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Tresi Houpt did a brilliant job representing the people of Garfield County this past week.

In response to a proposal by Antero Resources to drastically increase the well density on Silt Mesa, from one well every 160 acres to one well every 10 acres, several residents appeared before the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, raising concerns about the safety of their drinking water and air quality.

Thank goodness Tresi, as the local government representative on the Commission, responded to this community concern by pulling Antero’s plan from the consent agenda so it now has to be considered as a stand alone item by the entire Oil and Gas Commission. Ultimately, the Commission agreed to schedule a full hearing on the proposal next month.

Good for Tresi Houpt for responding to the concerns of the people most affected by Antero’s proposal. As a voting member of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, Tresi has worked hard to allow more people to have their say before important decisions are made that affect our lives. Tresi’s is exactly the kind of representation we need in Garfield County, particularly as oil and gas drilling is spreading from western into eastern Garfield County.

Tresi’s opponent in the race for Garfield County Commissioner, Tom Jankovsky, has said he would never take a seat on the oil and gas commission, even if it were offered. Tresi, however, has proven her value and integrity, and truly understands how important it is for Garfield County to be directly involved in overseeing the energy industry at both the local and state level.

We are extremely fortunate to have Tresi at this table and as our representative. Unless Tresi is re-elected as Commissioner, Garfield County residents most impacted by proposals such as Antero’s will have no voice on the Commission, leaving proposals such as Antero’s to go unchallenged.

Please vote for Tresi Houpt for County Commissioner.

Cathy and Alan Desautels


In this important election season, I strongly urge a vote for Jim Yellico for Garfield County Assessor. A fair and open assessment for your home and business is the most important function of the assessor’s office, and that is just what Jim will provide.

Jim Yellico represents the future of Garfield County. Born and raised in Glenwood Springs, Jim understands what it takes to run a business in this area, and he understands real estate. Jim knows that the Assessors Office needs to be an office which is welcoming to the citizens and businesses of Garfield County, an office that is equally accessible to either the walk-in population or those who perform everything over the Internet, as many of us do now. Online appeals of property valuations really represents the new way of doing business.

With valuations fluctuating extremely over the past few years, and with more changes expected, it is important that all comparable sales and valuations be easily retrieved and displayed over the internet. Transparency in all actions is important to maintain the support of all citizens of Garfield County.

It is also imperative to bring the commercial appraisal functions back within Garfield County. The local businesses are the heart of Garfield County, provide the jobs that are so important, and pay the taxes which support the essential services of the County. The appraisals should be performed locally.

Before you cast your ballots this month, I urge you to go to Jim’s website, and see for yourself what he stands for – and then cast your vote for Jim Yellico.

David Merritt

Glenwood Springs

The two of us are sometimes perceived as having different perspectives on political issues. However, the fact is that we both recognize the vital importance of an independent voice for our District in the state legislature, and during this election, there is nothing that we feel more strongly about than the need to re-elect Kathleen Curry as our District 61 State Representative.

Kathleen is the only candidate for this office that possesses the knowledge and experience necessary to effectively represent our District. Unlike either of her opponents, she has lived in and worked for the communities within our district for decades. Even more importantly, she is the only member of our legislature that actually has had the courage to stand up to partisanship and put her ethics and commitment to the residents of her District above the desires of a political party.

We find the amount of out-of-state and Front Range money, much of it from sources unwilling to reveal the names of contributors, that is being poured into our area on behalf of partisan candidates both offensive and proof that the parties are putting their selfish interests above those of the citizens of our state.

Kathleen’s campaign is funded entirely by individuals who actually live here and not by obscure political PACs, Front Range politicians, or others who may be more interested in placing a member of their party in a house seat than the good of the 61st District.

Those of us who are fed up with ongoing partisan bickering and power grabs want and need people with Kathleen’s courage, knowledge and commitment to doing what’s right representing us. While it will take a little more effort to fill in a box on the ballot and write in her name, the outcome is critical if we are to continue to have a state representative who puts the people of the Western Slope ahead of party dogma.

Mark Gould

Bruce Christensen

Glenwood Springs

The Colorado Basin Roundtable opposes Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101 on the Nov. 2 ballot as damaging to future efforts to provide Colorado with adequate water supplies.

The Colorado Basin Roundtable is an organization of water providers, agricultural, recreational and environmental interests formed by state legislation in 2005 to help foster statewide water supply solutions.

Members representing these water interests come from counties flanking the Colorado River mainstem from the headwaters at the Continental Divide to the Utah border.

Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101 would, upon full implementation create a $4.2 billion deficit in state and local government. Water service districts would be included in the carnage.

Furthermore, they would severely limit the ability of government and water districts to borrow money or raise revenues to fund infrastructure repairs, improvements, environmental protection and recreation. If these measures pass, Colorado’s ability to protect our water resources and natural environ moment while providing adequate drinking water to a population slated to double to 10 million people by 2050 will be severely curtailed. The Colorado Basin 1177 Roundtable urges voters to say no to ballot measures 60, 61 and 101.

Jim Pokrandt

Chair, Colorado Basin Roundtable

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