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Reading John Colson’s Nov. 11 article, “Locals Boycott Silt over Antero support,” I get the impression Mayor Dave Moore presented his letter as though it represented the Board of Trustees’ point of view as well as his. In fact, John Colson says about Dave’s opinion: “from those expressed by him (Dave Moore) and the town trustees.” This is another example of the reporter not doing his homework by listening to the meeting.

Dave Moore presented the letter to the board saying the county commissioners wanted to know the relationship between Antero and the town. There was no mention of the density change on Silt Mesa, and he did not present the letter as supporting the density change.

Mayor Moore wanted the board to vote on the letter, but the board specifically said it did not want the letter representing that there was a vote or consensus of the board. We agreed we couldn’t stop the mayor from writing his own letter to the commissioners, but it was to represent his opinion and not the board’s. My personal feeling is since the board expressly said the letter was his personal opinion, the letter should not have been on town letterhead.

But the point of this letter to the editor is that Mayor Moore’s letter as presented to the board had nothing to do with the change of well density, and the board said it didn’t support his opinions as expressed in his letter.

As a trustee and supporter of my town, I’m sorry people feel they should boycott Silt’s businesses over a misrepresentation of the board discussion. As an individual, I’m really glad the commissioners are not supporting the density change, and I wish we had more control over the frac’ing chemicals.

Nicky Leigh


So Silt is in the news, again.

I would like to comment on two things that I have read recently in this paper.

The first is regarding Dave Moore. I am so tired of the disrespect he receives from people and this paper. I would wager that there are very few people in this valley that Dave’s generosity hasn’t reached. It may not have been you personally, but probably someone you know. They probably don’t even realize help was coming from him.

Dave read a prepared statement to the county commissioners that was neither in favor of nor against the proposed drilling request of Antero. The statement went on to say that no board member had the expertise to wager a decision either way.

This is how I see what happened next:

“Dave is the bad guy because he isn’t on our side.” And “Silt businesses will suffer because the Board of Trustees won’t make a public proclamation on an issue they do not have the expertise to decide on.”

Wake up, people. These businesses aren’t faceless. There are families behind these businesses. There are men and women that work hard to support their children, and you are making them suffer because you don’t like a decision that was made.

Perhaps you should look in the mirror and ask yourself if you like what you see. I thought better of the people in and around Silt to behave so badly. This is nothing more than cruelty. To cause suffering to others to “make our voices heard” is something I will not be part of.

So I will continue to patronize businesses in Silt, and there will be a smile on my face knowing that I am helping my community. I will also say a prayer for those that are filled with such anger that they are willing to hurt others so they might feel their pain.

Doug Williams


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