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Mr. Jim Markalunas is a real pillar of the Aspen community.

I have done volunteer work since before I was in first grade. So when Mr. Markalunas asked me to volunteer with him to generate nutritional and pecuniary donations for “Feed My Sheep Ministry” operating in Glenwood Springs, I did so.

Mr. Markalunas was most enjoyable to work with. His gregarious personality and excellent salesmanship approach was uplifting because they are similar to mine, so his leadership helped bring out my best efforts, creativity and encouragement of others.

Also Mr. Markalunas sales presentation and applied exhibition psychology added to my own store house of salesmanship.

It takes courage and proper thoughtful consideration to generate donations unencumbered by those who seek to sabotage your efforts or who lack the proper salesmanship outlook. I have see fear of rejection break many a person or traumatize individuals.

In addition, the same courage and proper thoughtful consideration, when applied to raising funds for charity, investment pools, venture capital and business undertakings, produce much sounder results and minimizes risks.

OPM (other people’s money or other people’s material resources) used in an enterprise is a sacred trust, even though nothing is totally guaranteed. At least you are more assured integrity, accounting controls and best efforts will be operating at all times despite good and bad circumstances arising whether they are anticipated or not.

I do encourage others, unemployed and employed, during these coming days to volunteer with Mr. Markalunas to drum up monetary donations for both the Salvation Army and the Aspen Rotary Club. I guarantee, if you are studious and like self-improvement, you will gain much from exposure to Mr. Markalunas’ sound salesmanship expressed with determined and useful actions.

Fortune favors the bold.

Yours cordially,

Emzy Veazy III, Esq.


I had the privilege of going to Denver last Saturday and watching a great bunch of boys play football from Glenwood. I do not know many of the boys, but have tried to go to all the games I could this season.

They had a wonderful season and I for one have been blessed to watch a great group of young men go so far. The only thing that bothers me is how some of the fans reacted to the officiating of the game. The booing and yelling at the referees was uncalled for and really sends a message to all the boys and girls that that are involved in the game.

My suggestion to the ones involved, and I’m sure you know who you are, next year sign up to be a referee and lets see how good of a job you can do. Again, good job Glenwood. You made us all proud.

Gene Roberts


This is in response to the article about the dog killed by a mountain lion in New Castle recently. Maybe it escapes people that live on or near the mountains, that this is lion country before it is human country.

It seems rather obvious to me that knowing this fact one should build some kind of fence to keep the animals out and dogs in. Another way this could have been prevented is to be a good pet owner and not leave your pets outside when you’re gone.

If the dogs have bad house manners, then the owners could have easily bought a kennel at Wal-Mart or a similar store. This entire situation might never have happened if people didn’t think that the world owes them a living. I know the feeling of losing a dog, but this could have been entirely in the owners’ hands. This is a good lesson in responsibility for all pet owners.

Jeroen Thornton


Now is the time to be heard.

Our government representatives have lost their backbone.

They collectively have squandered away far too many decades in office to achieve little or nothing for the majority of Americans. Now with the current news that President Obama is on the verge of caving in to extending the Bush Tax Cuts it seems the paradigm continues.

Yet at the edge of another dark historical moment, enlightened words of HOPE have been spoken. They come from a speech given by Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont on the floor of the U.S. Senate on Dec. 6.

His words are resonant. Words that echo out from the hearts of all struggling Americans who have been trampled down by the deals made by the panderers of the wealthy in our governing halls.

I want you to listen to those words. Google it, You Tube it, or go to and find the speech in video at his home page. If moved by them as I was, then let your voice be heard.

Write your Senators, Representatives and the President. Tell them it’s time to stand up and speak out as Senator Sanders has for the majority of Americans. It’s time to end the collapse of the Middle Class. It’s time to alter the burden of taxation in America. Most definitely it’s time to end the manipulation of the American Government by the ultra-wealthy one percent.

It’s time to speak up!

Mike Weed


Being one of the people who had the pleasure of spending one year of their junior high school at the Hotel Colorado, I want to thank Joyce Bulifant and Roger Perry and all those associated with the production of “Grand Old Dame” this last weekend at the Hotel Colorado. The musical play supported a great cause “abused children” and personally was a wonderful trip down memory lane.

The Hotel Colorado has many wonderful stories swirling about it and some very personal memories for me. These include swimming in the hotel pool where the courtyard is now located, sitting in the spring sun on the rock the Hotel Colorado and the Hot Springs Pool, seeing the lady on the swing over the bar, meeting friends at the upper parking lot to hike up to and explore the “fairy cave”, going to the Colorado Mountain College office downstairs to fill out paperwork to teach my first CMC class, and dinners sponsored by Dave Harmon and students for the sister city cause. Even taking a math class from one of my best math teachers ever, Mrs. Ralston.

Some 50 years ago as a student in those junior high classes, I could never imagine that I would still be going to the Hotel Colorado enjoying a play about its history and the colorful characters who stayed there, a love story that could have started in one of those junior high classes and seeing my granddaughters perform in a musical play about these events. Thanks again to the Colorado Hotel and all the wonderful people who gave me this history to my life.

Bob Kelley

Retired professor biology/math

Athletes all know the workout axiom: no pain, no gain. Republican politicians have changed that around as they tell the American people: your pain is our gain.

The Republican Party has adopted a strategy to block every attempt to improve the country’s economic problems. They believe that they will win back the White House in 2012 if economic conditions continue to worsen. The more misery among the voters, the better they expect to do. It is all about the power.

