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I only have one question:

Not to take anything away from the great success Glenwood Springs High School is having in athletics, but why are they always being reported on more then any other school in Garfield County? I hardly see anything about Grand Valley High School much less the other schools in the county.

Most of the time there is a full page about the Glenwood Springs Demons and little blurbs, if that is what you want to call them, about Coal Ridge, Rifle, Grand Valley, etc. I am sure all their athletic programs are pretty successful and worth more then a blurb.

Heck there was not even any coverage of the states biggest wrestling tournament (Warrior Classic).

I would love to read more local sports about more local schools then just Glenwood.

Mike Salazar


Editor’s note: With a one-person sports department, the Post Independent has had to accept that it will not be able to please everyone. With five high schools and numerous boys and girls sports running concurrently, prep sports reporting is a daunting task. Coaches can help by calling in scores to (970) 384-9123 or e-mailing them to

“We’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet, For auld lang syne” is taken from the poem Robert Burns wrote in 1788. Later set to music, it’s become a New Years tradition, provoking a nostalgic view of the past year with a positive look to the year ahead.

Year 2010 can be described many ways – perhaps the best would be that “it’s over!”

A “word summary” produces much negativity, starting with publicity of the Christmas Day bomber’s explosive underwear, enacting an unpopular health-care bill, unemployment higher than 9 percent, polarization overcoming bipartisanship, congressional lack of transparency, oil rig explosion and other “man-caused” disasters, billions in bailouts, trillions in debt, Wiki-Leak disclosures, hostage taker accusations, etc.

Notice, none are to be blamed on the current administration -all are Bush’s fault.

Well, that’s history; now let’s dwell on the future. Drinking from my “cup of kindness” here’s my predictions:

• November “shellacking” destroys “politics as usual”

• “sixtysome” newly elected congressional representatives live up to their promises

• “unhealthy” health bill repealed

• bills enacted with full disclosure and thorough perusal

• pork “diminished” to only “worthy” projects

• president realizes leadership is not a teleprompter skill

• in spite of “Incompitano” Homeland Security improves in sealing the borders

• private sector recovery spurs economic growth, unemployment plummets

• national media provides “fair and balanced” political coverage

My wish list wouldn’t be complete without reference to our local area:

• harmony will prevail, overcoming controversy, enabling the Garfield County commissioner to act on matters that will restore our economy and improve the housing market

• those who have been critical of Ross Talbott will better understand the vital journalistic role he plays in our society by properly educating those who are influenced by the liberal national press. The primary objective of Mr. Talbott is merely to set the record straight.

The Post Independent enhances its “independent” image by continuing to sponsor his column.

“Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and auld lang syne?”

God bless America and Happy New Year.

Richard Doran


Russell Talbott believes that the criticism that Ross Talbott has been getting is throwing stones, ignoring the criticism that Ross gives in his columns. Would that not be Ross throwing stones?

I would like to see the Post Independent find another to write the column in place of Ross Talbott and believe his opinions should be left to the letters to the editor. I have nothing against Ross – I have never met the man. Ross must have done something right. I respect the fact that his son Russell wrote a letter to the editor in defense of his father. He obviously loves and respects his father. Really the problem is with the Post Independent.

I am on the same page with Ron Kokish: Find us another local individual to represent conservative viewpoints and religious ethics.

Kyle Timmer


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