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Now is a time for someone like Tom Jankovsky to be a part of the elected leadership of Garfield County. We citizens have had about eight years of a “balanced” government which may have been appropriate for awhile. But now needed is a real “concerted” effort to bring back job, investment and development conditions for the population to survive.

Rather then so much concentration on regulating the gas development industry (some is needed of course), the County Commissioners need to be encouraging other types of industry to develop here; those could include additional agricultural, forestry, mining, manufacturing and technology – as and where appropriate, of course. Trying to “balance” needs and desires of a diverse citizenry too often results in too many non productive compromises, often because of prolonged “discussions” and lengthy regulatory applications.

Vote Tom Jankovsky for Garfield County Commissioner; he will provide progressive but prudent and responsible advances for the well being of all Garfield County. Thanks for voting.

Mike Blair

Glenwood Springs

Our dad is much more than a leader in our family; he’s also a leader in the business world as well as in the community. He is respected by his peers for his business philosophy and his compassion for giving back to the community. He has created local programs that give back to children and families. For example diversity day at Sunlight Mountain has created awareness around the Northern Ute’s connection and history with our land.

Every year our dad reaches out to build a relationship with the tribe that once populated the places where we now play. The tribe comes out to dance with skiers and snowboarders and sends blessings on to our community. In addition to being conscious of our community, our dad is aware of the fiscal element in life and has always taught us to think about all options prior to making an investment involving time and money.

He makes accurate decisions based on the facts. And because he’s a good listener and likes to be educated about all sides he has an ability to find out specific information. This November I urge you to vote for our dad, Tom Jankovsky, for Garfield County Commissioner. In addition to being a great dad, he will prove to be an even greater asset to our county government.

Eva Jankovsky

Glenwood Springs

My son deserves out support. I’m Tom’s mom, Tom has decided to run for sheriff to finish a job he started 16 years ago.

During his eight years in office his first achievement was to build a jail, remember the one that was too small to accommodate but a few, it meant having to transport the prisoners to other facilities, which meant added expense. It was a struggle to get its approval, but it has served the county well. He and his staff fought a fire that engulfed Garfield County, evacuated homes, and was there 24/7 until it was out, and stayed on until it was safe. There were many such emergencies and he spent time overseeing all such incidents, with much pride in all he did.

I was there during those eight years, I saw how hard he worked morning, noon and night, weekdays and weekends. I know how much he gave of himself to the people of this county and how much he cared about the quality of service he and his deputies owed to you.

His legacy of hard work, courage and commitment live on and will carry on with your vote.

Kathryn Dalessandri


The people of Colorado voted not to increase taxes on the oil and gas industry, but Governor Ritter, through the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (Ms. Houpt is an appointed member of this board) raised the cost of fees and permits anyway, driving the oil and gas industry to Utah and Wyoming.

How many people in Western Garfield County lost their jobs? How many homes are for sale or in bankruptcy? What was the cost in revenue to Garfield County? To Colorado? We didn’t have a recession here until Ritter and his cohorts, Ms. Houpt included, became greedy and started pushing their own agenda.

Where was our county commissioner who was elected to oversee and look out for the citizens of Garfield County? She was abstaining from any votes dealing with the oil and gas industry because Ms. Houpt had a conflict of interest.

Is Hidden Gems another such ruse? Is the objective to take even more of our National Forest out of the multiple use system that should be used to keep our communities strong through tourism, livestock grazing, lumber, and mining – real jobs that actually produce something?

There are only three Garfield County Commissioners, and I don’t see Ms. Houpt as bringing balance, but as one commissioner shy of total imbalance. Please vote for Tom Jankovsky for real balance, someone who will represent Garfield County not Governor Ritter or Pitkin County.

Kelly Couey


If you need some horror for Halloween, come to Silt Mesa and witness the latest in environmental atrocity in Colorado. The burning of methane gas fills the air as I sit at my desk writing this.

The representatives for Garfield County Commissioners of Oil and Gas are the only agency with any power to veto Antero’s request to increase well density from one well per 120 acres to one well per 10 acres in Silt Mesa.

Commissioners Houpt, Martin and Sampson are elected officials who should represent what’s best for its citizens who support them. Vote no to Antero’s request.

Sandy Pickard

Silt Mesa

This is a response to Mr. Jankovsky’s letter to my letter to the editor.

The purpose of my letter on Oct. 6 was to encourage people to listen to the televised debate between candidates. I regret that I missed the word “over” in my quote. I stand by my opinion that your platform implies that we are currently over regulating oil and gas – even while people in Garfield County suffer.

I gather this from reading your website thoroughly and listening to your words in the media. I don’t know exactly what you will do when tough choices need to be made. Do you agree (with current federal regulations) that the drilling processes should be exempt from the federal safe drinking water act and other federal laws that protect the environment and public health? Will you speak up when the federal government gets it wrong?

