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Ross Talbott’s column is a unique thing. I don’t always agree with him; in fact I often disagree with him. However, the views, as presented by Ross, make me stop and think. They make me justify my own ideas, ideals and position in life. Sometimes my thoughts don’t change, sometimes a re-alignment is necessary, and sometimes I am enlightened by Ross’s views.

His position and comments are not geared at instilling anger in anyone, just making them think a different way about issues we all face. It may not change your basic political view, religious preference, or how you perceive life on a daily basis, but perhaps it will change the process of how you make those decisions and may, indeed, temper them somewhat. That tempering may reinforce your own views even more, or it may soften a harsh view of something.

As an adult with my own convictions, thoughts and preferences, I utilize many sources of information to form them. Printed media (newspapers, books, magazines), audio/visual media (television, radio, Internet), social networking (friends, family, e-mail, Facebook), and, yes, even columns such as Ross’s are used to formulate my look on life. Sometimes you have to laugh at our own processes we use to formulate them. What better way to know the questions and their answers, than to understand the “other side”?

Understand all who address it … on both sides.

Stuart K. Cerise

West Valley, Utah

I’ve been following the back-and-forth letters from Mr. Bokenko and Mr. Shroll for the last couple of weeks. I find they both have interesting viewpoints, but one particular statement from Mr. Shroll has led me to chime in. In his Dec. 26 letter, Mr. Shroll writes, “The example of our schools sends the message that if God is asked to leave He does. The result of His leaving is shown by the loss of our educational status worldwide. God is on trial in the U.S. courts will you not agree?”

No, I won’t agree. How can anyone force God to go away, since he’s supposed to be omnipotent and omnipresent? As long as individuals hold their God in their hearts, God will never be gone. The abysmal state of our educational system is caused by the absence of funding. As long as elected representatives allocate taxpayer monies to other priorities, Dick and Jane will continue to struggle with the basic “three R’s.”

God is not on trial in America. If he were, wouldn’t he have to answer for bigger things like cancer in babies, wars ad infinitum and global conditions of misery? What is on trial is the insistence some of the faithful have of literally forcing all Americans to pay homage to God, whether they believe in him or not – and in the case of public education, using all Americans’ tax dollars to do it.

You want your children to worship God? You can teach them to do so to your heart’s content. You want all children to pay homage to God in a taxpayer funded school? That’s where you’ve crossed a line. It’s the job of a parent to teach their children about their personal faith, not the job of educators. God doesn’t belong in public education because everybody’s God is not the same. If public school educators have to teach their classrooms about God, then first we all have to agree on who and what God is. And boy, won’t that make for some interesting PTA meetings?

Becky Penn

Glenwood Springs

Kudos to Mr. Ross Talbott. His “Out On A Limb” is one of the reasons I pick up the Post Independent. Mr. Talbott’s column is courageous and a rarity. As a conservative and a Christian I can relate to the idea of being or feeling as though I am out on a limb most of the time. And, it seems, the culture of the left – at least the far left – is busy sawing off that limb.

The all-inclusive believers in “diversity” and “freedom of expression” on the far left believe in diversity as long as you are not too diverse and freedom of speech as long as you are in basic agreement with them. If your “free speech” is in line with their politically correct leanings you’re A-OK. But if you aren’t … watch out. The Thought Police and Hate Police minions will find you guilty of “hate-crimes,” as they are adept at reading minds.

Seemingly, Mr. Talbott is too conservative and too Christian for these all-so-tolerant folk. Being too Christian is like being too pregnant. Either you are or you are not. And as to being too conservative? Apparently, if you are not on the left you are too conservative. And if you are a conservative/fundamental/Christian – read bigot/hater/narrow-minded -well, that’s the triple whammie and three strikes and you’re out as far as they are concerned.

There are many still who love God, our fellow man and our country – not necessarily “our” government – on both the right and the left. We used to be the great majority.

Thank you, Post Independent, for being fair-minded and bold enough to give us Mr. Talbott’s column. And thank you, Ross … love it.

George Hoskovec

New Castle

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