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A county landowner is battling Antero Resources to make it honor its contract. Antero has ignored its agreement and is endangering people’s lives now and in the future. It’s attorneys are forcing condemnation of a new easement ignoring one they agreed to, encumbering this owner’s property rights and rendering the remaining parcel worthless.

Since this litigation made headlines the affected landowner has received countless calls from landowners with similar issues, most felt they were going against the tide and relented. This landowner is litigating what could have been avoided if proper procedure existed from the start. Standard practice in construction is to have an individual or independent company inspect and report deviation from accepted practice during construction for the owner.

Apparently Antero doesn’t see the importance of such a position, so the next responsible party must be Garfield County; again it’s the taxpayers covering corporate negligence. Least of all, it shouldn’t be the burden of a landowner to litigate and be the sole voice to ensure his neighbor’s homes aren’t burned, their water ruined by a pipeline failure due to Antero cutting corners. This pipeline is miles of pipe, two convey produced water with contaminants and one for natural gas; either could fail due to improper installation resulting in a catastrophe. Is this the first installation Antero has cut corners on, how many potential lethal installations are there? Antero needs to be held accountable now. The county needs to ensure we will not become another San Bruno, Calif.

Some are reading asking: How bad could it be? This landowner has hired engineers to testify this installation is as negligent of accepted practices as can be achieved. The county has red tagged the project, thanks to the prompting of the landowner. If Antero would honor its contract, if there was a responsible party ensuring the pipe was not backfilled with rocks the size of motors, the attorneys would be looking elsewhere for work.

There will be more pipelines constructed, the county must implement steps to ensure safeguards exist, paid for by the profiteers, taken off the backs of taxpayers.

Ryan Lloyd

New Castle

Tommy Tancredo, a legend in his own hypocritical mind, single handedly destroyed the conservative Republican Party in Colorado resulting in the election of a Democratic governor. How anyone could have voted for this fraud is beyond my comprehension. Why you ask?

Tommy the anti-illegal immigrant crusader is a hypocrite because he hired illegal immigrants to finish his basement constructing a large movie theatre entertainment center where he watches John Wayne war movies. This low-life candidate was a draft-dodger during the Vietnam War being classified as 1Y – mentally incompetent to serve in the armed forces – and if elected governor would have been commander and chief of our National Guard.

Only in America could this happen. Dan Maes was nominated to run as the Republican candidate, but Tommy Boy decided all by himself that Dan was not a viable candidate and that he alone would win the race on name recognition, being a longtime slimy career politician in Colorado.

Spreading lies about Dan Maes destroyed Dan’s chances to succeed. Sorry Tommy, but the only real pathetic person to be destroyed was yourself. You’re finished. Go crawl back to your basement and watch your war movies.

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

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