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Why is it that the Post Independent always seems to feature liberal cartoonists and other left-wing sources who continue to tell the “big lie,” namely that Republicans are the principal beneficiaries of contributions from Wall Street?

Thursday’s cartoon, which depicts Congressional Republican leaders kissing the backsides of Wall Street, perpetuates this “big lie.” As thoroughly documented in Charles Gasparino’s book, “Bought and Paid For,” Wall Street went heavily for Obama in the 2008 election.

His book demolishes the ongoing myth that Wall Street and Republicans are closely linked, and rather decisively demonstrates that the converse – namely Wall Street and Democrats – are closely linked at the national level, and continue to work together for their mutual benefit.

Moreover, Gasparino cites data from The Center for Responsible Politics, a politically neutral source that monitors campaign contributions, which data discloses that the Securities and Investment industry (a.k.a. “Wall Street”) contributed nearly twice as much to the Obama campaign ($15 million) than to the McCain campaign ($8.7 million) during the 2008 election.

I would suggest that the editors of the Post Independent, and the cartoonists which are featured therein, pull their collective heads out from “where the sun don’t shine” and face what is actually going on in the real world.

John Sargent

Battlement Mesa

From the anglers and boaters who helped eradicate invasive tamarisk along the Colorado River to the hikers and cyclists who helped build new trail on Smuggler Mountain in Aspen, Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers commends all of our volunteers who gave their time in 2010 to improve public lands in the Roaring Fork, Crystal River and Colorado River valleys. RFOV celebrated those accomplishments on Oct. 28 with a volunteer appreciation party hosted by our Volunteer Development Committee and catered by Alex Sobrinho at International Catering.

What made RFOV’s 15th project season outstanding? In 2010, we:

• maintained 26 miles of trail including Scout, Hanging Lake, Highline, Basalt Mountain, Raspberry Creek and American Lake trails;

• constructed two miles of new trail in Glenwood Springs, New Castle and Aspen;

• completed two restoration projects, removing tamarisk along the Colorado River in Glenwood Springs and on the new Smuggler Mountain Open Space in Aspen;

• worked 35 total days in the field, with more than 780 volunteers.

RFOV is a nonprofit that promotes volunteer stewardship of public lands by completing trail work and conservation projects. Since 1995, we have engaged more than 12,800 volunteers on 137 large-scale projects. Also within that time, RFOV has built 26 miles of new trail, helped maintain 241 miles, planted more than 11,200 trees and shrubs and 11 acres of wetlands. In total, RFOV has completed projects worth several million dollars to our public lands and communities. No matter where you live between Aspen and Rifle, if you enjoy the region’s trails, then you are benefiting from RFOV’s work. We rely on volunteers to do the physical labor, while RFOV members, donors, partners and sponsors help fund these important projects.

Help us continue our work by becoming a member or volunteering. Our next event is the Town to Town Tour on Jan. 22. This fundraiser celebrates the Rio Grande Trail with a cross-country ski/snowshoe from Aspen to Basalt. For more information, visit or call 927-8241.

Scott Gordon

board of directors

Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers

I read with great interest the letter about the County Road and Bridge and the money that has been wasted. I would like to ask a question. How is it that the director of Road and Bridge and his assistant were allowed to purchase two 2010 Yukons to the tune of $53,000 apiece?

Why in the world do they need such expensive vehicles just to drive to work and back home? That’s a total of $106,000 that we as taxpayers are paying. Why are these people getting away with this?

Jack Carl


I was so glad to see the front page of the Post Independent regarding the housing proposed at the old CES/CMS football field. At last some common sense is prevailing. A study needing to be done in order to determine how much housing is needed … this should have been the priority all along. I fully agree if you are bent on building units for teachers and others, at least see how many even want this to occur. A start of 32 units may be more than enough. It looks at least like maybe someone has some common sense. Glad to read that this survey needs to happen before tearing all of the place up and it is left empty as so many places are at this time in this recession. Good work.

Jane Spaulding


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