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Regarding Ross Talbott’s 12/19 letter:

Ross, the conclusion of your letter has nothing to do with your condemnation of the economic stresses your neighbors are going through. Nor does it have anything to do with the response of the “Bearcat” to your Apple Tree Park. Once again you have demonstrated a sub-standard ability to present a chain of thought from beginning to end.

What, exactly, is your point? That economic downturns have led to an increase in stress levels in the Roaring Fork Valley? That you love the “Bearcat”? That you object to the perceptions some of your fellow citizens have regarding the occasional goings-on in that park you own? Or is it really that you’re irritated because some people give us their opinions using a “handle” or “nickname” when posting comments in these Op-ed pages, thus making it harder for you to identify them? Get over yourself. You don’t get to know everything about everybody all the time. It’s part of that whole “Freedom of Speech” concept. We are who we are, we think what we think, and we get to say so – out loud.

I don’t think you are really interested in hearing honest – even if untraceable – responses to your columns. I simply think you don’t like online comments because you want everyone to use our real names for retribution’s sake.

So here I am, condemning you for lousy writing skills and less-than-stellar contributions to the public dialogue. Dare I hope you will deign to take a remedial-English writing class at CMC? They’re not that expensive, or time-consuming. I triple-dog-dare you to get better at the column-writing (and letter-writing) we get to read so regularly. You opine so much; it’s the least you could do. Look, I’m signing my name, too. Satisfied?

Becky Penn

Glenwood Springs

It’s Christmas time in Washington

The presents have been wrapped with care

While Mr. Scrooge and his chums are rejoicing

All the Bob Cratchets should beware

Joy to the World, from Washington

From those with a distorted world view

With so much need for so many

The gifts will benefit but a few

The ghosts of Christmas did not come calling to Washington

Hearts remained cold to Human need

The Story that is told is the Story of old

A story of suffering and Greed

Perhaps in the sky a new star will appear

A new champion of the people will arise

One who will stand against the oppressors

And wipe these tears from our eyes

This is the season of joy, remember?

The Angels sang from above

Cheer and goodwill to all mankind

Peace and Harmony and Love

Gather friends and family near you

Be grateful and thankful and kind

And hold to the thought it’s not the presents you bought

But presence that makes it so fine.

Rick Davis

Glenwood Springs

In a PI Voices letter on Dec. 23 Mr. Straight writes that he thinks the Antero statement, “… it is never the job of the regulated to prove that the regulators’ rules are adequate.” Comprehensive reading skills are apparently not one of Mr. Straight’s best talents when he states the regulated are the County citizens.

Mr. Straight, the regulated are the oil companies on national, state and county levels. The statement by Antero means its not their job to prove a negative or judge the regulations controlling their activities. However, companies will dispute unwarranted proposed rules. Think about it, Sir.

The most offensive letter in Voices recently was authored by Mr. Jonathan Angelo. Without giving factual data he accused our Garfield County Commissioners with being … “bought off by the oil companies.” I doubt the county will do it, but Mr. Angelo has slandered elected officials and could be sued. It would probably be like squeezing juice out of a raisin so the end wouldn’t warrant the pursuit.

Fear not, oh ye of little faith! Gas drilling operations are for our benefit. As an alternative we could get a ballot item to approve legalized gambling for the Mesa and Parachute. If passed, we acquire a substitute for current taxable property and production income.

Happy New Year!

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

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