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Today, I received my mail-in ballot for the Nov. 2 election, as I am sure many people did. Being someone who has always believed in the process of voting, and that every vote counts (within reason), I had to stop and really take in the ballot that was sitting in my hands. After that went by, I opened up the ballot and looked at it as if I had never seen one before.

As you are voting this year, there is an opportunity for us to give ourselves a huge advantage in the fight for equality. I will give you the recipe for equality in a second, but need to explain to those that may not know what battle we are talking about. In 1776, our Founding Fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence which deemed all men created equally. In the 1920s and carrying into World War II, women fought a battle to be included. During the 1950s and the 1960s, African-Americans had a long battle to prove they were included in this clause.

Today, in the 21st Century, members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bi, and Transgendered Community are in the same battle these other groups have already persevered through. We are unable to marry, several businesses and insurance companies refuse to see us as partners for medical benefits, and we cannot serve openly in the military (yet, thanks to federal judges finally finding this as unconstitutional).

We as a community were promised a lot during the 2008 Presidential Campaign. We have seen and tasted success, and we have been so close it was painful when defeated. Without candidates that are open minded, and support LGBT Rights, we will have an additional 2 to 4 years of oppression!

The candidates I am speaking of are Congressman John Salazar, Senator Michael Bennet, Colorado State Senate District 7 Candidate – Claudette Konola, and for our friends over in the 2nd District, Congressman Jared Polis. Salazar, Bennet, and Polis have a proven record of voting for LGBT rights. They have co-sponsored bills and introduced them. Konola has been very upfront with her support of the LGBT community, and even received the endorsement of One Colorado. I am proud to say, this is one of the reasons the Young Democrats (Mesa State College branch) has also endorsed Claudette.

I cannot stress enough the pain and disappointment we will all share if these candidates get unseated (not elected for Konola). The Log Cabin Republicans have done great things for the LGBT community but not the candidates they are supporting this time. Tipton has been endorsed by Mitt Romney (who flip-flopped so often on LGBT issues, no one knows where he really stands). Then you have Buck who has publicly opposed the repeal of DADT. This is just the start of their closed-mindedness when it comes to LGBT issues.

At the end of the day, we need to remember that it is the Congress and Senate that make the laws in the United States. The President either signs or vetoes the law (which can be overturned). We need open and fair minded candidates if the LGBT movement towards equality has a chance. I encourage you to get out, inform your friends, family and others in the LGBT community. Volunteer to make phone calls on behalf of these candidates, get a sign to put in your yard or window. Let’s send the message to Washington that we want LGBT rights, and the Colorado Democrats are the ones to help us achieve this!

Jeremy Watson

Grand Junction

Community Leader

Mesa State College Student

“Obamacare will put me out of business!” is displayed on an ATV business between Glenwood Springs and Carbondale. How?

Prior to Obamacare – The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPAC) – our premiums were increasing 33 percent annually. Further, my daughter was diagnosed in 2008 with a kidney abnormality – a developmental defect . All claims were denied, as a pre-existing condition.

The insurance company received money from our employer for the group plan, we paid a portion, and the insurance carrier was an authorized recipient for government subsidies to provide affordable group plans to employers. Despite all the money the insurance company received, our claims were denied; leaving us with the bills. On the upside CIGNA CEOs received great bonuses based on record profits in 2008, and spent millions of taxpayer subsidized dollars to fight PPAC with Republican support.

Since passing PPAC, employer group premiums have been reduced, our premiums have been reduced, and unpaid claims were reviewed – and paid – within weeks after PPAC passed. Additionally, we received money back from tax credits created for people like us in 2009 under Obama’s Administration.

Here is my sign in response, “I like insurance claims being paid. I like that my daughter won’t be denied coverage with a pre-existing condition. I like that our family receives more money in our paycheck. I like that we are finally renting a house that we were stuck with since 2007 in a busted housing market. I like the programs that kept our houses out of foreclosure. I like supporting leaders who are committed to the taxpaying working class instead of a profiting few” – a sign that we’re moving forward! Ballots come out this week. Choose our experienced incumbents to continue our drive forward!

Anita Sherman

Glenwood Springs

Boy, oh boy. We sure got a huge plus to our community with the arrival of Colorado Urgent Care in West Glenwood on Midland Avenue in the Midland Center. You may at first thought of this place as just a place to go for a few stitches and an aspirin. But once you walk into the door you realize this is a state of the art medical facility. No appointment needed, just walk in and get quick professional medical service at a much lower cost than we are used to in this valley.

