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Why do you allow Ross Talbott to write a column? Please read Monday’s rant and tell me how he is not an ignorant, racist bigot. I take issue with practically every sentence in it. Plus his writing is atrocious. He uses no transitions whatsoever. Most importantly, his throws out pseudo facts with no support. Does this paper have no journalistic standards? If I had handed in his opinion pieces to my English teachers in college or even high school, I would have surely gotten a failing grade, but this paper prints his work every week. Since when is proselytizing an accepted journalistic technique? Does he really say that Democracy cannot exist without Christianity? Has he ever heard of India, the world’s largest Democracy? How about the Iroquois, those “infidels” who never heard of Jesus yet established a functional democracy along the east coast that inspired our founding fathers, do they count?

He goes on to write the next 18 sentences that are both unsubstantiated and insulting. Where in the Bible does one find corporate responsibility? How can he write that the theory of evolution “justifies the killing of millions of the inferior people to purify the species” without any proof. Is he talking about abortion or what? “We moved and set hundreds of mobile homes until someone figured it could be a source of government revenue.” Huh???… “At the same time our leaders are denigrating Christianity, which contains the values and principles that made America great.” What leaders, and what exactly did they say or do? So what if someone denigrates Mr. Talbott’s religion? His articles denigrate all others.

If the editors of this paper feel that the narrow-minded and unsubstantiated opinions of Mr. Talbott and his ilk must be represented, at least make Mr. Talbott meet the same academic and journalistic standards as all other columnists. There is so much wrong here that I find it difficult to express my disgust in 350 words.

Dan Bokenko


Over the past few months, the talk of the valley has been about the drilling on Silt Mesa and Peach Valley. The newest topic of discussion is whether or not Antero should be granted permission to increase the well density from 1 well per 160 acres to 1 well per 10 acres. This proposal is very logical for several reasons.

The first reason is that it allows the drilling company to obtain all of the gas in the 160-acre parcel. With the current regulations only a fraction of the natural gas can be captured, which doesn’t make sense. Being able to capture all of the gas allows the owners of the minerals to receive much more royalties compared to the current system.

The next point is that by putting more natural gas into the market it cuts down the nation’s carbon footprint because natural gas produces half of the carbon dioxide that coal does. Natural gas is the leading fuel of the future and is estimated to be 25 percent of our energy consumption by 2030. It makes wind and solar reasonable because those energies still require some sort of fuel to build them and install them.

The final reason is that 190,000 people are employed in the oil and gas industry in Colorado. By increasing the density it would keep those jobs and help stimulate the local economy. Major oil and gas counties report some of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. In Colorado during the recent recession, the unemployment rate hit 5.8 percent, but in gas counties the rate only reached 4.2 percent on average. In gas states the unemployment rates were nearly 2 percent lower; Colorado’s unemployment rate is at 5.8 percent compared to the national average of 7.2 percent. Also the industry produces the majority of the revenue for Garfield County; 85 percent of county’s revenue is brought in through permits and other taxes on the gas companies. Overall, the numerous economic benefits that these drill rigs pose, outweighs the criticism that they receive.

Austin Strong


I love reading the letters to the editor from citizens from Glenwood Springs and Carbondale condemning the gas industry in towns like Silt and Parachute driving our local economy.

I notice that there are no letters from Silt and Parachute residents regarding anything going on in Glenwood and Carbondale. Is it because the only real economy there is serving meals and selling overpriced items to the wealthy tourists heading to Aspen?

Trent Kite


Tresi Houpt has proven to be one of the most divisive, polarizing figures in Western Colorado. That is why it’s hard to believe the Gunnison County Commissioners are authoring a support letter for her active bid to become the Director of the Colorado Department of Local Affairs.

Surely there is someone from Western Colorado who is a balanced, reasoned consensus builder and not a divisive, controversial ideologue. Governor-elect Hickenlooper so far has made good on his promise to apply balance to his cabinet and transition process. Tresi Houpt in this role would diverge from that promise a be a thorn in the governor-elect’s side.

Herb Stover


Tom Baker has truly been a town manager who works for the people of Carbondale. I have been fortunate to be able to work with Tom on several matters concerning the business community here in Carbondale.

Right now Tom is meeting with several business owners to work out plans for the Sheepdog Trials coming to our town next September. That event will bring several thousand visitors to town at a time when we most need the business. Tom has also helped spearhead a plan to bring additional parking to downtown Carbondale.

If we are going to be a viable downtown, we have to have more parking. That plan has a good chance to succeed thanks to Tom. And the list goes on. Read between the lines: Tom really cares about our town. Let’s show our thanks to Tom by letting our mayor and our trustees know that we care about Tom.


Skip Bell


I’ve heard and read a lot of democrats state we can’t afford to give the “rich” a tax cut. First, it’s not a tax cut, these rates have been in place for 10 years. Second, you can’t give what is not yours. It’s not your money to give, they earned it, not you. Third, it does not cost anything to “cut,” extend the current tax rates. What we can’t afford is for Congress to continue spending money like we can just print more, oh wait they already do that. Congress says it will cost $700 billion to extend these current rates. What they mean is they will not have that money to spend on other wasteful projects.

The top 1 percent of income earners paid 38.02 percent of the total taxes received in 2008. The top 5 percent paid 58.72 percent. How much more should these people pay? The bottom 50 percent, those making 33k or less, paid just 2.7 percent. Now take into account who received a refund. If you got back, equal to or more then you paid, then you did not pay taxes. You may have received a hand out.

It’s time for Congress to adopt a new tax code, i.e. the Fair Tax. In a nutshell the Fair Tax is applied when you purchase a product or service, and not on your income. People who are paid in cash will now contribute based on what they spend. This creates a whole new revenue source and no one goes without paying taxes. Remember those attack ads that said Ken Buck wanted to raise you taxes 23 percent, that was absolutely false. He favored the Fair Tax, eliminate the income tax and pay roughly 23 percent on the money you spend.

The American citizen needs to do some research. Don’t take my word for it, don’t take anyone’s word for it. Check the facts for yourself and then make your own decision. Congress works for you – allegedly – so hold them accountable.

That’s my 2 cents (.008 adjusted for inflation.)

Bryan Fleming


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