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John Salazar is the conservation champion we need in the next Congress. He has solid record on public lands conservation measures that are important to us on the Western Slope. And his pragmatic approach to getting things done will be the winning formula in a rejiggered Congress.

John Salazar knows that a balanced approach to resource development is the right course.

His positions have underscored the importance of protecting our western slope quality of life by ensuring that natural gas development is done right. Yes, we need sources of energy to power our communities and provide jobs, but we will also need an intact landscape to rely on long after the gas boom goes bust.

John Salazar knows this and his many efforts, like supporting the Thompson Divide Coalition, show his commitment.

John Salazar supported efforts to clean up the air in southwest Colorado, to clean up water in Pueblo, to protect irreplaceable archaeological sites outside of Grand Junction, to protect Crested Butte from the ravages wrought by a molybdenum mine, to protect a critical lynx migration corridor at Wolf Creek Pass from appalling ski area development, and adding treasured landscapes in the Mount Sneffels area to the San Juan Wilderness.

I am voting for John Salazar and I hope you do too. A win by his opponent, millionaire banker Scott Tipton, will set back conservation efforts on the Western Slope for decades. So, let’s rally and keep our man of the land in office.

Sloan Shoemaker


A few of Sheriff Lou’s supporters feel safer. This brought to mind the Glenwood Policeman who felt so safe, he left town after being shot.

Safer? Ask the Apple Tree Park family whose door was broken down by Lou’s S.W.A.T team. The parents were handcuffed while their son was taken to the hospital for a bump that doctors said needed only an aspirin and icepack.

Using tasers in his jail and his armored ego wagon have cost around a million dollars. Promoting an employee whom he had an affair with and soliciting campaign contributions from staff reeks of poor judgment and questionable ethics.

The common thread through all these misadventures is what Lou calls confidence. He says that he acted properly in all these situations. No second thoughts or reconsideration, much less an apology.

Nope, it’s Lou’s way or the highway.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


Garfield County is a large county with a diverse group of individuals that call it home. Many of us remember the oil shale bust of the 80s. Now we’re getting to relive the gas bust of 2010. Before the gas industry came to the Western Slope, we experienced meager incomes and profits.

Once the industry was established all things changed. We experienced an influx of people that propelled our economy, from boutiques to larger schools. We no longer had to drive to Aspen for a good paying job. Life as we “down valley” people know it got pretty lucrative. Aspen to Carbondale really didn’t care what we did. They didn’t shop beyond Glenwood, they didn’t own homes in Rifle nor did they recreate in Battlement Mesa.

One supporter of Tresi’s said he made his millions in the oil and gas industry in Texas, but he supports Tresi. Sounds like “not in my backyard”. Rifle residents are having paid visitors from an organization in Denver called Colorado Conservation Voters knocking on their doors telling them that Tresi is the only candidate that cares about the environment.

I hope you know this isn’t true. Her campaign has been anything but grassroots. Tom Jankovsky has gone door to door and walked more than 100 miles to meet us and share with us his platform for County Commissioner. Don’t let special interests groups buy the Garfield County Election. Vote for Tom Jankovsky as our next Garfield County Commissioner.

Tammy Kelly

Glenwood Springs

I just heard a radio ad from Mr. Dalessandri that truly shocked me! He wants to be the “people’s sheriff”. I have lived, worked, and voted in this valley for 34 years. I distinctly recall the sheriff’s election of eight years ago.

The voters of Garfield County said “Tom – You’re fired!” Our county’s residents needed and demanded services that Tom would not provide.

Sheriff Vallario has now provided these necessary services and more. He has done this with the unanimous support of the Garfield County Commissioners. They have approved his budgets and his community-based programs, both active and proactive in nature; plus he managed to return $2.1 million this year, alone! We already have a “people’s sheriff.”

Eight years ago, the citizens of Garfield County fired a sheriff who was more concerned about his business interests than the needs and concerns of our residents. He now wants the job back.

With Sheriff Lou Vallario’s leadership, crime is under control and the budget is under control. Why would we elect a candidate who has publicly stated he will eliminate many necessary and requested services? Why would we elect a candidate who has publicly stated he will reduce the number of sheriff department employees who are serving Garfield County?

Why would we elect a man that we previously voted out? Garfield County has its “People’s Sheriff” – he’s Lou Vallario.

My vote is to retain Sheriff Lou Vallario.

Linda McKinley

Glenwood Springs

I am really proud to tell you that I just finished voting for my husband, Roger Wilson, and the other Democrats running in Colorado. I wanted to take a moment to tell you why Roger is the smart choice for House District 61.

Many years ago I bought Roger a T-shirt that said, “I really am a rocket scientist,” because at the time he was working to build computer systems on things like the Hubble Space Telescope. He’s a scientist and an engineer, not a politician.

Since we became residents in Garfield county he has gained an understanding of many Western Slope issues including water and land conservation, education as well as the challenges of local business and ranching. We need fresh thinking in Denver. Roger will take on issues in Colorado with the same creativity, imagination and intelligence that has earned him respect in in the engineering world. Will you help send a rocket scientist to the Colorado State House? With the election just days away we need your help to get out the vote.

Kris Wilson

Glenwood Springs

Six million dollars in back taxes and interest in the county coffers from gas company audits. New audits will produce additional revenue going forward. Oil and gas companies make all of their decisions based on profit and loss.

When the price of gas drops and there is a glut of gas, drilling slows way down, or stops altogether until prices rise again. No assessor has the power to change how the industry makes its decisions. John has revamped the office to provide an open friendly process to address complaints. He has put a user friendly website up to aid citizens in finding the information they need. In short, my vote for John Gorman can be summed up by this simple slogan: Gorman for Garfield results and promises kept.

Stephen Bershenyi

Glenwood Springs

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