I actually questioned the receptionist if they had charged me for every thing they did for me, because the bill was so reasonable. With the extensive outdoor activities that go on in our community; skiing, biking, hiking, etc. I bet 90 percent of the time we need medical care it is because of an accident, whether it is a sprain, cut or just the regular bumps and bruises from a crash skiing or biking, this is the place to go.

The entire staff is so accommodating and you will be pleasantly surprised at the professional service you get, at an unbelievably affordable cost. During these slow times of recession, a place like Colorado Urgent Care is such a blessing. Thank you for your wonderful help.

John Korrie

Glenwood Springs

I would just like to take a moment to recognize the sorry S.O.B. that hit my truck on Wednesday, Oct. 13, while it was parked out in front of my place of work in the twelve-hundred block of Grand Avenue in Glenwood.

Sometime between 1:20 p.m. and 5:10 p.m., a driver of unquestionable incompetence managed to take out the driver’s side mirror on my truck, to the point where it will undoubtedly need to be completely replaced; the mirror, the housing and the mechanical workings inside. Thanks a bunch.

It would be one thing if you had conjured up enough backbone to pull over and attempt to find the owner of the truck you had just creamed, but you didn’t. Perhaps you were in a hurry, and figured it’s just a mirror – no biggie. Maybe you are completely oblivious to the fact that you even hit anything.

In either case, you are a shining example of the irresponsible nature that seems to be spreading like wildfire throughout society as we know it. Your driver’s license should be taken away from you, indefinitely.

That is, assuming that you even have one. No doubt your insurance rates are sky high, too – that is, assuming you have insurance.

Grand Avenue is plenty big enough for four lanes of traffic, one turn lane, and parking on either side of the street. I was parked as close to the curb as I could get, without parking up on the sidewalk or in the front yard. If you can’t stay in your own lane, then you might want to consider taking the bus.

Misty Stuart

Glenwood Springs

On Aug. 20, 2010, the Glenwood Springs Post Independent ran a front page article regarding Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101. In the article Ken DeLay, executive director of the Colorado Association of School Boards stated: “What’s pretty clear is that these initiatives are designed to undo everything the legislature, courts and voters have done to TABOR [Taxpayer Bill of Rights] over the last couple of decades.”

What audacity!

TABOR was passed by the voters to restrain elected officials from excessive increases in spending by the government. By stating that the legislature and the courts have been trying for two decades to undo TABOR, Mr. DeLay just acknowledged what we, the governed, have long suspected – the politicians and courts are governing against the will of the people.

Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101 are measures to restore the TABOR provisions that politicians and courts have eroded over the last two decades. So the politicians and their special interest groups, such as Coloradans for Responsible Reform, are madder than blazes that we, the governed, are trying to reinstate the TABOR provisions in a way that will make it harder for them to undo.

Coloradans for Responsible Reform are well funded, have raised well over six-million dollars so far and are filling the airways with a campaign to defeat Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101. But don’t let the name Coloradans for Responsible Reform fool you; this is an organization dedicated to government of, by and for big government and their special interest groups.

The fact is, the politicians want more and more of our limited resources and are determined to get it. Voting for Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101 will make it harder for them to separate us from our money.

It is time, once again, for the governed to send a message to our elected officials that if they are unable to reign in spending then we will do it for them.

Please vote yes on Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101.

Leon Garot

Glenwood Springs

It’s that time of the year when ghouls and goblins roam the streets knocking on doors and looking for treats. We at the Glenwood Springs Police Department would like to remind folks of some basic safety rules for this Halloween.

1. Costumes should have some reflective material – the more the better.

2. Flashlight or glow sticks add to children’s visibility.

3. Remind kids to walk together, and cross streets at crosswalks and at lighted intersections.

4. Make sure to inspect all treats before they are eaten. Check wrappers for any punctures, opening, or unfamiliar markings. If you don’t know what it is, don’t let them eat it!

5. Don’t eat baked items or other foods unless they come from someone you know.

Each year we see lots of parents walking with their children helping make Halloween a fun, safe, family and community event. Officers will be out in neighborhoods handing out candy, helping slow down traffic, and keeping an eye on the kids as well, but nothing beats mom and dad enjoying a nice (hopefully) Fall evening with the little ones. We look forward to seeing you all on the 31st.

Terry Wilson

Glenwood Springs Police Department

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