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I would like to inform everyone of a law that they want to pass in Washington. It puts us under United Nations bureaucrats who will tell Americans where to sail their ships and military vessels.

“Law of the Sea Treaty” needs to go. Why do we need a global order telling America what to do? Waterways, such as the Mississippi that are connected to the oceans, could fall under this. About 75 percent of the earth would be under United Nations control. International commissions would referee the disputes and put in third-World officials who are hostile to anything American, except our billions of tax dollars to them.

Everyone, stop this treaty before it takes us over. It’s a real bad one.

Call your senator or congressman to complain. If you don’t do it now, you are out of luck.

Brenda Jackson

New Castle

I would like to urge everyone in Glenwood Springs to vote yes on the broadband initiative. Completion of this system will provide great benefit to the people of Glenwood Springs for many years into the future. Expanded access to data bandwidth will provide business opportunities and needed diversification for Glenwood’s economy.

Consumer benefits include greater choice and value for all of our citizens. This initiative will truly put Glenwood in the national forefront, technologically.

Contrary to what some are saying, the services that will be available if we are allowed to build out our system are not now being provided or even planned by our existing telecom providers. Authorization for completion of our broadband system will allow every citizen greater choice, full use of the resources currently in place, and access to future technologies that may not otherwise be available to residents of smaller communities.

Bruce Christensen

Mayor of Glenwood Springs

John McCain wants to be president. The problem is, he can’t get his facts straight. Recently, during the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, he once again said that Iran, a Shi’a nation, was supporting al-Qaida, a Sunni group, in Iraq. He’s said this at least four times before, plenty of time to learn the real facts.

Voters should be concerned not only about his scrambled thought process but also about his backtracking. Witness how he now backs away from his statement, either made in jest or seriousness, that we should be in Iraq for a 100 years, calling it a misinterpretation. We need a leader who can think straight and own up to his public statements.

We also found out today Iraq has tens of billions of dollars in surplus funds in their banks and in other accounts around the world, including about $30 billion in U.S. banks right now. They apparently are sitting on this money, not using to build badly-needed new roads, bridges, schools and hospitals. And, why should they, when Uncle Sam is there, ready to pay the bills with our tax money? We can’t solve the growing list of our own problems at home, yet we hear no outrage from John McCain about how we’re being asked to continue to foot this bill.

Responsible voters need to ask themselves whether they’re ready to cast their votes for John McCain and continue the failed policies of the Bush Administration. It’s time for hard-headed thinking and integrity. It’s also time for a change.

Rick Voorhees

Glenwood Springs

I urge Glenwood Springs residents to vote yes on the fiber optic election question that is now before you.

The city is not asking for permission to spend any public funds. The question is just shall the city look further into the advantages that a fiber optic system will provide to our area.

I can not explain all of the reasons, in the space I have available, as to why a yes vote should be cast. Contact the city’s website, there is a fiber optic home page that will answer all of your questions.

This is a the very important final step of a program initiated several years ago and it deserves our citizens support.

Donald Vanderhoof

Glenwood Springs

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