable of supporting the needs of hunting and fishing guides and the interests of energy companies at the same time. And her work as a commissioner to develop Garfield County Airport is forward thinking and shows the savvy and sense necessary to sustain our local economies long into the future. Her balanced vision for business growth and development serves us all well.

Three, Tresi has shown she will always fight hardest for the people who live here. In western Garfield County, she has worked tirelessly and effectively to protect the health and safety of people whose homes and drinking water supplies are affected by energy development. She is right when she says we can have a strong energy industry, healthy communities and a clean environment.

In eastern Garfield County, Tresi has been a strong supporter of the Thompson Divide Coalition. The Coalition is a group of ranchers, business owners, residents and conservationists who have come together to keep a large swath of public lands from being developed for natural gas drilling. The Thompson Divide folks are looking for market-based solutions to retire existing gas leases in the area in order to protect the land and ensure that grazing and recreational activities that are important to the local economy continue into the future. They are willing to raise funds to buy those leases if necessary. This coalition is truly representative of the different values and types of people who live here, and Tresi has been a big supporter from the get-go.

Please vote to reelect Tresi Houpt to the Garfield County Board of Commissioners.

Allyn Harvey


My name is Yesica Varela. I am 15 years old and I attend school at Yampah Mountain High School in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. I am a very serious student and have many goals and dreams. My dreams are not only for me but for my 6-month-old son.

I am writing to address “The Dream Act.” The Dream Act is a law that needs to be passed. In my opinion the Dream Act would not only benefit me, but it would change my life and the life of hundreds if not thousands of other young students.

It makes me mad that so many of these people were just little kids or infants when they came to this country and this is being held against them. Many of us have gone to school in the United States all of our lives.

We have learned about our country’s history, the Constitution of the United States, and how our government works. We can speak English fluently and can write just as well as any other student.

I was brought to the United States when I was 6 months old. I have attended school here in Colorado since I started kindergarten. I want to go to college and become a nurse. I am not saying that I couldn’t go to college without The Dream Act, because undocumented people can go to college. But what is the use of going to college for four years or even longer when after college I won’t be able to get a good job due to my legal status.

With the current immigration laws, in order to become an American citizen, another American citizen would need to petition for me. I have no one who could do this. It is a very expensive process as well. I believe that I deserve the opportunity to become a citizen and be able to participate in the community where I grew up. I did not break any laws knowingly. I have been in this country all of my life. I think I have the right to become a citizen.

Yesica Varela


Incumbent Tresi Houpt wants us to vote for her because she is a Democrat and a woman, not based on the job she has done or the current issues at hand. Yes, I support women and have worked my whole life for equal treatment.

Equal treatment means voting not based on gender, race, or political affiliation but on the issues and the candidate’s integrity.

Today, October 2010, I need a candidate that is going to work to impact the economy in Garfield County. My small business is hanging by a shoe string and you want me to worry about “balance”? I think not.

I am going to vote for Tom Jankovsky for Garfield County Commissioner and at least give myself and my business a chance.

Gretchenn DuBois

Glenwood Springs

I received a glossy flier today from “Active Citizens Together” urging a yes vote on Amendments 60 and 61 and proposition 101. It has two graphs depicting the rise of state spending from 1984 and property taxes from 1992. Both intend to show a dramatic increase in spending and taxes.

Both graphs and the ensuing arguments are deceptive and offer misrepresentations of reality.

They leave out two critical aspects: inflation and population growth. Over these time frames the population of Colorado more than doubled.

The property tax history graph shows the rise of tax revenues, not tax rate as it implies. Well, duh! With more people and the overall prosperity of the past two decades, of course tax revenues went up, even as various tax rates went down.

The same applies to spending history. With more people we have more traffic, more utility infrastructure, more kids in schools, need more cops and fire fighters, etc. State and local governments have to spend more just to keep up with the expanding population. Fortunately they had some growing revenue to meet the increased needs.

It’s a nasty, deceptive and dangerous attempt to fool people with a misrepresentation of facts. Ballot items 60, 61 and 101 could bankrupt our already severely strapped local and state governments. All three are utterly selfish, irresponsible and ruinous.

Ken Neubecker


I have been following the brouhaha regarding the poorly-worded, biased telephone surveys on the Health Impact Assessment for Garfield County.

The director received the funding for this internal knowledge quest from a Denver-based foundation who has supposedly never been involved in oil and gas issues before this survey.

Why would a group that has never been involved in oil and gas issues choose to fund this project? Why would the Western Conservation Foundation host a press conference if there were “no plans to do anything with the results”?

