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I support all Dan Bokenko’s 12/16 comments regarding Ross Talbott’s ignorance, prejudices and poor command of the English Language. It reflects badly on your newspaper to continue publishing such hateful drivel.

Many of your readers, myself included, believe that you publish Mr. Talbott in part to provide balance to Hal Sundin’s progressive columns and indeed, such balance is warranted. Unfortunately, Mr. Talbott’s ignorance and limited writing ability appear almost comical next to the educated, intelligent and erudite writings with which Mr. Sundin graces our community. It is certainly appropriate for any newspaper to publish columns about religion, values and ethics. And it is not inappropriate for such a columnist to comment on how religious values can be expressed (or ignored) in business and government. But Mr. Talbott’s ongoing insistence that Christianity (which he apparently feels deeply but understands superficially) offers the only worthwhile frame of reference for human life is not only ignorant, it is truly un-American.

Please (please, please) – find us another local individual to represent conservative viewpoints and religious ethics in the Post Independent.

Ron Kokish


Your article Saturday on the oil and gas situation in Silt was well written, yet it did have a most disturbing quote in it that should have raised concerns not just for Silt residents, but for every resident of Garfield.

Antero declares, “It should never be the job of the regulated to prove that the regulator’s rules are adequate.”

Are we, the residents of Garfield County, to be “THE REGULATED” then? I suppose we are to just take whatever Antero or “THE REGULATORS” give us, or decide what is best for us without question? Statements, such as the one Antero used, have started uprisings, mutiny and yes, even wars. It is not only our right, it is our duty as residents of Garfield County to question every action and step Antero takes in this county!!! And it is your duty, residents of Garfield County, to stand up and fight back! Fight for your land, your water. But most importantly, fight for the health and safety of your family, your neighbors and your friends … FIGHT BACK!

Kenny Ray Straight


A couple of recent letters to the editor have given me reason to ponder and pen some thoughts. I have found that great men are somewhat hard to find. There is no doubt they exist, but many have been swallowed into the shadows of our cities where they are wooed by the sirens of greed and power.

We country folk, we small town people, we rednecks have often avoided this siren’s song and remain true to the principles of integrity, honesty, truthfulness and honor. The problem is we rarely have time to step out from behind the plow to comment on the plight of our fellow man and our nation. When we do take this chance it is often to be cursed and jeered for we are outsiders to the urban cries of the selfish greed and power.

There is one man among us who has had the occasion to do such a thing and has on occasion been subject to the stones of those who may have long forgotten those chivalrous principles of old. I, for one, appreciate Ross Talbott’s willingness to step out and be counted; to lay his opinion on the line. Though he is a self-acknowledged novice and no literary giant, his thought and experiences are laced with wisdom of years that few have had the privilege of witnessing as up close as I.

And I, in this time of giving, recognize that few have sacrificed and given so much for others in this valley and abroad. I for one am proud to have witnessed and been a part of this generosity. I know through his example and teaching that the greatness of a man is not measured by his willingness to learn or adhere to some journalistic standard or demonstrate literary skill, but instead it is measured by one’s willingness to stand and be counted for your beliefs even when stones are being thrown.

I am proud to call Ross Talbott my friend and my father. Merry Christmas and may Christ once again bless this great nation in spite of its public scoffing at his name.

Russell Talbott

son of Ross Talbott

New Castle

That was the nicest Christmas Present ever before Christmas to see the story, Hidden Gems shot down for now? Back to the drawing board. I am sure that Jared Polis will probably be paid handsomely to reintroduce the proposal again. Yet there may be other pressing matters higher on the agenda of the new Congress. Now on to Scott Tipton, please email and call him and let him know that not everyone is for the Hidden Gems agenda for Pitkin and Garfield and Gunnison Counties.

I am sure they will offer the newly-elected Tipton their undying gratitude if he will just go to Congress with a new proposal. Let’s hope that Mr. Tipton will not fall for their lousy tactics. I hope that he will tend to get an opinion from all sides.

There are more sides than what Sloan Shoemaker would like for you to believe. I bet this was a blow to their egos since the first proposal before Congress has been dismissed in this lame duck session. Lets hope all of the new Congress members feel there are more important things in life than a designated Wilderness Area in Colorado!!! Just some thoughts regarding those that run other people’s lives.

Jane Spaulding


I would like to thank Jacque Ninnemann for her letter to the editor of Dec. 20. So that Ms. Ninnemann, and others interested in the case, will know, there is no crime of “involuntary manslaughter” in the State of Colorado. I appreciate the input into this heart-wrenching case.

Martin C. Beeson

District Attorney

9th Judicial District

Glenwood Springs

Great Job to all the cast, sponsors, and support team that made the Vaudeville Revue possible. I had never in my life been such an event and wanted to express my sincere enjoyment of the evening. I was so impressed by the all talented and hard working people of the Revue. The singing, dancing, and props made the whole experience warm and humorous. The dinner wasn’t bad either! It was great to see old friends and familiar faces. It reminded me how blessed I am to be a part of this incredible valley. Thanks to the Sedillo’s for having me along. I look forward to attending another revue. Merry Christmas everybody.

Kenneth J. Smullen


Just to clarify Mr. Shroll, I am not anti-God, I am anti-Christian. Nor am I a left winger as I maintain my independence. I am left leaning on some issues and right leaning on others. By the way, the anti-Christian movement in this country dates back at least to Thomas Jefferson and his contemporaries. But the reason I am responding to your letter is because of your use of the straw man argument. From this letter and ones past and your referring to Ross Talbot as brother, I can surmise that you are a conservative. It is the conservatives that get the most mileage from the straw man argument.

A straw man is defined as a fallacious argument that distorts the other person’s opinion or without logic jumps to, or includes unrelated issues. When you wrote about how crappy a place India is, you put forth a straw man argument. I never stated, inferred or implied that India is a nice place. I only stated that India is a non-Christian democracy, which it is. I also used the Iroquois as an example, but you, somehow without support, leapt to a diatribe about immigration. I never mentioned immigration and you have no way of knowing my stance on the issue, so that is a straw man. Then you wrote what I think is a crude attempt to insult me. So there is no misunderstanding, I will not leap for joy when I find out a call center clerk in New Delhi has language skills.

As far as removing God from schools, again I said nothing about that so I don’t know where that came from. Also on the list of things I did not mention is the difference between a democracy and a republic. Finally in your last paragraph, you told me that Mr. Talbott has the right to express himself, I agree and never wanted him to stop. My disagreement is with the editor of this paper for not holding Mr. Talbott to a high standard. Unlike you sir, I read opinions of those with whom I disagree.

Dan Bokenko

Glenwood Springs

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