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We tell students to dream from the moment they walk into our schools. We promise them that if they work hard they can do whatever they want. We ask them to serve their community, volunteer their time, support their teams, and always, always, always do their best.

We are telling them to do their best, but are we, as a community and a country, doing the best we can for them? I am not talking about education reform; I am talking about dreams, American dreams.

I’ve never heard little kids say they want to be legal citizens when they grow up, but now that I’m teaching high school juniors and seniors it’s different: “I want to be a police officer because I want to serve and protect my community, but there’s no way.” “We can’t afford out of state tuition or get loans, so I can’t go to college.”

Illegal aliens people call these children as if they personally broke the law, but I am asking you to reconsider. What do you remember from before you were four years old? Not much I bet. That’s the same for many of these students. Many don’t remember a home other than the U.S. It was not by their choice or their decision that they grew up here, but they have. They have been raised with American values. They have been inculcated in our schools to work hard and all their dreams will come true. They graduate from our schools ready, willing and able to become positive, contributing members of our society. They are Americans minus a piece of paper.

Our students, our schools, and our community need the Dream Act. These kids have the right to dream; we have the responsibility to act.

Thursday, Nov. 18, is the National Day of Action for this cause. Please urge your congressperson to support the Dream Act legislation thus allowing students without criminal backgrounds who have graduated from our high schools to attend college as in-state residents and to then have a set path towards earning permanent residency for themselves.

Lindsay Hentschel


What is really happening here is a total breakdown in three parts:

Part 1: “The rich,” so narcissistic and obsessed with themselves they never ever considered the word “responsibility”. I mean, they took absolutely trash mortgages, put them into a blender and then had an ignorant paid-for government stamp them AAA. These were sold offshore as rated “no risk”. When found to be a total scam we had no alternative other than to live up to the commitment.

Part 2: The American people – (what ever happened to the pronoun “us”) never ever considered the word accountability. Ran up super-high debt at obscene interest rates – forgetting that America is a test not an entitlement. Never considering our kids rank 24th and 27th in math and science, medical care ranks 31st, information infrastructure ranks 21st and … When you combine this myopic view, ignorance and strident self righteousness with Part 1 you have all the ingredients for ED “Empire Downfall” (a kinder and gentler Rome, 3rd century) Which leads to:

Part 3: A government (totally bought and paid for by the rich and neglected by “the American people”. Yell patriotic values and send our kids off to fight in really ill-advised wars which demand we support our troops. And then when they come back with limbs off they are sent to cockroach-infested hospitals. Deflect again as we not only slide, but accelerate off the road into the free fall.) It’s all Pelosi’s fault

And so back to Op-ed devotee Talbott. You are not only still a part of this ignorant state of denial – you deflect by choosing third-party villains . Yell and point all you want, we have a structural problem that will take, well, a lot of hardship and time. I mean, all you moralists have no idea, have no coherent plan you can put on a white board that we might understand … merely lots of self-righteous, ignorant venom

Michael Weinstein

Glenwood Springs

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