Something just doesn’t smell right here. I truly believe the director was well intentioned with her calls.

However, the intentions of this Foundation are still suspect.

Jenna Thomas


Hal Sundin headed his Oct. 14 piece in the Post Independent, Global warming: The probable cause. But the evidence of fossil fuel burning raising the carbon dioxide levels is so overwhelming it is past time to say “probable cause”.

It is the cause. There is no more pressing issue facing us then global warming. If you think Islam, the undervalued Chinese currency, unemployment or our excessive federal debt is more important, you are not paying attention.

Readers should be aware that it was the Republicans in Congress that blocked the energy bill aimed at controlling carbon dioxide emissions, because it would lower the profits of their contributors who pressed them to kill the bill.

Getting themselves re-elected was more important than the welfare of their constituents. Putting more Republicans in Congress will further block progress on the critical need to curb carbon buildup in the atmosphere. Voters have a responsibility to themselves and their children to remember this threat when they cast their ballots in November.

Rod Savoye

Glenwood Springs

Our system of government works by checks and balances. The house and senate check each other and the executive branch has veto over both chambers. This system works and has proven to be a very resilient form of government. What happens when one party is in control of all the check and balances?

This year much has been written about the importance of restoring balance to Washington; restoring the checks and balances that have proven so effective. Yet, those same people that are clamoring for balance in Washington are asking Garfield County to unbalance its Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) by electing all three members from the same party.

Right now one party is in control, but we still have a system of checks and balances because both parties are represented on the Commission.

By having both parties represented on the BOCC, we have all constituents in the county represented, we have an active dialogue on many subjects, we have commissioners who attend different meetings and listen to different groups, and have different opinions to bring to their meetings.

The end result is a healthy, balanced Garfield County government. Voting in all three members of the same party to the BOCC will not change the final result (a 2-1 or 3-0 vote will have the same effect), but it will limit the dialogue and unbalance our government.

Keep the balance, keep the dialogue, keep the representation. Vote for Tresi Houpt as Garfield County Commissioner.

Elizabeth Chandler

New Castle

I am a Republican living in Battlement Mesa. I am supporting Tresi Houpt for County Commissioner and urge all of my neighbors and fellow residents to do the same.

I don’t know Commissioner Houpt personally, but I have followed her work on the Board of County Commissioners and have been consistently impressed with her as a representative of the people. Tresi puts the communities of Garfield County ahead of everything else – that’s a rare trait in government these days.

As a Battlement Mesa resident, I have been particularly interested in her work as the local government representative on the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. She has shown the kind of independence we need to make sure that energy development is done right. She even stood up to Gov. Ritter, who appointed her in the first place. Tresi has demonstrated courage and conviction with her willingness to fight for rules that protect our property rights, our health and the environment.

Tresi has a solid record of putting the people she represents first. I believe that she is in government to serve. We are lucky that she has been our county commissioner for the last eight years, and we will be fortunate if she’s re-elected.

John Keller

Battlement Mesa

David Moore of Silt is asking for Dan Maes to step down as the Republican Candidate for Governor of Colorado. Mr. Maes is at 12 percent, Tom Tancredo is at 38 percent and Mayor Hickenlooper is at 42 percent, according to

Mr. Maes can’t win, but Tom Tancredo can.

If Dan can see the handwriting on the wall and chooses to step down, he will have a prosperous political future ahead of him, and could possibly be a future Senator or House Representative, or even Governor. He would be a hero to all of Colorado; however if Dan Maes remains in the race, it obvious that the conservatives will split and usher Mayor Hickenlooper into the Governor’s seat, and it well may end Dan Maes future as a politician.

This will result in a “vote for Maes is a vote for Hickenlooper.”

Therefore I can’t support Dan Maes for Governor of Colorado. Mr. Maes please step down for the sake of Colorado ‘s conservative future.

Dave Moore


Jane of Carbondale wrote that politicians get raises while “old people” (assume she means those on social security) get no raise.

Well Ms. Jane, you are wrong. I receive SSDI and it is paid the same as social security. I received a raise in 2008 of approximately 4 percent, and another cost of living raise in 2009 that was 5.8 percent (the largest raise in 25 years). All people on Social Security received these same cost of living raises.

You can’t complain “leave my social security and medicare alone, or give me more …,” and then in the same breath complain about other socialist based programs our government provides to others. You are saying, leave my socialist program alone and give me more in the form of raises … and vote out the socialist President and his supporters, and no more socialist programs for anyone else.

If you don’t like socialist based government, give up your Social Security and Medicare. After all, it’s like you said, we have no reason to support you.