As Naomi Klein’s book, “The Shock Doctrine: the Rise of Disaster Capitalism,” points out, right-wing power uses both man-made and natural disasters to thwart or tear down democratic institutions. This is a worldwide phenomenon that has already been used in the U.S. following the 9-11 attacks and the hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

The right wing smells blood in the water. Right now is their best chance to strangle Social Security, Medicare, unions, public schools, financial regulations, progressive taxation and environmental protection. All public services, federal and local, will go on the block to privatization. If you think the rich have been getting richer, you haven’t seen anything yet.

The propaganda machine is in full swing to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Obama now looks like a punch drunk fighter on the ropes. He’ll be face down on the mat in no time. Democrats are running like rats getting off a sinking ship.

Will the American People “come to” and fight back? We’ll have to see.

Patrick Hunter


According to Damien Gallegos’s letter on Dec. 2, 2010, anyone opposing the “dream act” is a ranting, raving, pessimistic, ignorant, hateful, racist fascist. My goodness! Can we say anger management?

Tell me Damien, would you tolerate a stranger breaking into your home who demanded his “right” to live there? Your dreaming act is just a first step in giving blanket amnesty to the 15 to 20 million illegal strangers who have broken into our country.

You, Damien, support thieves who steal U.S. jobs from American citizens of all races. You support cowards who run away from their homeland’s problems to hide here. You ask us to respect your “struggles” while you spit on our sovereignty.

We American citizens are not the ignorant ones here. Unlike Damien, we have a firm grasp on reality. Can you say naïve, Damien?

Bruno Kirchenwitz


The Nov. 30 edition of the Post Independent carried an article on the newly formed Colorado River Watershed Partnership (“Partnership”). The Post made a seemingly modest change to the story – no doubt with harmless intent – that warrants some clarification. Specifically, the term “watchdog group” was used to describe the Partnership.

As a member of the Partnership’s steering committee, I would like to clarify that this term does not accurately characterize the group’s purpose or its efforts. The Partnership is truly what its name implies – an open-invitation, collaborative group of individuals and organizations with a variety of interests and perspectives. The common vision, however, is the sustained vitality of our region supported by a healthy, functioning watershed.

The emerging spirit of the Partnership is one of resource management and sustainability, including protection and stewardship of the watershed, but not environmental activism. We want to see this uniquely valuable resource continue to support a multitude of activities and uses for ourselves and our children. The livelihoods of so many of us depend, either directly or indirectly, on the Middle Colorado River Watershed being the functional resource it is.

Our watershed provides our drinking water, reclaims and carries away our wastes, waters our gardens, maintains our golf greens, sustains our fish, cools our power plants, floats our rafts and kayaks, frac’s our gas wells, feeds our hot springs, nourishes our wildlife, spins our hydroelectric turbines, supports our riparian zones and biodiversity, and serves as the centerpiece of a stunning landscape. If you are interested in contributing to the Partnership’s work, please contact Clark Anderson at (970) 384-4364.

Warren Swanson

Glenwood Springs

Has anyone checked into what Pelosi and Reid have in the Dream Act? I would not object to this new law being enacted except for the fact that it covers any Illegal up to and including the age of 35. Why does the bill not cut off at the age of 18?

If it just included those that are brought here before high school, I could understand the need. If they are in school now and speak English, then they should be allowed to become citizens, they should also be taking the citizenship test.

What about the parents, if they have been here for years and never have tried to become citizens, then they also should be taking the citizenship test? That should be a requirement. The new citizens should not be allowed to bring any and all relatives here to the U.S.

This bill has no checks and balances with it. As you well know our government, once a bill has passed, it just moves on to the next big thing. No one in our government will see that all of the criteria spelled out in the bill is ever followed. What about the criminal element?

They just picked up 36 law breakers the other day. Most were criminals, most had been deported before.

Yet, they were still coming into Colorado. What’s the criteria for that?

You still want that type of person to become a citizen? Someone going to check the ages?

Jane Spaulding


I was asked by Commissioner Martin to make a statement of the working relationship that the Town of Silt had with Antero Gas Company. I stated that the Town of Silt offers no “professional statement on the gas well spacing.” We do commend Antero for the demonstration and execution of the high level of principals manifested in the fulfillment of all their verbal and written agreements. They have provided many jobs, and have given immediate attention to the concerns of the Town and its citizens. Not to mention their financial generosity.

Please allow me to express my heartfelt concerns.

I support the fair and reasonable laws that govern the gas industry. I support clean air, water and the protection of our ecosystem, including dust and noise control.

So what does the gas industry bring to our Town and Community? Hundreds of jobs, millions of tax dollars that goes to municipalities, governments, educational systems, health industry, fire departments, nonprofit organizations, boy scouts, 4-H, and the list goes on. Did you know that 66-74 percent of the taxes that our county collects come from the gas industry?

What would happen if the gas industry were to leave?

The health system as we know it would be damaged, and many would lose Health Care Insurance. Our educational system would be devastated, roads and bridge projects would come to a halt, and businesses would go bankrupt and leave. (Remember “Black Sunday” May 2, 1982.) No money to purchase fire trucks and hire firemen. Ambulance service impaired. School teachers and government employees would take a huge financial hit and be laid off. Restaurants and businesses would close. Even lawyers would go bankrupt.

Believe it or not, the Post Independent employees would also be looking for work. Again the list is endless.

I honestly don’t get it. As Mayor I care for the people. Do we really what our main industry to leave?

Dave Moore


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