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The statement made by John Bennet, executive director of For the Forest, as quoted in the article concerning Al Gore is laughable. “We think he’s probably the most important leader in the world on the subject of climate change. If you want someone who knows the science and who is a leader of that area of research I don’t know anyone who can compete with him as a spokesman.”Is Mr. Bennet really serious concerning Al Gore? A leader in the world on climate change? Of course prior to the cooling of the last few years it was called global warming. Remember? Some recent headlines; It’s the coldest winter on record in Great Britain. The have also experienced the heaviest snowfalls since the 20’s. I recall the Independent, a U.K. National newspaper stating some years ago that “children just aren’t going to know what snow is.” Christmas Day 2010 in Britain was the coldest on record. Temps were minus 18C.At a very underreported event this summer in Stiges, Spain, the Bilderberg Society (which is comprised of some of the world’s most powerful CEO’s) listed as one of their agenda items, global cooling. That’s right. Global cooling. It seems the global elite are worried about global cooling, not global warming. Which of course is one reason they changed the terminology. It does not serve to promote their agenda of extending the reach of government further into our lives.Will the power hungry elitists rethink their stand on this issue or will they just change their approach to fit the circumstances? It appears the later is the case.Back to Al Gore. As one of the elitists involved in the warming scam from the beginning, his only motive is profit. Let’s hope the For the Forest group did not pay him too much for his appearance. After all, they may need to save some funds to pay their heating bills over the next few years.Samuel Adams, “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.”Bob AndersonGlenwood Springs

There is a matter of great importance taking place on Monday, Jan. 3, at the Moffat County Court House in Craig.A replacement will be selected to fill the Republican Senate District 8 seat recently vacated by Al White. The “vacancy committee” of nine people including the chairs from the six county district will meet to make the choice. These counties are Garfield, Routt, Moffat, Jackson, Rio Blanco and Eagle.This decision will affect all of us. It is fundamental to the conservative cause that we have appropriate people representing us in a our state legislature, regardless of the district in which we reside.Bob McConnell is the right choice to fill the District 8 Republican seat, primarily because he is the “candidate of the people” not just “the party.” To clarify, Bob is a dedicated Republican, he’s just not a member of the so called “establishment.” The November election proved that conservative principles are in demand by “we the people” and Bob’s principles of limited government, free market and fiscal discipline are much needed in our state government.We here in District 7 are indeed fortunate to have Steve King representing us, and I urge those who want to help McConnell’s worthy cause to contact the chairpersons in the above listed counties to voice support and instill confidence with those involved in the selection process. Regardless of your District it is still “our” state legislature!God Bless America and our state of Colorado!Richard DoranParachute

I am disappointed in the chatter that has been going on regarding Georgie’s condition the night of his accident. I was out there for three weeks after Georgie disappeared. Along with authorities, family members, and friends, I retraced his steps that evening several times. It is known for certain that on Nov. 27 he worked all day on the lifts, from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., a long day. He walked home, showered, and met friends. Together they took the 6 p.m. shuttle to Aspen, headed for the Blind Melon concert. After the concert, the group went to two bars. Georgie had a couple of drinks at the first bar. The group left there and headed to Eric’s. The management at Eric’s clearly remembers Georgie’s party. Most of the group headed to other places after Eric’s, but Georgie was going home. It was around 10 p.m. We know from video that George did get on the bus to go home, and that he did get off at the wrong stop.Did Georgie have a few drinks? Of course he did. He was a young man out having fun with friends, but no one who saw or spoke to him that night said he was drunk. I would like to remind everyone that George was not driving, and that having a few beers is not illegal. It is unfortunate that the media insists on using the term “illegal levels” of alcohol. We lost our Georgie, our son, our brother, our nephew and uncle, in a tragic, horrible accident. That is very clear to those of us who were there and able to see first hand the area where it happened. Second-guessing and speculation will not change that.I wish I could personally thank the many thousands for their kind words, their prayers, and their support during this very, very difficult time. Your thoughtfulness has been a great comfort to us. Our hearts are broken. My mind is still confused; I have cried too many tears.Live, Jesus, in our hearts, forever. Love and Peace, Georgie’s Dad, George Aldrich, Sr.Long Beach, N.Y.

Thank you, Mr. John Colson, for your investigative work regarding Oil & Gas Drilling in neighborhoods. The article in P.I. on Dec. 28 regarding the COGCC meeting in Denver on Jan. 13 was very enlightening. If you are at all concerned about gas drilling on Silt Mesa, I urge you to write the COGCC using FORM 510, it is on the COGCC website. It is very important to voice your concerns, as the county will only have an hour to present our case with our experts and witnesses. Let it also be known that I am not necessarily against harvesting natural gas, but this should only be done in appropriate places. Neighborhoods inhabited closely by humans, animals and water wells is not in my opinion an appropriate place. Frac’ing chemicals are very carcinogenic and should not be placed on purpose into the earth, let alone anywhere near our aquifer. Also bear in mind that beautiful Silt Mesa is very densely populated and has many more water wells than even the south side of the Colorado River. If we let these energy companies walk all over us now, what will we be leaving for our future generations? Lastly, this beautiful valley historically has been very prosperous without this industry, and would continue to be if they all pulled out!Nikki FenderSilt

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