Let me give you a hint, all of the us and them, or we and you, me or him, is some sort of mind division (mind games) of people. All of us are the people of the United States. We are the government, and we all deserve an equal voice and protections.

Tell me again, how bad it is for “old people” who didn’t act like responsible adults and save for retirement, who thought Social Security was a retirement plan (it’s not). Now you’re angry that your piece of pie is too small?

If you talk about loss of buying power (value of the dollar/inflation) in recent years (since 2000), well that can be a factual discussion, because that is what we are really feeling the pinch from.

Brad Gates

New Castle

Has anyone else noticed the consistent, glowing front page coverage given Rep. Kathleen Curry? Is there anyone at the Post Independent who will bring forth an objective news story of her scandalous actions and the bombshell story that only promises to further demoralize Colorado’s housing industry?

She stated that she’s a fiscal conservative, and one not afraid to take on tough issues.

A fiscal conservative doesn’t promote and sign on to a green energy jobs bill (HB 1328) that creates a state agency called The District with radical and unleashed powers created just for its use as it deems fit, including circumventing the Constitution, and requiring a start up cost of $800 million.

This “fiscal conservative” is fully aware that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are reviewing the process of backing home loans in Colorado due to the hubris in the bill which arbitrarily displaces existing mortgages into a position behind The District’s self-designated first place lien position. Here’s Freddie Mac’s chilling statement on the issue dated Aug. 31: “Such liens ‘pose unusual and difficult risk management challenges for lenders, servicers and mortgage securities investors,’ and change customary lending priorities.”

In fact they will not longer purchase such mortgages.

Once again, where is the press on this one? Are the few of us outraged citizens simply voices crying in the wilderness? We think this is one tough issue that unfortunately continues to cost us money we didn’t have in the first place.

We have asked Kathleen Curry to address this issue on several occasions. Makes us wonder what tougher issues she’s willing to face, and when.

Please consider Luke Korkowski instead. He clearly defines his behavior based on firm principles and upholds the Constitution without hesitation. He is a true fiscal conservative who brings talents that include creating a consumer-friendly, cost saving internet government site for business start-ups that will bring confidence and true representation to all constituents in our district.

Betty Scranton

Glenwood Springs

To gain knowledge, I searched his campaign website but cannot find Tom Dalessandri’s specific plans if he’s elected Sheriff. In fact, within Tom’s campaign info, I find little more substance than lengthy listings of personal accomplishments and harsh critique of the people he is seeking to obtain leadership of.

The mockery continues with “Undersheriff” Winter’s published comments as well. This harshness in words doesn’t stop with the Sheriff’s department alone! As I learn more, I see Tom likes taking a swipe or two at the County Commissioners. Even the good citizens of Garfield County take hits from Tom with his clear spoken disdain for providing service facilities to those in the west end. Huh!

All manner of trash talking but still no plan. His website claims details of his plan to reform the Sheriff’s Office are forthcoming. But still today I see none.

Will we see it before the election or is this another like Obamacare? First vote him in, then you get to see the details. That policy is a proven loser!

Of what of the Sheriffs candidates do I know? I do know this!

Our current Sheriff doesn’t have ongoing and conflicting private business interests in other states that divides time away from what we pay him for.

Our current Sheriff has raised the professionalism and service of his department to very high levels.

Our current Sheriff has cultivated exceptionalism within his department such that his incident team members are so highly skilled, that they rank in the top of national and international competition. Our current Sheriff worked cost saving opportunities while employing local citizens to provide facilities that increase public services and to implement modern technologies fighting modern day criminals. Child pornographers and internet thieves beware!

Our current Sheriff’s plan works every day keeping us safe by standing tough on drugs and gangs.

I know one man has a plan and another is without. I know Lou Vallario is that man with the time proven plan that without compromise protects every citizen in Garfield County.

Darrin Smith

New Castle

If people ask me why I support Tresi Houpt all I can think, is how can I not.

To me Tresi is the mind and heart of the County. She is a master of thoughtful discourse. Bringing the concerns of the children, women, husbands and seniors forward. Tresi speaks to the balance of health and continuance of the land and concerns for wildlife to the table. That’s why Governor Ritter appointed her to the oil and gas board, for balance.

With all that comes jobs, sound fiscal policy, and a healthy active economy, our economy, whose values live on for future generations,

The Dalai Lama said he always weighs the relative benefit of a thing against two measures. Promoting community and enhancing compassion.

I would be sad to think that this voice for healthy community was not represented at the table.

John Hoffmann


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