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Jankovsky is right choice

The same people that brought you Hidden Gems, are now trying to promote their Hidden Agenda here in Garfield County.

In a recent mailing, funded by the Colorado Conservation Victory Fund (a liberal Denver based political organization), they attack Garfield County Commissioner candidate Tom Jankovsky. This organization distorts the facts in order to advance their goals.

Please don’t let Front Range political activists and outside money buy our local elections. Get the facts from Tom Jankovsky directly before you decide. Tom Jankovsky’s positions are clearly outlined on his website at and you can not only review the debates between Tom and his opponent; you can also contact him with questions.

Please join me in electing the right person for this position.

Joy Long

Glenwood Springs

Gorman knows how to be the assessor

Jim Yellico in his quest to become Garfield County Assessor advertises that he will focus on all classes of property, not just oil and gas. The Assessor’s office is bound by law to do just that, and John Gorman has done just that.

Less that 10 percent of Gorman’s appraisal staff focused on oil and gas. That accounts for 74 percent of the total assessed value in the county. More than 90 percent of the appraisal staff focused on all other classes of property.

Yellico’s lack of knowledge and experience reflect his status as a challenger. By contrast John Gorman knows the laws. He knows and understands the requirements of his office and he has dispatched his responsibilities with commitment and persistence.

He promised he would assure a fair accounting for everyone and he has kept his promise.

The $6 million Gorman has recovered for the county from the gas and oil companies represents jobs saved within Garfield County.

The audits of corporations assure that homeowners will pay only their fair share of taxes.

Gorman’s professionalism and competence are recognized by his peers. They have named him to serve on their statewide oil and gas committee.

John Gorman is an excellent assessor and he has earned the votes of the citizens of our county.

Jack Real

Glenwood Springs

Houpt, Curry are best choices

Here in Peach Valley, the first gas well is already drilled and fracked. On Silt Mesa, gas flares from a new well pad. You can hear the roar a mile away. Drilling for another well is underway.

Meanwhile, local residents are waking up to the dramatic impacts of gas development. Well water and air purity are prime concerns, as the drilling companies’ record is not so good. Ask your friends in Dry Hollow.

While Colorado law grants drillers wide latitude to exploit mineral rights, two local incumbent candidates distinguish themselves for their dedication to public health and surface owner rights.

State House district 61 (that’s us) Representative Kathleen Curry led the charge to amend the makeup of the powerful Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC). The commission now includes commissioners without industry ties. The hen house guards are no longer all foxes.

A write-in incumbent, you need to both write in Curry’s name, and fill in the box.

The fiercest citizens’ advocate on the COGCC, Tresi Houpt provides a counterweight to the commission’s company shills. She’s not shy. I’ve watched her in action. She’s also a Garfield County commissioner. While her opponent criticizes her for her (rare) voting recusals because of her double duty, his own position is that we simply need to get government out of the drillers’ way.

Republicans, Democrats, and Independents find common ground in the defense of public health and private property rights.

Tresi Houpt. Kathleen Curry. You couldn’t ask for better.

Ed Colby

New Castle

Independents will stop the waste

The Independents will need to save America. Put this on your refrigerator magnet. This news article reprinted by the Post Independent from an Associated Press story in October 2009 has been haunting me now for almost a year. The article was written about a government report released about extensive federal government waste during the 2009 Fiscal Year.

The first sentence reads, “More than $98 billion in taxpayer dollars spent by government agencies was wasted …”.

Much of this government waste was in over-payments and overspending by major agencies such as the Departments of Agriculture, Defense, Education, Human Services, Labor, Treasury, and many more. This fiscal year was divided between Bush and Obama.

Then the report also confirmed that in 2008 that $72 billion was wasted in much the same way during the Bush Administration. The story reported that the Obama Administration ordered that agencies report wasteful spending and over- payments on their websites. I don’t know how this is going to stop the waste.

Now, pile this waste on top of the failed stimulus, bailouts, two expensive illegal wars, foreign aid giveaways, $144 billion record profits on Wall Street, and high unemployment. Recently, Democrats and Republicans in congress have been debating tax cuts for American taxpayers.

What is there to debate? Our government and congress does not need more tax money. They need to pay back the American taxpayers the waste that has probably gone on for many years. We need Independents to rescue the country from this insanity. Independent voters represent about 30 percent of the voters in Colorado.

Locally, we have Kathleen Curry running for re-election as an Independent in Legislative District 61. Kathleen, like me, got sick and tired of Democratic Party machine politics and went Independent. We need to send a message to the Democratic and Republican Party machines, the Denver water grabbers, and the rest of the country that we want common sense representative government by electing Kathleen Curry as an Independent for the Colorado Legislature.

Let’s use Kathleen’s leadership and experience to get us started on the Independent path and break the chains of the outdated and out-of-touch party machines.

You need to write-in(print) her name and fill in the little box on the election ballot. Let’s use this election year to begin building a coalition of Independent voters and candidates for 2012. Save your country and save your state. Independents equal independence!

Randy Fricke

New Castle

Concerned about gas wells

As a concerned citizen of Silt Mesa, I was very disheartened by Antero’s bid to change the gas well density plan for Silt Mesa.

I am very upset that I was not aware of the public meeting on Oct 21.

But now I can do something, I wrote a detailed letter to the Colorado Oil and Gas Commission in Denver detailing all my concerns for Silt Mesa residents.

I implore every Coloradan to do the same. The address is: 1120 Lincoln St. Ste 801, Denver, CO 80203.

We need to take a stand against these energy companies and let them know that we are concerned citizens and we will not sit idly by while they wreck our communities, water and property values. Antero Resources is trying to change the gas well density plan from a well every 120 acres to one every 10 acres!

That scares me to death. I live a mile or so from two gas wells. I can’t imagine these poor people living next to these toxic gas wells!

We need to take a stand against these energy mongers and not let them push us around. We also need to implore our Garfield County Commissioners to look out for our best interests and not approve all of these permits.

In the end, oil and gas drilling in Colorado will adversely effect all of us. Thank you Kiwi Painting for putting up that huge sign alerting all who pass by of the toxic chemicals used in frac’ing.

Nikki Fender


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