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Mr. Moore misses a few key points himself in his Dec. 5 letter to the PI.

A “market-driven” oil shale technology will not develop unless the externalities of the expense of any development continue to be subsidized by the government in the form of exemptions from the clear air and water act. If we see, and the industry were to pay for, the impacts (known and unknown) the process entails, it would be a ridiculous no-go.

The reality of global warming with increased carbon dioxide threatening life as we know it, makes this process, which uses energy to produce energy, silly. This is not to mention water.

The oil companies could make good money, however, just selling back to us the water rights Mr. Moore so correctly notes they possess. Since we know “market driven” means profit driven, perhaps shale development will drop off the agenda when the evil twin gas companies (inevitably) finally frack up our water. At that point, a “barrel” of clean water will be worth a barrel of oil. Or maybe that’s the plan as in that case, the water would be unfit for humans, and silly shale development (or further frac’ing) is all it would be good for. Is a sacrifice zone possibly what we will become?

The name of Mr. Moore’s organization, “Environmentally Conscious Consumers for Oil Shale,” is cruelly ironic, as anyone environmentally conscious sees how bereft of merit oil shale is as a fuel source.

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

I read an article about people such as Asra Nomani, a Muslim who was said to make money spreading fear of Muslims.

It made me think that terms they use such as “justifiable fear,” and “people who look Muslim” sound just like rhetoric used by The Workers Party, whose name was changed to include the words National Socialist. Thus the name was then The National Socialist Workers Party. You know, The National Socialist German Workers Party, the “Nazi” Party. But that could not happen here. Could it?

Do you know what race of people make up the majority of people who belong to the Muslim religion? Can you describe what they are likely to look like? If you said to yourself “Arab,” you are wrong. If you said to yourself “black,” you are wrong.

Do you have freedom of religion? If you think that you can have freedom of religion in this country and the Muslims do not have the same considerations as you, you are wrong. If they can be denied those rights, so can you, and the terrorists have succeeded.

Should we profile Hispanics? Should we profile Asian people? Asian people make up the majority of people who belong to the Muslim religion. Should we profile religious groups?

Perhaps we should sew letters on our lapel to identify ourselves. B for Baptist, C for Catholic, a star for the Jewish, etc. Mine would be an A, but does that stand for Agnostic, or Atheist? How should I be profiled? How should you be profiled?

Greg Sisk

Glenwood Springs

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