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It is time to vote and a particular time of responsibility for undecideds and independents.

The extraction industry has found a sympathetic ear with candidate Jankovsky, and his election threatens to silence, the Garfield county citizens’ voice, Tresi Houpt.

The assessor’s race has taken on the appearance of a high school popularity contest, with the better known local, Jim Yellico, who everyone just knows will do a good job, against incumbent John Gorman.

Popularity, which is a great contribution to any real estate career success does not necessarily qualify Mr. Yellico for assessor, a job for which he would need to get up to speed. My contact with the assessors office has been handled with competent professionalism and the need to switch assessors is just not there.

Please join me in voting for Houpt and Gorman in these important local contests and consider well, all your votes

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

The office of county assessor is important to county government as it sets the baseline for all county property taxes and revenues. Home valuation is fairly straightforward and we all can notice (and protest) if we think the assessment is off base. The oil and gas industry is a much more complex and difficult area. Not only is the land and equipment valued, but also the value of the oil and gas produced must be recorded and assessed.

Before John Gorman took office many millions of dollars of oil and gas assets were missed and therefore property taxes not paid. Under John Gorman the assessor’s office was able to find those assets and have the proper taxes paid on them. All this extra revenue helps run our local government and services with dollars that you and I don’t have to pay with our own property taxes. Please let John Gorman keep up the good work. Vote for John Gorman for assessor this election.

Don Gorman

Glenwood Springs

My father taught me a lot of things growing up. One thing that he taught me was that “service” is just as important as “protection” in terms of law enforcement. That’s why there was once a move for law enforcement to practice community policing, because it meant that officers got closer to the community and the people they served allowing them to better meet the needs of the people and creating a partnership where everyone is committed to the success and safety of the community.

These are principals my father instilled in me and practice as a law enforcement official. These are important traits that are no long present under Vallario.

For example, in these letters to the editor and in Vallario’s ads he lies to the public, claiming that he started programs and services that were truly in place before he took office. Some of his long term employees lie or seem to suffer from amnesia when they tell their accounts of the past. If you look at where the Sheriff’s Office was 16 years ago to where it was eight years ago, anyone can see that my father took the department from very little to a respectable functioning organization. Vallario walked into, what was a professional organization that was growing with the community and its needs, and he did nothing more than pilot the ship into a wall.

We now have a Sheriff’s Office that provides poor response to the citizens, where the Deputies are frequent fliers on the interstate but are rarely seen in the rural parts of the county. Where citizens are often told that there is nothing the Sheriff’s Office can to do to solve their problems. Vallario would rather separate himself from the public through bullet proof glass in the offices and armored vehicles on the streets.

Maybe if he learned how to show a bit of respect to the people that pay his salary he wouldn’t have to hide from us.

Let’s bring some true service back to the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office. Elect Tom Dalessandri Sheriff.

Ben Dalessandri


Because Tom Jankovsky has managed Sunlight Mountain Resort for more than 20 years, he not only has gained a wealth of sound business experience, but has also learned firsthand how important it is to protect our environment.

He has often worked directly with the U.S. Forest Service on many projects that require NEPA review and is very familiar with the environmental impact statement process. He knows very well that protecting our air quality, water quality, and magnificent vistas translates into bringing more tourism and jobs to our area.

The energy industry also brings more jobs to our county and Tom realizes that their activities must not negatively affect the natural environment. He believes that the county commissioners must ensure reclamation of the land at the completion of a project.

Because of Tresi Houpt’s position on the State Oil and Gas Commission, she must recuse herself from all county votes on oil and gas operations. Therefore, let’s keep her on that important state board where she serves as a watchdog over regulating the energy industry, and elect a person that will bring a strong business perspective as well as first hand knowledge and respect for the environment.

Vote for balance. Vote for Tom Jankovsky for Garfield County Commissioner.

Colleen Rominger


The real issue of this years Assessor’s race is improvement. I see opportunities to improve the Assessor’s office.

I want to make it easier for you to be involved in your property assessment. You deserve more than just receiving your Notice of Valuation. If elected, I will insure that you can file a property appeal on-line. I will also provide an easy to use, easy to find spreadsheet that includes the comparable sales data you need to file an appeal.

I want to hire/train a local appraiser to do our commercial appraisals. Currently we send our tax dollars to a company in Denver to do this for us. I believe a local person should be doing these appraisals.

I want to work with the gas industry towards a permanent solution for valuing the gas extracted from our county. The audits you and I pay for have proven to be effective, and I will continue with them as long as the $200,000 price tag is a good investment and only until a new solution is created. Audits look backwards, I pledge to look forward.

I was born and raised in Glenwood Springs, and know how blessed I am to raise my children here with my wife, Myka. We benefit, just like you, from all of the services funded by our property taxes.

The Garfield County Assessor has an obligation to value property accurately and fairly, but there is also an obligation to improve the services offered to you. Everyone can agree, we could all use a little improvement. I would appreciate your vote!

Jim Yellico

Candidate for Garfield County Assessor

After reading today’s paper, I stopped myself when I got to the article written about the tragic end to a young man’s life in Basalt recently. I do not understand why the editor finds it necessary to print any details surrounding such a sad event.

Those details should be left to those who loved him the most, not everyone in the Roaring Fork Valley. If such an incident occurs again, please take a moment to think about how you would feel if it was your loved one. Would you want to read those details in the paper the next morning?

