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As a past Chief Officer of Burning Mountains Fire, I applaud the actions of Chiefs McLin, Morgan and Piper in formulating Automatic Aid agreements and initializing discussions of taking that further, even to the possibility of a three department consolidation.

Although budgetary concerns do have some impact in this thinking, the greatest driver is that of providing service for every individual requesting emergency service. The men and women of these departments often train together, go on calls together and function to meet the needs of the people they serve.

I concur that there needs to be a lot of questions answered before and during this exploration. However, I must remind the respective “Boards” that this isn’t about them and their control or who sits on the “unified” board. It is about providing service to the taxpayers and visitors who utilize this service.

Board members and the Chiefs will have decisions to make – tough ones. If as Mayor Christensen states, only one member is from Glenwood Springs city and one from the Glenwood Rural Fire District, compared to two from Burning Mountains and Rifle, remember it isn’t about who has the most voting capability, its about trust that all members will consider all options and make decisions for the good of the people who they are elected to serve. When a board member is chosen, no matter whose District he/she is from, their responsibility is that for the whole new district, both in budgetary and service/operation concerns.

Remember that there are career (paid) firefighters and volunteers that provide these essential emergency services. They train to the same level and hold the same State certifications, they have the same commitment and love for what they do. I have the greatest respect for both. They are still brothers and sisters in the brotherhood of firefighters.

Please encourage your respective Boards to engage this opportunity to provide service to the taxpayers. Trust the “Consolidated Board” to make the right decisions. I’ve trusted the three Chiefs (Piper, McLin and Morgan) with my life. I will trust them to make the right administrative and operations decisions.

Stuart K. Cerise

West Valley, Utah

I support Jan Nutter and the citizens of Silt who have concerns about the gas rigs next to their subdivision. I think everyone can agree that YES… we all need natural gas to heat our homes. However, it is a reality that the gas companies tread hard and heavy, creating an imbalance. Our right to an unpolluted environment is just as valid as the gas companies’ right to drill, yet they believe their business trumps everything, and anyone who steps in to oppose them is wrong.

I do remember Dave Moore’s picture in the paper when he was standing along the roadside watching as water trucks from the rigs pounded holes in the pavement, and he had proposed charging them a toll, so I do know that he is aware of the impacts to our area. We need Dave’s blunt approaches more than ever now. I know he will not let his community be overrun or run over.

I would like to remind him and the Silt Town Council and Garfield County Commissioners that money in our coffers from gas revenues is great, but nobody will be living here in our community because of the tainted environment. If you give Antero a cookie, they’re gonna want a glass of milk.

Mary Blichmann


The Hotel Colorado, the “Grande Ole Dame,” often unappreciated or misunderstood, presides with great dignity over her land at the foot of the Roaring Fork Valley. She was at times a place for the wealthy to play, at other times for soldiers to convalesce. She was both appreciated and abused in her past, but never, until now, truly brought to life, and what a life, through music and artistic talent.

On Saturday night, Nov. 27, as the program so aptly stated, “A romantic musical woven into the historic tapestry and legends of The Hotel Colorado” was born. A cast of gifted and uniquely talented local volunteers flawlessly and brilliantly performed “Grande Ole Dame,” a masterful musical created and produced by Joyce Bulifant and her husband Roger Perry. Both Joyce and Roger have a lifetime of achievement in stage, television, film and the arts. But their past success is only a means to give back and to help others. Most recently it was to create this original musical, “The Grand Ole Dame,” a view of the hotel’s rich history, as seen through the eyes of a mother and two young children and their grandpa, who left his heart there as a young man. They wrote the book (the play), music and lyrics of this big-league, original musical worthy of Broadway; one which educates the young about the past, brings back sweet memories for the old, and rivets an entire audience with tears and laughter.

Benefiting Childhelp River Bridge, an Advocacy Center for Abused Children, Joyce, Roger and the dedicated cast from the Roaring Fork Valley raised a nice sum of money for a cause close to Joyce’ heart. But this musical biography and touching love story is not merely a local event based on a local hotel. It is, rather, a grand musical with wonderful characters of the hotel’s rich past; a romantic story and a historic look at not a Greenbriar or a Broadmoor, but a hotel with a rich history undiscovered by much of this country.

This little musical could have a big future.

Rick Graves


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