The fact is that our state and county are relatively new to the business of oil and gas. We can learn from experts, from other states and from people affected to make the oil and gas industry accountable. Tresi’s involvement in COGCC has given our county a voice in framing state and federal regulations.

You say we “need to work with oil and gas, hold them responsible to the same standards we hold all businesses.” The problem with this is that the oil and gas industry is not any other business. No other business in Garfield County has the potential to contaminate drinking water at this scale. Tresi has worked to understand their business; to work with them and advocate for us.

I do (in fact) know what Tresi has done as a County Commissioner. Among her work on many other issues, Tresi has devoted countless hours to consider the pros and cons of drilling and advocate for the people of Garfield County. In the end, it doesn’t make sense to trade the experience, commitment, and the value that Tresi Houpt brings to our government for someone with no track record.

For some facts on fracking go to:

David McGavock

Glenwood Springs

I am no admirer of either party within the government but before you make that decision to “take back America,” consider this: When the democratic administration left office in 2000, the national budget was balanced. During the following eight years of Republican control the national debt grew by more than $4 trillion. This was an increase of 71.9 percent.

The Republican congress gave free reign to Wall Street by overturning consumer protection laws. The Wall Street mess is a Republican mess.

The foreclosure disaster is a Republican disaster. The employment horror is a Republican horror. Almost 800,000 people lost their jobs the month before the Democrats regained the majority. The tax break for the wealthy of 2000 was financed by a Chinese loan to the U.S. of $1 trillion dollars. The prosperity that followed was an illusion. As the bill is due to expire in 2011, why are Republicans calling it a tax hike?

The Republican administration invaded Iraq while deceiving the American public with warnings of weapons of mass destruction. The war was a contractor’s bonanza with no bid contracts being handed out to corporate security and construction firms. Virtually no records were kept of the cash payments made to them. The blood of 4,000 American soldiers and more than 120,000 Iraqi civilians is a Republican legacy. File under corporate greed.

The cost of the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan has been about two billion dollars a week for 10 years. The Republican congress did not include this in their budget for us to see. By comparison the Democratic spending right now seems like a trip to Wal-Mart.

The Republicans were the first to establish “free speech zones” during the 2004 national conventions. In other words, “you may express your views within this fenced in area.” Is that in our constitution?

Gas drilling, oil drilling, coal burning? The current Democratic congress has us stepping into the 21st century by raising awareness of clean energy and the need to repair our infrastructure. The past Republican congress exempted energy companies from most environmental regulations in the name of corporate profit. Our country has become even more polluted while you and I pay for this with our health.

The Republican denial to even talk about a new form of health care or financial reform is an indictment of their lust for corporate profit. They are not public servants. They are corporate servants.

Corey Spagnolo

Glenwood Springs

The Glenwood Springs Chamber of Commerce has planned a trip to Italy leaving Oct. 14, 2010. Unfortunately, the advertised hotel in Rome – just blocks from the Colosseum – has been changed. The new hotel, the Hotel Bright, is one hour from Rome; first by bus then transferring to a train.

In addition to the unfortunate location, this new hotel is ranked No. 1078 out of a possible 1289. Travel Advisor’s website says that 80 percent of past Hotel Bright Guests would not recommend it. Expedia gives the Hotel Bright a ranking of 2 out of 5, where 1 is poor.

Please do not be misled by any “star” ratings. The “star” rating system is flawed and can be extremely misleading.

It also appears the Glenwood Chamber of Commerce did not use a local agency for the tickets. The tickets appear to be out of an office in Vancouver British Columbia Canada. These are just two things about this trip. Remember, Italy is easy to love. I hope the group has a great time.

Linda Holloway

Glenwood Springs

Editor’s Note: We received the letter above on Oct. 11. We apologize to the author for the delay in publishing.

I am very disappointed with Bennett, Salazar and the democratic PACs because of the dishonesty of the political ads they have been running recently. Why is it that the democratic candidates have to be so misleading?

The ads in question feature a number of out-of-context quotes and dubious assertions regarding both Buck’s and Tipton’s positions.

One ad claims that Buck and Tipton want to increase taxes by 23 percent.

While that statement is partially true, what the ad doesn’t tell you is that both Buck and Tipton favor a consumption tax that would replace the federal income tax.

Another ad claims that Buck wants to wants to “end student loans for middle-class kids.”

This is a complete falsehood, as Buck was discussing his disapproval of the Federal Government’s takeover of the student loan business.

Yet another ad features Buck saying, “We don’t need a Department of Education.”

The rest of the conversation included the statement that “education decisions are best left to a parent and a child, a parent and a teacher, a school board to determine curriculum. A one-size fits-all system coming out of D.C. is a disaster and it has been a disaster for years.”

Whether you agree or disagree, it would have been more honest of the ad to include the entire statement, and then debate its merit.

I have to wonder why the Democrats have to stoop to such deception during this campaign.

Could it be they have nothing of merit to run upon and slandering their opponents is the only way they can be re-elected?

I certainly hope that the voters of Colorado will not be so easily fooled.

Joe Blanc


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