Kathleen Tomasula

New Castle

The argument that global warming is due to human activity, namely using coal and other hydrocarbons, has been described as the biggest cash cow ever foisted on the human population since the death of the dinosaurs. Evidence?

Al Gore is now a billionaire. Hal Sundin, in his recent column, agrees with Gore and his ilk. Citing recent rapid growth in global temperatures, Hal fails to point out that many of these measuring stations have been shown to be influenced by nearby heat generators, such as parking lot pavements, air conditioning compressors, or other heat generating devices. Also worth noting is a lot of controversy exists about the establishment of baseline temperatures 1,000 years ago.

Many of the “scientists” on the International Panel on Climate Change have been shown to lack the credentials of true climatologists, and many others have disavowed their earlier position.

If the liberal environmentalists succeed in passing cap and trade and if the EPA goes forward with labeling CO2 a hazardous pollutant, we as a nation are in serious trouble.

Dick Prosence


Kathleen Parker makes a good point about being real and voicing ours fears whatever the thought police governing policies maybe. So let’s cowboy up and ride true upon the freedom of the press and use the actual word naming the animals, when we talk of the 9/11 murderers. The perps of 9/11 weren’t functioning a the M word, nor the ME, or MT derivatives, they were Saudis or SN Saudi Nationals.

Now the Saudis “national” interest is the expansion of their particular third party Muslim sect (nobody ever mentions) Wahhibaism (the most extreme, separatist, and violent form of Islam) but the main business is keeping a weak royal family in control of the world’s largest oil reserves. This has been accomplished by keeping the rest of the region destabilized. Since T. E. Lawrence was sent to unite the Arabs.

Incidentally this brings up another word we are terrified in using in reference to this century+ strategy. The K world in reference to Israel, for the Jewish state is simply the Kapos (in this new form of concentration camp) in the eyes and practices of the Protestant, Western Powers. Peace would have been a hallmark of the region from the very beginning if our (British and American) national interests weren’t third party antagonist, busied with conquest through brokering division.

If journalists, for once, on their overpaid career paths, would use the correct nomenclature, we wouldn’t have thought police or the many official and unofficial covert organs keeping the populous ignorant of the facts. But journalism has always been a field more interested in half-truths and manipulation rather educating the peoples and thereby themselves.

This is actually the reason for freedom of the press. The press was (and still is) a rabble of self-interested pamphleteers, so the premise was to let all voices be heard and somewhere in amongst the lies, half-truths and the rest the truth will be in there to discern.

We’ve brought democracy a long way forward. Still once again, it is endangered by our original sins of omission. Much as fear mongering Adam perverted instruction for Eve.

Eric Olander

New Castle

Jim Yellico states “You deserve Commercial Appraisers that work for Garfield County – not a company in Denver”. “Living in Garfield County is important to understanding the area and will keep money for the local economy instead of sending it to Denver.”

Valuing commercial property requires an enormous amount of training, knowledge and experience. In the past when in-house commercial appraisers were trained, they quickly moved on to higher paying jobs in the private sector. Using contracted appraisers who work for Garfield County has proven to be very cost effective because they tend to cover our same county every year consistently and they bring vast experience and dollars to our local economy

John Zimmerman, owner of the three person small business, Value West, is “the company in Denver” hired by Garfield County to do commercial appraisals.

He is fully qualified to do commercial appraisals with a Certified General Appraisers License in Colorado, the highest level of licensure with 24 years of experience. He has worked with thousands of commercial tax payers in Garfield County and western Colorado. He states, “We spend thousands of dollars annually in local restaurants, hotels, gas stations, and retail stores. To say that we are not spending the money locally is without merit.”

Judy Kahl also has a Certified General Appraisal License, with 25 years of experience, including 22 years with the Division of Property(DPT) Taxation in Denver. Two years after her DPT retirement she still gets calls from the Division and others. One such call was from Mr. Yellico last spring who called her for information about what assessors do.

He was given her number as a reference. Ironically, after she spent an extended amount of time talking to him and answering his questions, he is now campaigning on replacing her knowledge with someone who likely has no such knowledge of ad valorem practices in Colorado. Always check the facts before you vote. For more information go to Vote John Gorman for Assessor. He will continue to do the great job he has done.

Larry Puleo


Gail Schwartz believes it is morally wrong to destroy the heritage of our children and grandchildren and endanger our health by degrading our environment, polluting our water and air, changing the climate, and acidifying the oceans just to produce cheaper electricity for ourselves.

Coal-fired power does all this and worse. Coal competes with renewable energy by using for free, and degrading, the resources of clean air and water that belong to all of us and to future generations. That’s not fair competition, that’s not the free market, that’s a rigged market, that’s cheating; but Bob Rankin thinks that’s ok.

Big coal competes with cleaner energy sources by having the unfair, free ability to spew toxic materials (including arsenic, selenium, and mercury) and radioactive elements (including uranium, thorium, and radium) into the atmosphere along with huge amounts of climate-changing carbon dioxide.

Coal makes huge profits by not competing with other energy sources on a fair playing field. Bob Rankin wants to preserve this unfair advantage and allow coal to do what’s wrong, damage our environment.

No wonder big coal is pouring huge amounts of money into the Rankin campaign. Big coal needs its own state senator.

Gail Schwartz has worked to protected our environment, to demand cleaner energy for us, and created thousands of clean-energy jobs. We need her to continue working for all of us and for our children’s future.

L. M. Simmons, Jr.


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