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Allysia Finley’s post midterm appraisal of California’s politics published in the Wall Street Journal is correct regarding California’s dominant Democrat party’s machine. California’s economy is far too strong to be seriously affected by politicians.

California’s government, according to the astute Ms. Finley, is run by a brothel of environmentalists, lawyers, public sector unions, and legislative bums. Saboteur environmentalists would be more specifically correct in her appraisal.

California has many superior schools of higher education from La Jolla in the far south to Davis in the far north and many in between that produce and attract leading-edge bold scientists and entrepreneurs, who contribute to its $1.8 trillion GDP economy, which is larger than that of Brazil or Russia.

California leads the nation in agricultural production because of those involved and its climate and fertile Sacramento-San Joaquin and Imperial valleys. It also leads because of its advanced technology along with research organizations such as, but far from limited to, Cisco, Google and Exxon-Mobil. California’s richest agricultural counties have agricultural commissioners whose job is to protect it from such as the Mediterranean fruit fly, phylloxera and ground squirrels, and ensure that its products are top quality.

If California were a country, it would be in the G8. No other state cracks the top 10. The energy consumption index per capita, is based on 1970 at 100. The rest of the U.S. is 103 whereas California is 82. Population percentages; California first followed by the nation’s number, Asian13-5, Black 7-13, Latino 37-15, White 42-66. All above Life Magazine figures are based on year 2008.

California is the leading edge of America but most other states are very competitive. America covers a much greater range of longitude and latitude than California and still unknown natural resources. Engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs create our economy.

The Golden State was aided by the gold miners’ rush to California from everywhere. Agriculture needed to develop fast to help feed everyone. California leads our nation, which owes so much to our founding fathers, the statesmen who gave us our Constitution.

The Republicans now have a potential statesmen and a potential stateswoman.

Dooley P. Wheeler Jr.


Have you noticed the words that get added to our language during the holiday season? It seems we hear and read the words peace and joy among others more this time of year than any other.

One of my favorite things about YouthZone is that we are in the peace and joy business all year-round. Young people and their families walk through the doors of YouthZone bringing their frustration, sadness, anger and hurt. It is written on their faces, evident in their countenance and clear from their words.

Something magical happens when people are listened to and supported with professional guidance in an environment without judgment. I watch families leave YouthZone with smiles on their faces, sharing a laugh with our staff, and ready to face the world in a new way.

Are you wishing for more peace and joy in your family? It is a gift that you can give this season. Call us to help. We are a phone call away with offices in Rifle, Glenwood Springs, Carbondale and Aspen.

Consider a gift certificate for a YouthZone parent consultation or other services for someone on your list. Call us at 945-9300.

Your partner in spreading more peace and joy,

Debbie Wilde

YouthZone, executive director

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